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15 Oct 2019
00:33:36@headius:matrix.orgheadius kares: delete your module/class locking branch plz
01:02:10@freenode_drbobbeaty:matrix.orgdrbobbeaty joined the room.
07:06:26@freenode_rusk:matrix.orgrusk joined the room.
07:34:09@kares:matrix.orgkaresdone, thanks for the reminder
07:41:30@freenode_travis-ci:matrix.orgtravis-ci joined the room.
07:41:31@freenode_travis-ci:matrix.orgtravis-cijruby/jruby (master:256a673 by Karol Bucek): The build is still failing. https://travis-ci.org/jruby/jruby/builds/598012613 [48 min 53 sec]
09:13:15@freenode_shellac:matrix.orgshellac joined the room.
09:29:02@kares:matrix.orgkares * done, thanks for the reminder
09:29:23@kares:matrix.orgkareswhat's up with com.github.jnr:jffi:jar:1.2.21 not being found?
09:31:04@kares:matrix.orgkaresits not on central - do not even see at sonatype's
12:02:22@headius:matrix.orgheadius Yeah it's not out there
12:03:19@headius:matrix.orgheadius I'll deal with that today...I know I closed and released it but it must have failed after that
12:24:57@olleolleolle:matrix.orgolleolleolleFinally having some success with https://travis-ci.org/rspec/rspec-rails/jobs/598116982 - https://github.com/rspec/rspec-rails/pull/2148
12:25:12@olleolleolle:matrix.orgolleolleolle"I think I will run this a few times" hehe
12:52:15@headius:matrix.orgheadius olleolleolle: oh I suppose these are needed for runs that don't use the JRuby launcher
12:52:38@headius:matrix.orgheadius kares: I reverted the release commits and running it again
12:55:05@olleolleolle:matrix.orgolleolleollehttps://github.com/rspec/rspec-rails/pull/2148 This is now green @headius
12:55:09@olleolleolle:matrix.orgolleolleolle * https://github.com/rspec/rspec-rails/pull/2148 This is now green @headius
12:55:58@headius:matrix.orgheadius olleolleolle: very cool! I the warnings were causing failures I guess?
12:56:30@headius:matrix.orgheadius kares: it would sure help release process if Sonatype would run this on something larger than a pocket calculator
12:56:35@headius:matrix.orgheadiusI swear it gets slower every time
12:56:52@kares:matrix.orgkaresheh ;)
12:57:44@headius:matrix.orgheadius kares: should be on its way now
12:57:55@headius:matrix.orgheadiusyou can build an install the tag if you're stuck
12:58:20@olleolleolle:matrix.orgolleolleolleThe failures earlier were of the type: LoadError: load error: childprocess/jruby -- java.lang.reflect.InaccessibleObjectException: Unable to make field private int java.io.FileDescriptor.fd accessible: module java.base does not "opens java.io" to module org.jruby.dist
13:01:16@headius:matrix.orgheadiusWe need to get 9.2.9 out...that shouldn't happen
13:01:41@headius:matrix.orgheadius9.2.9 does reflection "the right way" (I hope) by querying a class's module to see if it's open or not
13:02:08@headius:matrix.orgheadiusso it would fail to get the fd field but fall back on non-native IO stuff

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