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23 Sep 2021
@Nomikos:libera.chatNomikostry `ed` sometime :p14:13:46
@Nomikos:libera.chatNomikosancient line-based editor14:14:02
@stenno:libera.chatstennoNomikos: https://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/ed-msg.en.html14:14:43
@stenno:libera.chatstenno i was trying to make an `ed` reference with my '?'s 14:15:10
@Nomikos:libera.chatNomikosoh :p sorry I missed it14:15:43
@stenno:libera.chatstennothere are quite a few of those old softwares that are really terrible to use14:16:06
@stenno:libera.chatstennoiptables comes to mind 14:16:16
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@kguest[d]:libera.chatkguest[d]Afternooon 😉15:31:03
* @John_J[d]:libera.chatJohn_J[d] reacted with 👋 to <ramsey[d]> Morning! 15:31:03
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@Rockwood:libera.chatRockwoodpteague, o/16:26:38
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@ebernhardson:libera.chatebernhardson there are many things these noise cancelling headphones don't seem to cancel. But i just turned them off and noticed someone is drilling the street outside. They work for some things at least :) 19:23:17
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@Albright:libera.chatAlbrightThe concept of noise cancellation kind of scares me. Afraid if I use them I might miss an important call or go for a walk and forget to turn the cancellation off and get hit by a car or soemthing.19:49:07
@pteague:libera.chatpteague i agree ... i'm fine with decreasing loud noises, but complete cancellation is worrisome 19:57:22
@heiglandreas[d]:libera.chatheiglandreas[d] joined the room.20:23:02
@ebernhardson:libera.chatebernhardson interesting, i've often preferred as much cancellation as possible, perhaps just different conditions. My office is directly below the living room and kitchen, for the past couple years it's been a constant thump of my kid running around. With school finally in session things are quiet again, but a need for quiet has been a constant thing in the past few years 20:23:41
@Albright:libera.chatAlbrightYeah… I probably would have killed if such technology existed at the consumer level when I was living with obnoxious strangers as roommates back in the college dorms.20:49:41
@Albright:libera.chatAlbrightHad one roommate who would fall asleep while thumping gangsta rap music. If I snuck into his room and turned it down, he would eventually wake up and turn it right back up again. It was… a cultural clash.20:51:08
@Albright:libera.chatAlbright And I didn't mean "probably would have killed" literally of course, but… anyway 20:55:11
@Albright:libera.chatAlbright Always funny to see people with "Views are my own" in their Twitter bios 21:09:07
@Albright:libera.chatAlbrightYeah, I mean, I kind of assumed that21:09:13
@Albright:libera.chatAlbright It would be kind of weird to go on a social media account with your own name and then start advocating for someone else's views 21:09:36

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