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28 Sep 2020
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@headius:matrix.orgheadiusok I think I have an answer21:37:18
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusthis was just fixed this year and adds "zcat" for reading gzip contents that were made from multiple files21:37:57
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusbefore this there's no way to uncompress pass the first file21:38:05
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusso I did a test21:38:23
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusthis seems to be the same behavior, size is only reflecting the first file provided21:38:39
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusarguably it's a gzip bug21:38:46
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusthis would also explain why this file uncompresses exactly 32 lines plus newline and then quits... that was the end of the first file21:39:16
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusthere doesn't seem to be a way to get gzip to show the multiple files used21:39:26
@enebo:matrix.orgeneboheh...so what is the turd now21:39:52
@enebo:matrix.orgenebois it people concat'ing n zip files into a single file and expecting it to work because gunzip does21:40:16
@enebo:matrix.orgeneboI guess I don't even care and it appears zcat will work21:40:37
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusbasically gzip allows you to specify multiple files that are logically concatenated into the gzip stream21:42:44
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusuncompressing normally will just produce the cat'ed content of those files21:42:59
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusthat behavior is not directly supported at the zlib level until the addition of zcat... so presumably gunzip and friends just did the logic at the tool level up until then21:43:38
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusbut GzipReader in Ruby does not do it21:43:49
@byteit101:matrix.orgbyteit101headius: Let me know if there's a better spot to discuss concrete constructors in than https://github.com/jruby/jruby/issues/449 (ooh, 3 digit issue!)22:41:33
@headius:matrix.orgheadiusHah yeah knock down those old bugs22:42:27
@byteit101:matrix.orgbyteit101I filed that issue, and then promptly copied the javafx launcher monstrosity into ruby :-D22:43:48
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29 Sep 2020
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