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26 Jun 2022
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@Albright:libera.chatAlbright Pretty sure I've solved this problem in the past but can't remember how. 20:08:05
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@Crell[d]:libera.chatCrell[d]Relational division is a fugly beast in sql. Avoid it if you can.20:17:46
@Crell[d]:libera.chatCrell[d]I believe you need a sub query (or With clause) that does the join, then filter on that using a Where Not In.20:18:52
@Albright:libera.chatAlbrightWell, I finally found the right magic search engine words to return this: https://stackoverflow.com/a/6613895/1102320:19:51
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@Albright:libera.chatAlbright Yeah, the technique in that SO answer is working for my needs, and it looks familiar enough that I'm fairly sure it's the same approach I used before. 20:47:34
@Albright:libera.chatAlbright For context, I've got an X and several Ys, and Ys can be associated to X, but only once per Y. A I wanted to get a list of Ys which are not already associated with X for creating a "Associate New Y to X" menu. 20:49:07
@Albright:libera.chatAlbright *And I wanted20:49:21
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