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29 Jun 2022
@_discord_773929305403031572:t2bot.ioYash P Yummy 15:01:08
@_discord_972694956697333770:t2bot.ioNameless™ Diabetes 15:11:47
@_discord_852956364854526002:t2bot.ioHidden4u I hope you due 15:13:35
@_discord_852956364854526002:t2bot.ioHidden4u * I hope you die 15:13:38
@_discord_833787566897627146:t2bot.ioMu Merchant on baby 15:13:50
@_discord_972694956697333770:t2bot.ioNameless™ Who bro? 15:16:53
@_discord_699960304486056026:t2bot.ioThe Don Best da baby 15:19:55
@_discord_699960304486056026:t2bot.ioThe Don Best https://tenor.com/view/dababy-sussy-omegasus-baka-gif-22171543 15:20:04
@_discord_775475622461702184:t2bot.ioLol! Eugh! Ayo! Ha! Bah! Mn! '! Is that leaked 15:21:29
@_discord_775475622461702184:t2bot.ioLol! Eugh! Ayo! Ha! Bah! Mn! '! Confirmed next season and such 15:21:39
@_discord_970634886622879786:t2bot.ioGus 柱IMG_7169.png
Download IMG_7169.png
@_discord_970634886622879786:t2bot.ioGus 柱 7k slums 15:31:48
@_discord_699960304486056026:t2bot.ioThe Don Best did u tilt 15:33:48
@_discord_699960304486056026:t2bot.ioThe Don Best or what 15:33:49
@_discord_775475622461702184:t2bot.ioLol! Eugh! Ayo! Ha! Bah! Mn! '! Sex 15:37:11
@_discord_954194140751597699:t2bot.iofintan joined the room.15:41:20
@_discord_954194140751597699:t2bot.iofintan gross 15:41:20
@_discord_878405535131656245:t2bot.ioFinnqh AG 😭 15:43:21
@_discord_878405535131656245:t2bot.ioFinnqh What a W 15:43:29
@_discord_699960304486056026:t2bot.ioThe Don Best i hc him so hard 15:43:35
@_discord_699960304486056026:t2bot.ioThe Don Best but im new to the deck lmao 15:43:39
@_discord_699960304486056026:t2bot.ioThe Don Best and he played well tbh 15:43:52
@_discord_970634886622879786:t2bot.ioGus 柱 Nah I’m just chillin at 7k bc 7600+ is to easy for me 15:43:53
@_discord_878405535131656245:t2bot.ioFinnqh I was screaming at my screen like GK the back 15:43:53
@_discord_699960304486056026:t2bot.ioThe Don Best i aint no nub😼 15:44:06
@_discord_878405535131656245:t2bot.ioFinnqh I only saw the last bit but yeah it’s a free mu for u 15:44:10
@_discord_775475622461702184:t2bot.ioLol! Eugh! Ayo! Ha! Bah! Mn! '! What deck 15:44:44
@_discord_859321854301044778:t2bot.ioThe Don Ethvik menace 15:45:28
@_discord_852956364854526002:t2bot.ioHidden4u But every deck counters me 15:47:20
@_discord_852956364854526002:t2bot.ioHidden4u What 15:47:24

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