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30 Nov 2023
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <giantkin>" Is there any chance you could add DeSpace category to Giveth?
I'll try to get all the projects from DeSpace round to Giveth , 10-15 projects " (quoted)
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <ionrod>DeSpace qf just had the first qf round on gitcoin. 18 projects were there https://giveth.io/project/despace-qf-regenerative-space-exploration 00:32:54
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@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <MayeAmore>📢 Last call!

Today is the final day to complete @0xPolygonLabs' Village form:

This is the first step to qualify for Polygon's QF Round on Giveth in January 2024.

Fill the form now: info.polygon.technology/village-form?t…

🚀 (re @WhyldWanderer: )

1 Dec 2023
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <ionrod>FYI anyone interested in using LunCo as tech for them are welcomed to the Alpha round

LunCo is on giveth, so giveth can raise some funds

https://x.com/luncosim/status/1729159477629505713 (re @WhyldWanderer: )

2 Dec 2023
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <MayeAmore>Calling all ENS Small Grants Voter Card holders! 📣

We're participating in the Public Goods category, and we'd love your support. Help us keep creating innovative Web3 tools for public good projects!

Check out our grant 👉🏼

https://ensgrants.xyz/rounds/33/proposals/850 (re @WhyldWanderer: )

4 Dec 2023
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <po_doroge_k_svetu>GM Giveth
I have a little situation, while creating project I connected to my personal wallet by mistake and I would actually like to cancel that application if possible (re @WhyldWanderer: )
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <po_doroge_k_svetu>Or should I ask you to transfer this project to another wallet? (re @WhyldWanderer: ) 10:00:31
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <ionrod>That’s a person from PHANGAN that I’ve being onboarding, could you Indian her plz? (re @MissRose_bot: Yeah, I don't like your flooding. Anastasia ha...) 10:03:08
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <giantkin>hm. wonder what the flooding was. i can look at that. and get user unbanned. (re @WhyldWanderer: ) 11:59:52
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <giantkin>The flood item is 5 messages. (re @WhyldWanderer: ) 12:05:31
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <giantkin>https://giveth.io/support would likely be faster. Mention you are on the Telegram server, and username. (this is somewhat new to us) (re @po_doroge_k_svetu: GM Giveth
I have a little situation, while cre...)
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <MayeAmore>Hi there @po_doroge_k_svetu !
I have had to change the Wallet address of one of my projects in the past. @WhyldWanderer helped me with it… let me ask her… (re @po_doroge_k_svetu: Or should I ask you to transfer this project t...)
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <MayeAmore>Hi @po_doroge_k_svetu !!! 🔝🤩
I just got the answer to our prayers hahah , here is what you need to do:


We need the project owner to complete these steps:

Send us an email with the subject: "ownership transfer" to info@giveth.io. The email has to be the same email that is affiliated with the project.
In the email, we need them to give us the current wallet address, and the new wallet address the project ownership should be transferred.

That's it, once it's done we will send an email confirmation. 💜 (re @WhyldWanderer: )

6 Dec 2023
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <MayeAmore>Exciting update of the Giveth dApp! 🌟 Now visitors to Giveth from any Spanish speaking country will automatically see the dApp in Spanish! 🇪🇸 ¿Hablas español? Usar Giveth ahora es más fácil. 00:20:02
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@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <ionrod>I’ve got giverth pfp (number 24 :D) can I nominate my project? (re @WhyldWanderer: ) 13:39:49
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <ionrod>If not, I’ll just transfer it to a friend :D so it’ll be cool if it’ll be an option - to self nominate (re @WhyldWanderer: ) 13:42:13
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <WhyldWanderer>The form is almost ready!! (re @ionrod: If not, I’ll just transfer it to a friend :D s...) 13:57:02
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <WhyldWanderer>And yes! You can totally nominate your own project! (re @WhyldWanderer: ) 13:57:36
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <ionrod>I've already applied :D Just in case (re @WhyldWanderer: ) 13:59:17
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <ionrod>Have you thought of listing Giveth QF on grants.gitcoin.co as independent round?
It's not on Gitcoin, but maybe they'll agree?
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <MayeAmore>Good luck 🍀 @ionrod !!! Wish you all the best! (re @ionrod: I've already applied :D Just in case) 14:54:23
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <ionrod>FYI for DeSpace qf it costed $500 to be listed as independent round. I can ask about giveth (re @ionrod: Have you thought of listing Giveth QF on grant...) 14:55:39
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <MayeAmore>Well, I can’t talk about the whole team. But, in my opinion, it sounds like a really good idea!

Maybe we should ask this for voting? Or bring it up in the next call?

@WhyldWanderer , you are the expert, what do you think? (re @ionrod: FYI for DeSpace qf it costed $500 to be listed...)

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@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <MayeAmore>We are so excited to give back to verified projects this holiday season with quadratic funding! 🎄

Got questions about the round? Let us help!

Respond to this post & one of our elves will be right with you. ✨ (re @WhyldWanderer: )

7 Dec 2023
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <MayeAmore>We’re still going strong with OP!
Join the Giveth community today:

1️⃣ Create a project
2️⃣ Submit your verification form
3️⃣ Add an OP address

Get rewarded with 25 $OP tokens! 🔥 (re @WhyldWanderer: )

9 Dec 2023
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