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27 Jan 2023
@olle:libera.chatolleAnd they said I was mad. MAD!14:39:48
* @olle:libera.chatolle laughs madly 14:39:55
In reply to @olle:libera.chat
Pol: It's code you can run both in PHP and C
So, 3v4l support pholyglot ?!
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@olle:libera.chatollePolyglot means the code is valid in more than one language14:44:28
@olle:libera.chatolle It's valid PHP. Just weird looking 14:44:40
@drupol:matrix.orgPolIndeed... https://3v4l.org/sZTqb14:52:01
@relipse:libera.chatrelipse I'm debugging statements like this: echo $this->getController()->output();, the debugger always jumps into getController(), which makes sense, is there a way to get it to step into ->output() without doing a step in step out step in 16:20:55
@Rockwood:libera.chatRockwoodbiberu, o/17:04:36
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28 Jan 2023
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29 Jan 2023
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@AllenJB:libera.chatAllenJB Today's Reddit thinks AI will take over our jobs: AI badly reinvents static analysis: https://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/10obwjr/i_asked_open_ai_to_help_me_out_by_spotting_bad/ 17:36:07
@olle:libera.chatolleI might be on team AI here17:58:24
@olle:libera.chatolleBut some one had a clever counter argument17:58:33
@olle:libera.chatolleAn tool that makes programmers more productive (AI) will make programmers more valuable17:58:46
@olle:libera.chatolleA* tool17:58:50
@olle:libera.chatolle So you can't compare with e.g. farming, where the need is fixed 17:59:08
@olle:libera.chatolleAnd also of course limited by land area17:59:34
@olle:libera.chatolleMaybe horse vs care is a better analogy? But the human is still behind the wheel.18:00:03
30 Jan 2023
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