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19 Jan 2021
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdaveseems like the localconfig file is something that you would want to persist, too23:43:26
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadow For development it's also common to bind-mount the source directory into the container, instead of copying the source code during the build, which is what this does currently. 23:43:41
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdave I'm trying to figure out what the purpose is of having "FROM perl:5.32-slim" in there twice, without any other FROM in between 23:47:12
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadow It's the staged build 23:47:36
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadow "FROM perl:5.32-slim AS builder" means everything until the next "FROM" goes into a container called internally "builder" 23:47:52
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadow and then you can do "COPY --from=builder" to just copy the result of the build, instead of carrying around all the build dependencies 23:48:16
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdaveoh, so the second FROM without the AS builder on it is targeting the result image instead23:48:53
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdaveso the AS is conceptually a TO? :)23:49:21
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadowYeah :)23:50:59
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadow (But "TO" makes more sense in a mutability-oriented way, whereas Docker is more like a functional thing) 23:51:38
20 Jan 2021
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdave how do I identify which volumes those are in docker's volume list? 00:01:29
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdaveall the volumes are just hex strings it looks like00:01:51
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadow "docker inspect" will have that info 00:03:02
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadow docker inspect b997c5855221 | jq '.[].Mounts' 00:03:43
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadow Maybe there's a command more suitable for humans 00:04:02
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdavewhich object do I point that at, the container?00:07:29
@freenode_CyberShadow:matrix.orgCyberShadowYes, from docker ps00:07:52
@freenode_justdave:matrix.orgjustdavegotta pick up my daughter from work, back in a bit00:15:34
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