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29 Oct 2023
@sidtheitguy:matrix.orgSidTheITGuy set a profile picture.16:33:46
30 Oct 2023
@devnix-5475e20bdb8155e6700d8572:gitter.imdevnix (Dev_NIX) Hello SidTheITGuy! 08:22:28
@devnix-5475e20bdb8155e6700d8572:gitter.imdevnix (Dev_NIX)I'm also new in the block, hi all!08:23:15
2 Nov 2023
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7 Nov 2023
@sidtheitguy:matrix.orgSidTheITGuyHey Everyone, I have a YouTube channel where I post tutorials on Shopify and Laravel/Express. You can check it out here -> https://youtube.com/@SidTheITGuy17:46:09
8 Nov 2023
@Zevran:matrix.orgGaël Reyrol joined the room.15:51:22
12 Nov 2023
@leandrocunha:matrix.debian.socialLeandro joined the room.14:31:07
13 Nov 2023
@drupol:matrix.org@drupol:matrix.orgtest :D20:43:53
16 Nov 2023
@fedorian:matrix.orgsanta joined the room.07:33:15
@fedorian:matrix.orgsanta changed their display name from fedorian to santa.07:36:09
20 Nov 2023
@cedrea:matrix.orgcedrea joined the room.20:17:54
26 Nov 2023
@sidtheitguy:matrix.orgSidTheITGuy changed their profile picture.12:51:59
5 Dec 2023
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28 Dec 2023
@djumaka:matrix.orgDjumaka joined the room.07:34:59
@djumaka:matrix.orgDjumaka changed their display name from djumaka to Djumaka.07:44:49
1 Jan 2024
@ben:yaf.ai@ben:yaf.ai joined the room.23:54:18
6 Jan 2024
@aartsie:matrix.orgAartsie set a profile picture.12:26:41
7 Jan 2024
@pascal:mozilla.orgPascal joined the room.11:30:36
30 Jan 2024
@sidtheitguy:matrix.orgSidTheITGuy changed their profile picture.11:51:30
@sidtheitguy:matrix.orgSidTheITGuy changed their profile picture.11:51:46
6 Feb 2024
@aartsie:matrix.orgAartsieIs this there a bridge between the discord, IRC and matrix channels?16:25:33
8 Feb 2024
@ben:ramsey.devramseyThere used to be, but Matrix no longer runs the bridge with IRC16:16:15
@ben:ramsey.devramseySo, only the Discord and IRC channels are bridged right now.,16:16:25
@ben:ramsey.devramsey unbanned @artfaith:matrix.org@artfaith:matrix.org.16:17:02
@aartsie:matrix.orgAartsieAah thats why its so quite over here haha22:26:02
17 Feb 2024
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10 Mar 2024
@leandrocunha:matrix.debian.socialLeandro set a profile picture.23:51:08
20 Mar 2024
@jimwins:matrix.orgJim Winstead joined the room.20:27:26
19 Apr 2024
@leandrocunha:matrix.debian.socialLeandro changed their profile picture.03:09:13

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