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10 Nov 2022
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11 Nov 2022
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12 Nov 2022
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@_discord_204737053504700416:t2bot.ioFX I'm trying to follow the readme guide on setting up an example project. I cannot get stack to install the project generator.
git]$ stack install godot-haskell:exe:godot-haskell-project-genrator
Error parsing targets: Unknown local package: godot-haskell
godot-haskell]$ stack install godot-haskell:exe:godot-haskell-project-genrator
Cabal file warning in/media/disk/frankie/git/godot-haskell/godot-haskell.cabal@722:3: The field "build-tools" is deprecated in the Cabal specification version 2.0. Please use 'build-tool-depends' field
Error parsing targets: Component CExe "godot-haskell-project-genrator" does not exist in package godot-haskell
@_discord_257075432828960769:t2bot.ioSambo joined the room.19:30:22
@_discord_257075432828960769:t2bot.ioSambo Looks like you just misspelled generator. It worked just fine for me from inside the root of the godot-haskell repo just now. 20:00:31
@_discord_204737053504700416:t2bot.ioFX oh your right lol 20:04:12
14 Nov 2022
@_discord_633094807342022686:t2bot.ioBrumbo changed their display name from Brumbo to Brumbo#7175.19:31:58
@_discord_633094807342022686:t2bot.ioBrumbo changed their display name from Brumbo#7175 to Brumbo.19:31:59
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15 Nov 2022
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16 Nov 2022
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17 Nov 2022
@_discord_204737053504700416:t2bot.ioFXDownload hlsSegFault.txt02:23:50
@_discord_204737053504700416:t2bot.ioFX why does running hls on the example project give me a seg fault 02:23:50
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw#0548 no idea 07:49:05
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw#0548 try updating it 07:49:12
@_discord_108651347615703040:t2bot.iokanetw#0548 and/or file a hls issue 07:49:30
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18 Nov 2022
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19 Nov 2022
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20 Nov 2022
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@_discord_611975022525022238:t2bot.ioaullvrch#1734 It looks like some people are working on the docs for GDExtensions now https://github.com/godotengine/godot-docs/pull/6212 https://github.com/paddy-exe/godot-docs/blob/gdextension-docs/tutorials/scripting/gdextension/gdextension_cpp_example.rst I can’t wait until there is a C example, I think that what I would need before I could realistically help with the Haskell port. 20:54:50
24 Nov 2022
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25 Nov 2022
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28 Nov 2022
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