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27 Apr 2019
20:17:11@geotom:matrix.orggeotomCool. Thanks for the link
28 Apr 2019
12:48:28@hgoel:matrix.orghgoel set a profile picture.
1 May 2019
19:23:24@aiyarree:librem.oneRobin joined the room.
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3 May 2019
19:10:23@mr.schneeball:matrix.orgmr.schneeball joined the room.
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9 May 2019
16:14:14@aiyarree:librem.oneRobin changed their display name from aiyarree to Robin.
19 May 2019
13:34:27@darkeye:matrix.orgdarkeyeif we are talking about linux ... does any body else feels that theres more crashes in 3.5 compare to 3.4.3? (well under linux is suppose... I didn't try running it under windows :P)
14:09:34@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org)I haven't gotten around to try it yet since the patch
14:12:50@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org)Redacted or Malformed Event
14:13:07@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org)Redacted or Malformed Event
14:14:39@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org)Redacted or Malformed Event
14:16:22@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org)Redacted or Malformed Event
14:17:00@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org)Redacted or Malformed Event
14:23:23@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org)Redacted or Malformed Event
14:25:20@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org)Redacted or Malformed Event
14:25:50@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org)Redacted or Malformed Event
23 May 2019
12:56:36@darkeye:ubports.chatDark Eye joined the room.
6 Jul 2019
10:33:19@maas:matrix.orgmaas joined the room.
10:33:26@maas:matrix.orgmaasCitizens are everywhere :o
7 Jul 2019
15:00:37@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org) changed their profile picture.
8 Jul 2019
12:34:41@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org) invited @sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudoreboot.
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25 Jul 2019
13:59:25@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org) changed their display name from sudoreboot to sudoreboot (-> @sudoreboot:feneas.org).
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21 Aug 2019
16:24:54@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org) changed their display name from sudoreboot (@sudoreboot:matrix.org -> @sudoreboot:feneas.org) to sudoreboot (now @sudoreboot:feneas.org).
25 Aug 2019
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5 Sep 2019
08:14:59@darkeye:ubports.chatDark Eye set a profile picture.
15 Sep 2019
20:59:35@darkeye:ubports.chatDark Eye changed their profile picture.

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