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20 Jan 2020
10:59:12@masehh:matrix.orgMase joined the room.
10:59:52@masehh:matrix.orgMaseSeems pretty quiet in here :o
11:20:20@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponia Hai Mase . Its true that this LN room is a bit more quiet than the others in our community (such as the #anime:matrix.org and #otaku:matrix.org room
11:20:54@masehh:matrix.orgMaseSad :( I just joined them as well but novels are my passion
11:20:59@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaSince they're all part of the same community these more niched rooms tend to only be used more when the discussion is very targeted :)
11:21:23@masehh:matrix.orgMaseI see I see, thanks for letting me know
11:22:03@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponia I think tleydxdy reads more LN than they watch anime, and we do have a few people like that in the community. As long as someone posts in here they will probably get a reply, so feel free to start a discussion at any time :)
11:24:39@masehh:matrix.orgMaseSounds good. You guys prefer Japanese, Chinese or Korean novels?
11:28:05@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaI've only read Japanese ones so far but I've been interested in reading the chinese GLORY: The Kings Avatar.
11:31:44@masehh:matrix.orgMaseCool, I don't remember much of it, just checked that I've read it past 200 chapters. Don't really care about VR novels anymore
11:31:57@masehh:matrix.orgMaseSeems like webnovel has yoinked it from the "original" translators
11:35:23@masehh:matrix.orgMase set a profile picture.
12:14:47@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilc I'm reading (during more than 2 months, I think) Solo Leveling. it's Korean LN. and it's veeeeeery looooong… %) =)
12:15:45@masehh:matrix.orgMaseI've had A LOT of people suggesting Solo Leveling to me. They read the webtoon though I think. Other than it being very long, what's good about it? 😁
12:54:45@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponia I like your profile picture Mase :)
12:55:02@masehh:matrix.orgMaseHaha thank you :)
12:55:23@masehh:matrix.orgMaseIt's either hate it or love it type of profile pic ^^
In reply to @masehh:matrix.org
I've had A LOT of people suggesting Solo Leveling to me. They read the webtoon though I think. Other than it being very long, what's good about it? 😁
hm… what's good… perhaps, the process of gradual converting of rather weak main character into super-human monster. though idk, what will be in the end, and idk if he'll lose his humanity at all. but more than a half of the novel MC still manages to balance between his extraordinary power and trivial social interactions, he remembers, what is relations between relatives, what is love and what is patriotism (in a good sense :) ). and I have to say that this LN has rather nationalistic tint. :) but the plot is quite strong, so author might be forgiven for venting some anger/resentment/grief against Japan and some other countries.
13:49:18@masehh:matrix.orgMase gimbrilc Hehe alright, sounds quite the stereotypical Chinese novel, but I doubt it is too cliché considering the good ratings and reviews. Will definitely try it out when I have a chance.
Sadly some Chinese authors that write stories based in the 2000s seem to be pretty patriotic, even racist, to Japan and other surrounding countries that they've had conflicts with in the past.
13:50:08@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcthe LN in question is Korean :-P
13:51:50@masehh:matrix.orgMaseOh shit my bad haha
13:52:13@masehh:matrix.orgMaseI dunno how I missed that part in your first message
13:53:26@masehh:matrix.orgMaseApparently there's some patriotism in Korea against Japan too, didn't know about that
14:26:52@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaThere is a fair bit of tension between Korea and Japan after WW2 if I recall
14:27:10@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaJapan was not great back then
14:28:15@masehh:matrix.orgMaseIt's hard to imagine because Japanese people are so nice and polite
14:28:26@masehh:matrix.orgMase * It's hard to imagine because Japanese people are so nice and polite
14:31:14@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaIts worth looking into the history of Japan during WW2 as they were honestly horrible then. Its also worth keeping in mind that Japan is still fairly racist, especially so against people of colour. However all of that feels a bit off topic unless its directly related to a novels subjectmatter :)
14:32:35@masehh:matrix.orgMaseTime to go research WW2 more. Thanks for the education :)

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