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15 Apr 2021
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orginteresting…I didn’t realize that was the official docs site for jRuby. I was looking for something more complete like the https://ruby-doc.org/ site18:33:36
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orgEven that page has only an example of how to do profileing. What I’m looking for is a way to start a profiler in the before_suite of a. test suite and then stop and print results in the after_suite block. But this page only shows a `JRuby::Profiler.profile do { .. }` block approach to wrapping code you want to profile.18:35:03
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusA non block stop+start could be added but I don't think we have that right now18:41:03
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orgadding such would bring feature parity with the ruby-prof in this area.20:18:31
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusAh well that is a good idea then. Could you open an issue?20:20:23
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orgI can20:20:41
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusYou could try your hand at a PR too 😃20:20:58
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orgI just cloned the repo and looking through it now.20:21:21
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orgtrying to figure out if I’d have to write, ahem, Java, or if I could write Ruby for it.20:21:41
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orgI’m not a Java expert.20:21:52
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusMaybe a little but it should be pretty easy since we have a block version already20:22:53
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orghmmm…need a 3rd Issue template for adding Feature requests. There’s only Bug Report and Report a security vulnerability.20:23:13
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orgIt may indeed be easy. Looks like it’s in Ruby and start and stop both exist but are currently protected methods. https://github.com/jruby/jruby/blob/master/lib/ruby/stdlib/jruby/profiler.rb#L32-L4020:35:47
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusSo you should even be able to work around it for now, that is good news21:11:22
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@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orgyeah, I was able to work around it simply by calling those methods with send.21:24:56
@freenode_mwlang:matrix.org@freenode_mwlang:matrix.orgimportant also to pass —profile.api on command line21:25:26
16 Apr 2021
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17 Apr 2021
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@chrisseaton:matrix.orgchrisseatonDoes anyone else struggle to open JRuby in IntelliJ IDEA these days?22:18:08
@chrisseaton:matrix.orgchrisseatonI used to think it was something about my steup, but today I tried on a new clean laptop and it still doesn't work - open shows a progress bar for a while, then just goes away and back to the startup window22:18:39

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