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22 Nov 2020
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/679428761438912525/779863067785822228/Screenshot_20201121-175023_Zoho_Mail.jpg 00:17:32
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>How do we not have a praisebot for Giveth.. 🤔

Thanks for the great comment @ashley!

And for asking a question that, in a decentralized organization, is posed to us all 😁

Reading the other submissions is admirable, I looked at a few and they are amazing!

What is Giveths superpower in the future of giving? 💁‍♂️ 🌌🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Care to share your answers there please 💖💫👇

And please forgive the messy link 🙏 https://reimaginingfundraising.hypeinnovation.com/servlet/hype/IMT?userAction=Browse&templateName=&RK=28b9b2ce2de7d92371620399bf52e31c&documentId=7a460e933e2910c52980cf3db961878e&intendedFragmentIdentifier=c21ba6e577d9cfe82fcf4e81741ff2cf#c21ba6e577d9cfe82fcf4e81741ff2cf

@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>Hey Givethers! Our Community Call is on Sundays 12p EST / 11a Costa Rica / 9a Pacific / 6pm CET in the #Community Calls VOICE Channel .. connect with the team, see what's needed and how YOU can be part of the best team on the planet 🫂 😃 15:59:49
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>If you are seeing this via one of our comm channel bridges - join the Giveth Discord with this link: https://discord.gg/SPPAgT53eg 16:01:30
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>Welcome @peaceloveabundance ! Saw you pop in on the call briefly 😁 17:27:52
25 Nov 2020
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27 Nov 2020
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <SnappySnap>💜 16:12:20
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <Crypto_si>Snappysnap? 16:15:54
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <SnappySnap>Yup 🙂 16:16:31
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <Crypto_si>Are you everywhere? 16:16:50
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <Crypto_si>' the' snappysnap? 16:17:22
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <SnappySnap>Redundant statement. You=everywhere 16:17:27
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <SnappySnap>🙏 16:17:30
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <CoreyCottrell>tks to @Kenn Bosak for telling us about Giveth.io!! 21:31:27
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>Nice @CoreyCottrell ! Tks for following the trail here! 21:56:19
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <CoreyCottrell>I work w www.uplift.art and was just on Kenns podcast. He said we should connect w you guys because you've been doing amazing work in the giving space on eth!
We're mixing music/art/NFTs and charity on wax chain right now.
Cheers! Look forward to learning more!
30 Nov 2020
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@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <August>Hey guys! 04:30:37
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>Hi @August ! Welcome to the party 🥳 11:08:47
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <August>Thank you! 👊🏼 @danibelle 12:53:11
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>Giveth is there at top of DApp Ecosystems list!
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>hi @Xlbum !!! Yayyyy!!! 21:05:25
1 Dec 2020
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@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <August>Hey Welcome @TommyGiveth 20:41:16
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-botDownload mp4.mp420:48:48
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>Look out yall, Giveth community is grrrowing!! 20:48:49
@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot <danibelle>Woot! 21:45:38

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