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24 Sep 2022
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d]`pickle` would alleviate some of the burden of adoption though23:13:41
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d]Sorry, I kind of dogpiled 😅23:14:36
@__adrian:libera.chat__adrianwish parallel had made it to core :[23:19:18
25 Sep 2022
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d] I don't think Joe ever tried putting it in core? 00:02:20
@__adrian:libera.chat__adrian i don't know 00:03:08
@__adrian:libera.chat__adrian just wish it wasn't dead 00:03:15
* @elazar[d]:libera.chatelazar[d] reacted with 😄 to <Tylae[d]> Sorry, I kind of dogpiled 😅 00:03:45
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d] After fibers were accepted, Joe wasn't going to continue it since it conflicts with fibers 00:10:31
@__adrian:libera.chat__adrian maybe i'm dumb but i don't see how they conflict 00:10:54
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d] I'll have to see if he explains it 00:11:06
@__adrian:libera.chat__adrian i thought it was an issue of interest and he couldn't support it on his own 00:11:32
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d]This message and the one above it gives a very general overview (not able to link to the message above easily from mobile)00:14:31
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d] Going to dig some more because I'm pretty sure he's explained the conflict 00:14:43
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d] Okay, that's different. 00:15:35
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d]I was thinking of a response he gave earlier in 2021 about no interest in continuing it, but seems like he might in 6-12 months.00:16:14
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d] (I give the 6-12 months as a guesstimate based on when he's worked on other stuff and extrapolating, but it could very well be wrong or unrealistic) 00:19:01
@__adrian:libera.chat__adrian ahhh... the "incompatibility" is in making parallel and fibers work together (e.g., a parallel runtime inside a fiber) 00:48:00
@__adrian:libera.chat__adrian maybe i'm misreading but at least that makes a bit of sense 00:48:10
@__adrian:libera.chat__adrian so i've found close to zero interest in fibers, personally. i could easily be wrong there, but seems they're a replacement for generators for when you need more/outside control over suspending/resuming? 00:49:35
@Tylae[d]:libera.chatTylae[d] I wouldn't be able to explain them, I can parrot _some_ of what I've read, but I don't understand how they work. And that is something I want to remedy at some point in the future. 00:54:49
@Crell[d]:libera.chatCrell[d] OK, this is weird. I'm using PHPBench to test something, and some tests are failing at 128 MB. But... the memory_limit is set to 256M. Confirmed by `php -i`. Does PHPBench do something funky to memory? 00:55:46
@Crell[d]:libera.chatCrell[d]Ah, it does! Never mind, found it.01:00:16
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