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11 Dec 2019
21:17:18@lopex:matrix.orglopex headius: hiya there
21:17:36@headius:matrix.orgheadius lopex: hello!
21:17:38@freenode_lopex:matrix.orglopexdoh the time
21:18:06@freenode_lopex:matrix.orglopexno too bad though
21:18:40@lopex:matrix.orglopex headius: having hard time to switch to matrix dark theme
21:18:49@lopex:matrix.orglopexbut it's the best
21:19:50@lopex:matrix.orglopex headius: I keep in mind the docker issue and joni timeout one
21:20:01@lopex:matrix.orglopexjust too many things
21:21:08@headius:matrix.orgheadiushuh yeah dark theme isn't bad
21:22:07@lopex:matrix.orglopex cpuguy83: hello ?
21:22:39@lopex:matrix.orglopexthat docker issue becomes urgent to me even :P
21:23:10@lopex:matrix.orglopex headius: so irc channel is dead for now ?
21:55:17@lopex:matrix.orglopex headius: or not ?
23:16:07@freenode_jeremyevans_:matrix.org@freenode_jeremyevans_:matrix.orgIRC channel is not dead :)
23:55:19@headius:matrix.orgheadiusit's still linked up, no reason to give up on that
12 Dec 2019
08:09:05@freenode_rusk:matrix.orgrusk joined the room.
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20:19:20@aaronkelton:matrix.orgaaronkelton joined the room.
20:40:33@aaronkelton:matrix.orgaaronkelton Heya 👋 I'm upgrading a Rails app from 4 to 5; using SQL Server database. I'm not sure if the blockers I'm facing are me (app/settings not configured correctly), or are actual bugs with activerecord-jdbcsqlserver-adapter (51.0.0). Need to confirm first. I'm happy to dive in and help if these are real bugs I'm seeing. However, I'm not able to create an issue on @rdubya's forked repo. Should I open one on the main jdbc-adapter repo or the rails-sqlserver repo?
20:41:37@rdubya:matrix.orgrdubyalet me check into that quickly
20:42:25@rdubya:matrix.orgrdubyacan you try now?
In reply to @rdubya:matrix.org
can you try now?
Cool, I can now. Thank you! I assume that's the most logical spot to share what I'm working with.
20:44:17@rdubya:matrix.orgrdubyacool. yeah, we can start there and if it ends up being an issue somewhere else we can move it around
13 Dec 2019
04:30:55@freenode_jeremyevans_:matrix.org@freenode_jeremyevans_:matrix.org left the room.

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