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8 Jan 2020
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9 Jan 2020
Au contrair, by defining what thoughts are regarded as worthy to pursue as a study and which schools of thoughts that should be regarded as lesser or as not as intellectually correct we limit the free though.
This is exactly my point as well. By defining trains of discourse as "colonial" you in fact redline them pretty much in the same manner as those who you critcize, don't you think?
10 Jan 2020
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13:58:59@leth:matrix.orglethNo of course I don't.
14:01:39@leth:matrix.orglethBecause it's not obvious to some: It's a huge difference between disproving a whole tradition or school of thought as being lesser on the basis of ones own cultural tradition and arguing against that very thing.
19:45:37@popeyess:matrix.orgpopeye changed their display name from popeyesss to popeyessss.
11 Jan 2020
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12 Jan 2020
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13 Jan 2020
08:36:56@galego:matrix.orggalegoto me it's indeed not obvious... In the end you declare the "colonial" position as lesser and, supposedly, your own as superior
08:37:13@galego:matrix.orggalegothe very same theater just with different actors
08:37:52@galego:matrix.orggalegothe catch 22 is that you declare the colonial school of thought as lesser because it declared other schools of thaught as lesser
08:38:10@galego:matrix.orggalegoif this was their very misstake you are repeating it
11:46:27@galego:matrix.orggalego leth:
12:35:05@leth:matrix.orglethWould you say that this supposed colonial position is a school of thought in itself? It's seems to me that you're committing to a categorical error. I mean philosophy is the same category as Daoism, but I wouldn't say philosophy is wrong. I indeed defend it's position as a school of thought in it's own right. I'm simply rejecting using the term philosophy in a way that rejects both Daoism and Philosophy as different schools of though with inherently different modes of rationality. And I'm saying that misusing the term philosophy would mean that we can't talk about them as separate schools of thought or traditions anymore since we've dissolved the idea of them as categorically similar, yet dissimilar in their own right. Furthermore it puts one of the traditions in the light of being precriptive to the validity of all schools of thought, which is highly problematic from an ethnoepistemological viewpoint.
15:03:51@galego:matrix.orggalego leth: One could argue that the colonial position is a school of thought in its own right, yes. If one does one should treat it with equal interest and critique as all the others. I am open for your distinction of philosophy from daoism however.
My personal classification of schools of thought is just the distance to modern rationality, where I locate myself in. From this POV Ancient Greece, Daoism and many other Bronze Age schools would happen in more or less the same distance.
15:05:44@galego:matrix.orggalegoGranted this is subjective to a certain extend, but rationality and especially science accompanied by naturalistic philosophy has proven to be a most useful tool for mankind, so I bet my money on this approach.
17:39:57@leth:matrix.orglethWhat does that have to do with the discussion at hand? You're just presenting a red herring.
17:44:39@leth:matrix.orglethI wouldn't say that a specific position or stance is comparable to a whole school of thought. I'd say that is a categorical error, especially in the context of the discussion at hand.
14 Jan 2020
07:57:23@popeyess:matrix.orgpopeye changed their display name from popeyessss to popeye.
15 Jan 2020
09:36:22@galego:matrix.orggalego leth:
If I understood you right you said:
1. category of philosophy equals category of daoism
2. rationality of philosophy is as right as rationality of daoism
-> making a difference between philosophy and daoism is wrong
09:37:27@galego:matrix.orggalego"philsophy" here used for describing a vague notion of western schools of thought and treating them as a continuity
09:38:00@galego:matrix.orggalegois this summary admissible for you?
09:40:49@galego:matrix.orggalegoas I am not a native English speaker there is a possibility I simply read your statement wrongly but I admit being somewhat confused by your statement from Friday at 13:35 (CET)
18 Jan 2020
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19 Jan 2020
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21 Jan 2020
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22 Jan 2020
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