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28 Feb 2021
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <JamesF>ah shit sorry, I'm tired 19:21:39
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <geleeroyale>no worries - thanks for checking it out πŸ™‚

we can also easily link it because the individual pages get their own route.


@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot<geleeroyale>and we should add og meta tags to the docs πŸ˜‡19:22:56
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <geleeroyale>* and we should add og meta tags to the docs πŸ˜‡ 19:23:02
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <JamesF>Nice.... yeah we should fully integrate these docs where it makes sense in the dapp... they look great... nice one Mitch! 19:23:39
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <Mitch>no problem fellas! I also see the metamask guide hasn't published to the site yet, is it normal? 19:25:49
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <geleeroyale>no thatβ€˜s actually strange. it looked like it deployed fine 19:31:02
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <geleeroyale>I upgraded the dependencies (pls pull again for further changes) and bumped docusaurus. I see donating with metamask on the live site now. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ 20:41:47
@jjuukko:matrix.org1 Think before you Act joined the room.20:53:01
1 Mar 2021
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>Hey @everyone check out our companies new project, launching this Spring! We hope to support the Giveth community, will discuss possible collaboration opportunities soon. Please follow us at twitter.com/thefairteam

Also, join our waitlist, we are giving away lots of cool perks for founding members πŸ’―

@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>bankwithfair.com 09:49:54
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>Happy March 1st all πŸ‘
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <markop>Interesting! 09:56:56
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fair-neobank-financial-services-platform-150500076.html 09:57:32
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>With the help of the United Nations, our plan is to build a country (VIA a chain of islands) for the underprivileged (Over 79 MM refugees) 09:58:26
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>We are building an infrastructure for their kids (half, or 35 MM +/- of the 79 Million are children, who spend an average of 18 years stranded in camps waiting a green light to go somewhere) 09:59:31
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>Please share with everyone, would really appreciate it! We launch on the market soon too! 10:00:09
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>Probably the only bank with an all-in-one background 10:00:26
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>We also have done blockchain, AMCHART+, putting EMR's on the blockchain 10:00:49
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>More about AMSYS (Umbrella/Parent Company) https://amsysgroup.com/ 10:01:12
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <AMG-GT>We could possibly bridge a big platform for giving and such, would love to brainstorm ideas 10:02:20
@jaro.m:matrix.orgdjango changed their profile picture.11:03:42
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>On the note of airdrops.. Have any of you used 1inch, and if so claimed your tokens yet?
Somehow I missed this one previously.. a nice surprise on multiple wallets!
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <geleeroyale>yea - that was one of the nicest airdrops ever 18:42:16
2 Mar 2021
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3 Mar 2021
@jaro.m:matrix.orgdjango changed their display name from jaro.m to django.12:04:28
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <SnoX>πŸ‘‹ 23:18:10
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>Hey @SnoX ! 23:44:05
5 Mar 2021
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <markop>pizza bagel 10:40:34

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