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30 Jun 2020
@justdave:mozilla.orgjustdaveI've seen a bunch of cool stuff over the last couple weeks, we have stuff we can talk about? :-)20:08:38
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@justdave:mozilla.orgjustdave dylanwh: ^ (and anyone else) 23:04:25
@freenode_dylanwh:matrix.orgdylanwhIt is on my calendar for a change23:05:05
@freenode_dylanwh:matrix.orgdylanwhAnd my office is a livable temperature23:05:18
1 Jul 2020
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@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdaveBugzilla meeting in an hour19:05:00
@freenode_dylanwh:matrix.orgdylanwhNo progress since the weekend but I can give a pretty good update19:07:16
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdaveanything additional for the agenda?19:12:56
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdave Old Business:19:13:01
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdave Bugzilla 5.2 and 6 status (dylan)19:13:01
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdave release schedule19:13:02
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdave New Business19:13:04
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdave Any other business19:13:05
@justdave:mozilla.orgjustdaveConnection details at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Meetings19:18:19
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@justdave:mozilla.orgjustdavewe're still waiting for AVOps to show up to set up the Air Mozilla stream20:03:44
@justdave:mozilla.orgjustdaveif anyone at Mozilla can poke them I'd appreciate it (the person I'm poking isn't responding)20:04:02
@justdave:mozilla.orgjustdaveNo streams today, join the call if you want to watch.20:07:09
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdave AVOps had the wrong meeting ID. They sent me email just before the meeting started to make sure because nobody was there yet, and I didn't get the email until we finished :( 21:00:16
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@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdaveThe recording is live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPSd3njiOTs23:49:11
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdaveair mozilla link is dead still but the youtube one works :)23:49:23
3 Jul 2020
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