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2 Dec 2019
07:52:15@galego:matrix.orggalegocan one be too analytic / positivist?
07:52:59@galego:matrix.orggalegoactually please separate the last question intoo: can one be too positivist (guess yes) and/or too analytic (guess no)
08:23:18@galego:matrix.orggalego bbbbrrrzzt: the channel is not dead, rather hibernating

do you reall think it was an overuse of the historical / philosophical methods that drove the surge of postmodernism?
I mean, there are many forms of pomo, but I've always interpreted it as a reaction against the failings of these methods

17:14:01@bbbbrrrzzt:matrix.orgbbbbrrrzzt Even if perhaps the "historical" method isn't universally rejected, one can see common patterns in most different writers, such as reactions against ideas of 'essence', teleological history and 'universal truths'

actually please separate the last question intoo: can one be too positivist (guess yes) and/or too analytic (guess no)

I'm not so sure the two can really be separated out like that. Positivism runs into very similar problems that analytic philosophy eventually runs into. But for the sake of argument, analytic philosophy will always run into the problem of 'vagueness'. There have been attempts to reconcile vagueness with rigour (fuzzyism is an example), but I don't know whether a true reconciliation is possible.

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3 Dec 2019
04:47:48@bbbbrrrzzt:matrix.orgbbbbrrrzztIs anyone interested in pomo still or can we talk about something else?
4 Dec 2019
00:27:05@leonce:matrix.orgLeonidasWhat are you interested in?
Is anyone interested in pomo still or can we talk about something else?
I just like to troll PoMO a little (I highly doubt their epistemology)
08:20:22@galego:matrix.orggalegoit's kind of a hobby
15:03:29@bbbbrrrzzt:matrix.orgbbbbrrrzztWell few people are as radical as to go full Descartes
15:05:42@bbbbrrrzzt:matrix.orgbbbbrrrzztIf you want to see some radical epistemology/ontology you should check out the interface theory of perception
15:50:40@galego:matrix.orggalegothanks, when I find time I will
15:53:59@galego:matrix.orggalegoin a nutshell?
16:04:42@galego:matrix.orggalego bbbbrrrzzt:
19:15:19@bbbbrrrzzt:matrix.orgbbbbrrrzztBasically, the theory says that your perception is analogous to, say, a computer interface.
19:16:42@bbbbrrrzzt:matrix.orgbbbbrrrzzt It's a transformation from the world space W to your experience E that makes it so life is easier to deal with. The analogy they use is the desktop. We all know that the icons on our desktop are not faithful representations of their actual constitution in the computer, but they make life much easier for us.
19:17:33@bbbbrrrzzt:matrix.orgbbbbrrrzzt Apples and leaves aren't 'actually' red and green: these are just mappings that have proven very useful over the course of our evolution as a species.
22:02:44@bbbbrrrzzt:matrix.orgbbbbrrrzztHere's a ZIP of the seminal papers
5 Dec 2019
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6 Dec 2019
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7 Dec 2019
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10 Dec 2019
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11 Dec 2019
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