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8 May 2018
14:22:43@z1513571:matrix.orgz1513571ahh gotcha
14:22:46@zero-ghost:matrix.org@zero-ghost:matrix.orgalso the fact that its not forced always on encryption
14:23:15@zero-ghost:matrix.org@zero-ghost:matrix.orgbut both are the best currently available systems i think
14:23:24@z1513571:matrix.orgz1513571Well everything is so young
14:23:36@z1513571:matrix.orgz1513571I aim to find something useful with the most potential
14:23:50@zero-ghost:matrix.org@zero-ghost:matrix.orgso true
14:24:26@zero-ghost:matrix.org@zero-ghost:matrix.orgwell i think i have the thing with the most potential, but depending on how patient you are it will look like vaporware or it will be a god send :-p
14:24:41@zero-ghost:matrix.org@zero-ghost:matrix.orgever heard of Maidsafe and the SAFE network?
14:25:03@z1513571:matrix.orgz1513571yeah no doubt
14:25:04@z1513571:matrix.orgz1513571no i havent
14:25:43@zero-ghost:matrix.org@zero-ghost:matrix.orgwell just so we dont flood this room with complete off topic, if you want to come to one of the maidsafe rooms can give a little overview there
14:26:10@z1513571:matrix.orgz1513571no problem
14:26:25@zero-ghost:matrix.org@zero-ghost:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
7 Jun 2018
12:31:38@darkeye:matrix.orgdarkeye joined the room.
18 Jul 2018
14:12:40@zero-ghost:matrix.org@zero-ghost:matrix.org left the room.
16 Oct 2018
17:23:43@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskin joined the room.
17:36:35@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinI havn't played star citizen in about 3 months, has it improved much?
17:38:51@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinit was just after 3.2 was released. I was still experienced frustrating crashes after completing a long mission so I decided to wait a while to save my frustration
19 Oct 2018
16:32:03@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinare there no more destintion markers in space anymore? I am at Yela and there are no markers showing bases on the surface
23 Oct 2018
15:48:55@darkeye:matrix.orgdarkeyeTry the mobiglass map
16:44:07@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskin darkeye: Ye I figured it out, I had to press 'b' to bring up the hyperdrive destinations. I thought previously I saw all of these destinations
16:44:57@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinAny profitable corgo runs at the moment?
30 Oct 2018
13:21:27@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinHad my ship full of cargo with all of my money used and left the door open and it got jacked!
13:21:44@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinGuess i'm waiting for 3.3 when my money get restored
16 Nov 2018
03:27:19@brettw93:matrix.orgbrettw93 joined the room.
19 Nov 2018
16:07:36@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinAny guesses when 3.3.5 will be released into LIVE?
21:05:40@brettw93:matrix.orgbrettw93 I find it's still buggy as fuck but probably before the weekend
21 Nov 2018
21:11:12@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskin3.3.5 is live! I'm downloading it tonight!
7 Feb 2019
07:55:44@xplod.ing:matrix.org@xplod.ing:matrix.org joined the room.
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