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3 Sep 2019
02:54:08@cryptokoh:matrix.orgcryptokohAhh cool!
02:54:29@cryptokoh:matrix.orgcryptokohWas looking to partner with Giveth on our project.
02:57:00@cryptokoh:matrix.orgcryptokohWe are running minime for our non public offering soon to be public after we secure funding and clear with the sec
18:03:33@xardas:matrix.orgxardasanyone here planninng on going to devcon?
19:56:18@misterboyfriend:matrix.orgbowensandersYep 😀
4 Sep 2019
02:54:03@xardas:matrix.orgxardaswhere are you staying? any chance i could crash at giveth place? i can contribute
04:52:38@planski:matrix.orglanskiBOWEN! WILL I SEE YOU IRL?! CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
05:03:05@misterboyfriend:matrix.orgbowensandersI'm actually staying with a different group that my wife works for, but I'll be there
05:03:22@planski:matrix.orglanskibut I'll see your pretty face nonetheless
05:04:11@planski:matrix.orglanskiI am staying with DAppNode, and Iden3. would make sense that Giveth would be there as well but I actually have no idea, I'm not keeping track of that 😅
05:05:15@planski:matrix.orglanski xardas: , danibelle or krrisis should know... let's see when they're back from the burn

Sorry I've been out for a while, things have been crazy.

We're launching our Public Happiness Token and looking for people to join the team, or just to browse the whitepaper and add your wisdom to make it more effective at creating positive change in the world: https://publichappinessmovement.com/docuss/whitepaper
(the site will be ready in January)

No funding until we launch. Everyone who contributes is rewarded in tokens, but best to join in because you want to see a world where communities taking action on a local level to solve societal issues is a future you want to live in 🙂😎


Also we're launching at a Happier World Economies Summit to inject a people, communities, and planet, over profits agenda into the World Economic Forum in Davos in January.

Looking for speakers and events. Its innovative projects and people creating societal value in ways not rewarded in today's economic system, and those exploring alternative economic systems to reward them... And to inject some dance, fun and happiness into that stuffy environment.

Anyone wants to know more, or join the team, send me a message 🙂

6 Sep 2019
06:26:17@arbreton:matrix.orgarbretonRedacted or Malformed Event
06:30:40@cryptokoh:matrix.orgcryptokohWhen is it?
06:31:24@cryptokoh:matrix.orgcryptokohAhh today.
06:31:48@cryptokoh:matrix.orgcryptokohNope but I will be in Philadelphia the 12th through 22nd
7 Sep 2019
00:03:25@cryptokoh:matrix.orgcryptokohIs anyone going to be in Philadelphia on the 12th to the 15th?
11 Sep 2019
22:53:17@_slack_giveth_UMX2LUJ2F:matrix.orgxema746 joined the room.
22:53:17@_slack_giveth_UMX2LUJ2F:matrix.orgxema746 Hi
22:53:42@_slack_giveth_UMX2LUJ2F:matrix.orgxema746 How are you? I'm having trouble converting my DAO into ETH can you help me? My wallet: https://etherscan.io/address/0xe68c6524d1f486822976be1a539f4ad75f518ad1
12 Sep 2019
06:02:34@0x4f7f:matrix.orgLaurence Ion joined the room.
06:05:14@0x4f7f:matrix.orgLaurence Ion set a profile picture.
06:05:18@0x4f7f:matrix.orgLaurence Ion changed their display name from 0x4f7f to Laurence Ion.
06:07:41@0x4f7f:matrix.orgLaurence Ion changed their profile picture.
14 Sep 2019
07:54:32@said:utwente.io@said:utwente.io left the room.
15 Sep 2019
19:12:16@griffgreen:matrix.orggriffgreen xema746: did you figure it out? I recommend uniswap.exchange :-D
16 Sep 2019
00:21:40@cryptokoh:matrix.orgcryptokohHello all

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