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4 May 2020
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermyhttps://bin.disroot.org/?c3ed46781164b5cf#3ckYXEirkmrQEwxwgEev17345KXAwWML4s8musb6C3xZ without formating of course, but at least the text ;)11:39:26
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermyall in all it is normally pretty painless nowadays11:40:22
@flo_grauper:matrix.orgFlo GrauperThanks, ill try it later.11:42:01
5 May 2020
@flo_grauper:matrix.orgFlo GrauperI got the game installed yesterday and judging from the hangar its very playable. Does anyone know how to open the console on a European keyboard?06:18:54
@saldorin:matrix.orgTermyacute (left of the 1, above tab ^^)09:22:05
6 May 2020
@kyles:ff0x.cakyles changed their profile picture.20:34:00
7 May 2020
@kyles:ff0x.cakyles changed their profile picture.16:20:46
@nabos:matrix.glargh.frNabos left the room.17:02:25
15 May 2020
@flo_grauper:matrix.orgFlo GrauperTurns out, the freeflight will be the same week as my final exams, but I’ll hopefully get a few hours to spend in game17:49:52
20 May 2020
@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity joined the room.15:25:37
21 May 2020
@colony:matrix.orgKaliban joined the room.23:07:53
22 May 2020
@flo_grauper:matrix.orgFlo Graupershould the Free-Fly be going right now?14:29:59
24 May 2020
@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity left the room.11:07:59
3 Jun 2020
@109ftw:matrix.org109ftw joined the room.21:56:00
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12 Jun 2020
@jarih:matrix.orgnord joined the room.09:15:30
@jarih:matrix.orgnord changed their display name from jarih to proton.09:19:02
22 Jun 2020
@loquentis:matrix.orgLoquentis joined the room.12:42:32
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7 Jul 2020
@tegan349:matrix.orgtegan349 joined the room.17:18:50
8 Jul 2020
@tegan349:matrix.orgtegan349 left the room.00:57:01
14 Jul 2020
@viper691:matrix.orgViper691 joined the room.06:00:48
@viper691:matrix.orgViper691room seems kinda dead guys...wassup?06:01:57
@colony:matrix.orgKalibanWaiting 3.1008:01:49
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootWaiting for persistence08:03:21
@colony:matrix.orgKalibanTedious playing a demo that resets every time you put the disk in 08:44:12
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudoreboot changed their profile picture.08:45:51
@viper691:matrix.orgViper691They have persistence now as of 3.8 I think18:08:53

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