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24 Nov 2021
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@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323im trying to connect to yggdrasil through tor20:50:29
@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323i followed this guide and updated my peers list with the tor peers20:50:40
@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323how do I configure the tor browser now to start connecting to yggdrasil sites?20:51:17
In reply to @dwme2323:matrix.org
how do I configure the tor browser now to start connecting to yggdrasil sites?
I think you misunderstood...
@tomz:matrix.orgtomzthe Tor browser connects over Tor. You want to use your normal browser and connect to yggdrasil IP addresses, on your machine that has an ygg node which routes its traffic over tor.21:36:38
@tomz:matrix.orgtomzand its a bit weird to hear you have the tor browser while you needed the tor daemon to set this up.21:37:39
@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323i have both the tor browser and tor daemon running22:17:36
@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323the browser I want to use to connect to yggdrasil nodes is the tor browser, but I need to configure proxy settings to do this i would think22:18:04
@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323im trying to use the tor browser and route from from Tor->Yggdrasil22:20:44
@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323the list of peers on the public peers repo seems to go the other way, Yggdrasil->Tor22:21:49
@qskwood:matrix.orgQuinn WoodYou don't send the Tor Browser through Tor as a proxy22:42:09
@qskwood:matrix.orgQuinn Woodthat doesn't even make sense22:42:13
@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323the tor browser goes through the socks5 proxy at port 9150 if i understand this right22:46:26
@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323is it possible to go through that proxy and then the yggdrasil daemon?22:46:55
@qskwood:matrix.orgQuinn WoodThe Tor Browser is entirely self-contained and does not interact with a separate Tor daemon running on the host at all.23:24:08
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25 Nov 2021
@dvn-:libera.chatdvn- Quinn Wood: you can make the Tor Browser use the system's tor daemon, but either way, I don't see how this will allow you to reach yggdrasil 00:11:03
@Arceliar:matrix.orgArceliaryou would need to tell your tor browser to not use tor for the 200::/7 address range. i don't know if that's possible. if you can use the system daemon, then i suspect there's some way to make the local proxy server bypass tor for the 200::/7 range, but i wouldn't want to mess with that00:26:15
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@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323so there is no way to go Tor->Yggdrasil? only Yggdrasil to tor through the hidden service peers?01:20:25
@vpzom:synapse.vpzom.clickvpzomthe peers are for connecting to yggdrasil through tor01:20:55
@dwme2323:matrix.orgdwme2323how do I connect to them then?02:01:06

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