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6 Dec 2022
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh Lot of people buy French bulldogs so they keep breeding them 13:08:14
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh They exist to suffer and I don’t really like it either 13:08:24
@_discord_254061706974593024:t2bot.ioEddy_ Pugs are the same way 13:08:34
@_discord_254061706974593024:t2bot.ioEddy_ But mine was healthy for most of her life 13:08:42
@_discord_195122662035423232:t2bot.iosk_555 13:08:47
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh It has 0 cares for anything 13:09:03
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh And always barks 13:09:06
@_discord_254061706974593024:t2bot.ioEddy_ My pug was an absolute tank, nothing took her down 13:09:16
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh It also makes itself hyperventilate sometimes 13:10:13
Download 17D9EE50-40A5-486E-A224-054E6C8F5F34.jpg
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh It would even persist on barking and jumping around even if it can’t breathe 13:10:21
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh It’s so weird 13:10:24
@_discord_254061706974593024:t2bot.ioEddy_ Yep basically how it goes 13:10:39
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh Sometimes chews the diapers on the ground 13:10:51
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh Nearly chocking 13:10:54
@_discord_254061706974593024:t2bot.ioEddy_ Those were the two legends in that photo, no other animals will top those two 13:11:13
@_discord_195122662035423232:t2bot.iosk_555 :( 13:11:38
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh But besides the French, we have a yorkie that’s really old 13:11:43
@_discord_254061706974593024:t2bot.ioEddy_ That’s why always cherish the pets you grew up with 13:11:44
@_discord_254061706974593024:t2bot.ioEddy_ My dog had grey hair but funny cuz my cat was actually older 13:14:51
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh * Nearly choking* 13:15:14
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh I don’t know why but her spine is going towards her stomach 13:15:15
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh https://tenor.com/view/frozen-posing-surprised-oops-fail-gif-16115054 13:21:19
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh Where’s my qotd 13:22:40
@_discord_431548698204438530:t2bot.ioAssassin_cats Oh jeez I forgot about it with my exams 13:22:59
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh Exams can wait 13:23:06
@_discord_431548698204438530:t2bot.ioAssassin_cats Gimme 5 min 13:23:08
@_discord_431548698204438530:t2bot.ioAssassin_cats Ikr 13:23:11
@_discord_643352361410101268:t2bot.ioAmJosh 13:23:24
@_discord_431548698204438530:t2bot.ioAssassin_cats Here you go 13:34:14

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