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31 May 2023
@_discord_375770613413052417:t2bot.ioEileenツٴٴ basically 15:04:51
@_discord_375770613413052417:t2bot.ioEileenツٴٴ hackers giving everyone a shit ton of gems and coins to ruin the economy and if that happens devs aren’t going to make money (they’re greedy devs lol) 15:05:36
@_discord_375770613413052417:t2bot.ioEileenツٴٴ the game harasses you buy shit all the time as soon as you open the game even if u just spent money 15:05:51
@_discord_375770613413052417:t2bot.ioEileenツٴٴ quote from mista dhawk 15:06:20
@_discord_375770613413052417:t2bot.ioEileenツٴٴ dhawk571 15:06:40
@_discord_526118866485510164:t2bot.ioJokerr this game used to be so sick 15:11:18
@_discord_526118866485510164:t2bot.ioJokerr i remember playing it in like middle school 15:11:25
@_discord_375770613413052417:t2bot.ioEileenツٴٴ 4th to high school for me 15:15:55
@_discord_375770613413052417:t2bot.ioEileenツٴٴ 4 seasons was a dope map sad to see the game go out bad lol 15:16:08
@_discord_375770613413052417:t2bot.ioEileenツٴٴ i have the cold 😿 15:16:26
@_discord_828952561654169650:t2bot.ioerol Og fort was best game ever 16:39:08
@_discord_828952561654169650:t2bot.ioerol i stopped playin it s1 chapt 2 16:39:31
@_discord_880718717401587772:t2bot.iočarapa i gotta be them midladder dudes be having lvl 14 mk and lvl 13 wizard 18:34:22
@_discord_1043663091419844759:t2bot.iomenace Arent u legit overleveled ?XD 18:35:51
@_discord_1043663091419844759:t2bot.iomenace Yes u are 18:37:45
@_discord_1043663091419844759:t2bot.iomenace That's crazy 18:37:49
@_discord_880718717401587772:t2bot.iočarapa for 5k w the lung cancer meta that is ongoing rn i think im not that overlevel but long term ig so 18:42:41
@_discord_1043663091419844759:t2bot.iomenace You are that overleveled 18:43:06
@_discord_1043663091419844759:t2bot.iomenace With a cycle deck at 5k 18:43:13
@_discord_1043663091419844759:t2bot.iomenace ... 18:43:14
@_discord_880718717401587772:t2bot.iočarapa still better than gob hut mk 18:46:54
@_discord_880718717401587772:t2bot.iočarapa but i get your point 18:46:59
@_discord_1043663091419844759:t2bot.iomenace Facts 18:47:19
@_discord_872298694203019315:t2bot.ionewy changed their display name from newy to newy#0001.21:19:58
@_discord_872298694203019315:t2bot.ionewy set a profile picture.21:19:59
@_discord_872298694203019315:t2bot.ionewy changed their display name from newy#0001 to newy.21:20:00
@_discord_375770613413052417:t2bot.ioEileenツٴٴ everyone was hyped when uefn was coming out with the C1 map then couple of days later player count went from 7k to about 20 players it’s not because the map is good it’s bc of Nostalgia 22:06:06
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@_discord_929736011381088277:t2bot.ioOblivion Don’t care hop on Valhiem 22:09:38
1 Jun 2023
@_discord_766392338930597968:t2bot.ioS̸̚̚t̴̀͆â̴̕ȓ̵̓ Boi explain what should I do?
I end always Lossing CC but I have dominated the deck

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