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7 Oct 2019
In reply to @vx3r:127-0-0-1.fr
Got it, agree. I think that the ethic values we have are not working, just two examples, don’t kill: 2 WW wars. Do not steal: rich people getting richer, poor people poorer. Even worse, we are more and more unhappy with all that productive social dynamics based on these old ethic values.
So maybe we got wrong with our ethic values that are driving our society since Platon and Jesus.
There is no right or wrong in an absolute sense. I would not lament the situation as it is a lot better than in all the centuries before. It might not be "perfect" in a Platonic or Christian sense, but in the end we talk about human beings in a real world.
09:11:06@galego:matrix.orggalegoA deontologic approach (as you seem to have) just serves for establishing laws, but has a rather limited value when you try to be the observer.
8 Oct 2019
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9 Oct 2019
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10 Oct 2019
08:37:32@galego:matrix.orggalegojust philosophy embracing science is worth being discussed
08:37:55@galego:matrix.orggalegothe rest is conservative circling around (often) empty questions just for the sake of it
08:39:40@galego:matrix.orggalegothe defense mecahnisms of especially PoMo's, Identity studies, Gender and others show how far they are off the road... facts and findings are actively rejected as they undermine the very foundation of their academical "contribution"
08:40:13@galego:matrix.orggalegoone should be less conservative...
11 Oct 2019
05:58:50@botnetcat:matrix.orgbotnetcatI think it´s mostly a matter of relevance
05:59:38@botnetcat:matrix.orgbotnetcatpractical questions can´t be answered with emotion, but emotional questions often can´t be answered with bare logic either
06:01:38@botnetcat:matrix.orgbotnetcatwe know way too little about the brain and genetics to explain the human mind with solid logical theories, so we rely a great deal on vague concepts like ethics and identity to make sense of ourselves and eachother
06:06:17@botnetcat:matrix.orgbotnetcatI think trying to apply reason to these for humans very relevant concepts can be interesting and at least very useful to get new insights about ourselfs and society and cheesy stuff like that
06:07:17@botnetcat:matrix.orgbotnetcatthe problem is that people keep mistaking this ¨human logic¨ for absolute logic and try to use it to explain the entire universe
06:10:33@botnetcat:matrix.orgbotnetcatat the same time, people have finally more or less accepted that logic is the only way to get to the truth, but for that reason feel like they have to back up all their actions with scientific logic
06:11:14@botnetcat:matrix.orgbotnetcatresulting in all that pseudo-scientific bullshit like ¨identity studies¨
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12 Oct 2019
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13 Oct 2019
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14 Oct 2019
we know way too little about the brain and genetics to explain the human mind with solid logical theories, so we rely a great deal on vague concepts like ethics and identity to make sense of ourselves and eachother
To this I can subscribe totally
07:58:07@galego:matrix.orggalego botnetcat: I heartfully agree

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