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22 Jun 2020
@galego:matrix.orggalegoour department on campus here is mainly continental philophy with a (somewhat hypocritical) focus on ethics and equity12:51:45
@kernel-pancake:matrix.orgkernel-pancakeif you want to contribute outside academia then you should write articles and get a group of people to read them consistently12:53:17
@galego:matrix.orggalegothis is actually what I intend to do... there are journals for analytic philosophy pretty much like for science12:55:12
@galego:matrix.orggalegothere is a lot of topics where I would like to join the discussion12:56:09
@galego:matrix.orggalegoup to now I do it on reddit12:56:29
@whistle_root:matrix.orgwhistle_rootCheck out stackexchange.com for a more rigorous philosophy discussion.13:42:09
@galego:matrix.orggalegothank you very much14:30:56
23 Jun 2020
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25 Jun 2020
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26 Jun 2020
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27 Jun 2020
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29 Jun 2020
@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeAny thoughts on anthropoetics?19:17:04
30 Jun 2020
In reply to @jdzeckor:matrix.org
Any thoughts on anthropoetics?
1 Jul 2020
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2 Jul 2020
@debalance:matrix.orgdebalance 07:18:42
Any thoughts on anthropoetics?
seems interesting
@galego:matrix.orggalegojust had a search12:53:28
3 Jul 2020
@galego:matrix.orggalegoactually anthropoetics hinges on one not confirmed theory07:25:27
@galego:matrix.orggalegowhat's your take on it?07:26:17
@yellowcrane:matrix.orgyellowcrane phret: Hi! What made you interested in Philo? 11:23:26
@phret:matrix.orgphretactually my reading of hans jonas': gnosis und spätantiker geist (gnosticism and thought of late antiquity; dont remember the actual english title) plus my prof who is quite into negative theology, held a lectureyears ago that i may understand in a few weeks ;)13:46:11
@yellowcrane:matrix.orgyellowcraneThank you, would it be correct to say Philo engages in negative theology? And is this through natural theology in the main? Or how so?16:01:57
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@phret:matrix.orgphretwell he clearly articulates gnostic and jewish thinking within philosophical language, which sounds quite like via negativa already. i'd have to look it up then the term theologia apophatike arose. so ... it say we see a beginning of that tradition in philo, maybe. hm. i am looking backwards, not sure if thats historically adaequate. what does the second question aim at?21:55:18
4 Jul 2020
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