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2 Jul 2020
@kares:matrix.orgkaresno automation just cp-ing jars over s you figured ...09:19:27
@freenode_nirvdrum:matrix.orgnirvdrum joined the room.12:25:44
@enebo:matrix.orgenebo kares: didn't we try to update one of those jars in the past and backed off due to some issue? 15:03:51
@freenode_adam12:matrix.org@freenode_adam12:matrix.org left the room.15:14:47
@kares:matrix.orgkares enebo: yes 15:17:20
@kares:matrix.orgkaresthere were CI failures for AR 5.X something, I do not remember15:17:46
@kares:matrix.orgkareshopefully the postgresql adapter is looking good ...15:18:19
@dave.g:matrix.orgdave.gRelease notes link on https://www.jruby.org/download still points to release notes, instead of
@kares:matrix.orgkaresmaster run 🟢 so at least recent 6X should be covered, not sure about older 5X15:19:43
@enebo:matrix.orgenebo dave.g: thanks...will fix 15:19:51
@kares:matrix.orgkares * master run 🟢 so at least recent 6X should be covered, not sure about older 5X15:20:03
@enebo:matrix.orgenebo kares: ok I could not remember which one it was but I thought it was postgres 15:20:51
@enebo:matrix.orgenebo dave.g: updated...I will check in a few to make sure it redeployed properly 15:21:56
@enebo:matrix.orgeneboout downloads page is some hard-coded html file for reasons I cannot remember and not used by our config. Feels like we should revisit our generation tech :)15:22:40
@enebo:matrix.orgenebolink is fixed15:24:32
@dave.g:matrix.orgdave.gGreat, thx15:25:50
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@headius:matrix.orgheadius enebo: you make any progress with that Enumerator issue? 19:48:12
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusI see you were poking at it19:48:17
@enebo:matrix.orgenebo headius: not with having to make a database and install rails 19:49:28
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusah, sure19:49:39
@enebo:matrix.orgeneboalthough I don't get that since it uses factory_bot19:49:48
@enebo:matrix.orgeneboSo we still have nothing we can reproduce without some work19:50:09
@enebo:matrix.orgeneboI was hoping to get it triaged but it is still lacking19:50:20
@headius:matrix.orgheadius dave.g: so it seems to work ok with .each enumerator? 19:50:54
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusI see your example spec seems to claim that .each works but .to_enum doesn't19:51:33
@enebo:matrix.orgenebo aha I did not notice dave.g was the reporter 19:51:34
@headius:matrix.orgheadius dave.g: a full trace would be helpful... get it to hang again and then ctrl+\ or send use jstack command to get a JVM stack trace 19:52:50
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusI'll post in bug too19:52:54
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