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11 Dec 2023
@_discord_476489050732101635:t2bot.ioadr1antv How do i beat lava with xbow 02:08:52
@_discord_800500151742890024:t2bot.ioshiv you don't 02:09:13
@_discord_800500151742890024:t2bot.ioshiv I normally pressure a lot on 1x to cycle to Evo archers 02:09:48
@_discord_342077399103569924:t2bot.ioiconic you do lol 03:57:36
@_discord_342077399103569924:t2bot.ioiconic it’s not a bad matchup 03:57:41
@_discord_526118866485510164:t2bot.ioimbladee yeah lavas xbows mu by a lot normally lmao 04:19:55
@_discord_195122662035423232:t2bot.ioTHE MINI XBOW GOAT What makes you say that 04:23:05
@_discord_445393302943170560:t2bot.ioaliflammiim Simple, The xbow goat has willed it 04:24:34
@_discord_445393302943170560:t2bot.ioaliflammiim Go same lane as him, don’t tower trade opposite lanes 04:25:05
@_discord_445393302943170560:t2bot.ioaliflammiim If you tower trade opposite, it’s almost a guaranteed win for me because you will never get more than baby xbow locks if I play it right 04:25:38
@_discord_445393302943170560:t2bot.ioaliflammiim When I lava the back, xbow the bridge if you can 04:26:07
@_discord_445393302943170560:t2bot.ioaliflammiim I either have to spend immediately on the xbow with sdrags or idrag, and that undermines my push 04:26:25
@_discord_929736011381088277:t2bot.ioMasterBaiter πŸ€ 04:27:15
@_discord_929736011381088277:t2bot.ioMasterBaiter πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ 04:27:18
@_discord_445393302943170560:t2bot.ioaliflammiim However if you do let me build a giant push you won’t be able to stop it from taking your tower, even if you pull loon to king with tesla and xbow 04:28:21
@_discord_1036486909519745025:t2bot.iobrockpi Trolling 04:30:04
@_discord_929736011381088277:t2bot.ioMasterBaiter U ah πŸ€ 05:25:56
@_discord_342077399103569924:t2bot.ioiconic bladee# 05:31:57
@_discord_342077399103569924:t2bot.ioiconic * blade 05:32:01
@_discord_342077399103569924:t2bot.ioiconic how you doing bro 05:32:03
@_discord_342077399103569924:t2bot.ioiconic * how you been bro 05:32:14
@_discord_399882386239651850:t2bot.iosympathising you guys have time? 05:57:49
@_discord_399882386239651850:t2bot.iosympathising i need opinions 05:57:51
@_discord_399882386239651850:t2bot.iosympathisingDownload tndjq.pdf05:58:00
@_discord_399882386239651850:t2bot.iosympathising karen jones or ricky thibodeau 05:58:11
@_discord_399882386239651850:t2bot.iosympathising im taking psyc 205 for sure since free a but idk about the other two 05:58:24
@_discord_800500151742890024:t2bot.ioshiv free a 😴 06:00:31
@_discord_800500151742890024:t2bot.ioshiv Karen Jones imo 06:02:24
@_discord_800500151742890024:t2bot.ioshiv taking test multiple times a huge extra 06:02:34
@_discord_800500151742890024:t2bot.ioshiv but if you're alr good on tests take thibo 06:07:47

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