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15 Jul 2020
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.org They are taking there time getting 3.10 out that's for sure 01:24:57
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.org I've taken a bit of a hiatus until it releases 01:25:19
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootI mean, next time I play I'd like to be able to log in and out from/on my ship06:25:50
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootand no wipes06:26:07
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.orgthat has been working fairly well for a while now...logging out in your ship anyway. The worse case was a bug that brought you back orbiting the sun instead of your original place but you were still in your ship. The persistence issue is really getting better in the last patch. You can reset your account and usually everything is exactly the same...cash,ships, items etc.09:02:17
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.orglooking promising anyway but full persistence with the icash system that is coming is really going to be the gateway to soo much stuff that is bound up now09:03:29
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootSo ship state, position and items all persist across servers now?09:10:31
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.orgfull persistence as you mentioned there is waiting for the icash system to come online. The partial persistence they have released now and keep iterating on keeps your AUEC and anything purchased with it between patches and account resets09:12:36
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.orgso you still can09:12:47
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.orgso you don't lose your progress in money generation and buying upgrades for ships, armor, weapons etc are maintained on your person09:13:48
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.orgstill log into a station bed though and have to spawn everything but at least now every little patch doesn't reset you to zero09:14:27
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootThere are still gonna be wipes before release though, I believe09:15:33
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootAnd AUEC doesn't transfer as UEC either, IIRC09:15:56
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.orgtrue...at there discretion of course and you are correct on the UEC but realistically this game is still a number of years from release. I remember CR stating that it would hit beta phase once they get server meshing, icache for full persistence and basically all major tech things done which is still at least 1-2years out IMO09:17:57
@viper691:matrix.org@viper691:matrix.orgfull release I can't even speculate on but fingers crossed once SQ42 is released they can really speed up dev on PU09:18:40
@sudoreboot:feneas.orgsudorebootIf some amazing feature is implemented I might jump in, otherwise I'll most likely hold off until either the merchantman becomes flight-ready or after the final wipe and fully implemented persistence, whichever comes first09:22:57
18 Jul 2020
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19 Jul 2020
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28 Jul 2020
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6 Aug 2020
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@bfeld:matrix.orgbfeldHi all, 3.10. is live now, for those who didn't see. Kind of partial wipe, aUEC and some ingame components seem to have persisted, other equipment and ingame ships do not. Have fun testing... 07:43:00
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@colony:matrix.orgKalibanWaiting for SQ42 to come out so they can actually start developing the PU till then its just a bug fest with no content 09:49:32
@colony:matrix.orgKaliban* Waiting for SQ42 to come out so they can actually start developing the PU till then its just a bug fest with no content 09:49:47
@aiyarree:librem.oneRobin You realize that SQ42 Has several parts, do not you? As i read the roadmap, they are working on the first few missions. But i might be wrong. 12:49:06
@bfeld:matrix.orgbfeldThere are three parts planned, each with several chapters that have missions, story branches etc. The current roadmap is not uptodate and will hopefully be revamped soon. Some leaks claim they might start with some prelude of the first part, but I'm not sure about that. 17:08:12
5 Sep 2020
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8 Sep 2020
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