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31 May 2023
@_slack_hotosm_U059L0UHG5B:matrix.orgNeelima Mohanty Thanks Petya Kangalova for giving such a nice intro for me.I am really glad to have mentors like you and Rob Savoye who support me and guide me at each contribution that I make . Without both of you I wouldn't have reached here and wish to have a wonderful contribution journey with you for this internship period to make a successful project together. 😀 03:56:14
@_slack_hotosm_U2K2H3ZRN:matrix.orgpete_masters Shout outs from this week's community working group meetup! Every week WG members share shout outs (community achievements, contributions, mapping & project work) Feel free to reply if you'd like to add something! Or join us @ https://loomio.hotosm.org/community-working-group • The launch event for the community wg mentorship programme was great!! https://twitter.com/hotosm/status/1662479671865352192 • Big up the Mentorship Program core team of organizers! Angela Teyvi, Yves Emmanuel, Muluba, Chisom Okwuchi, Chisom, Benedicta, arnalie and Omowonuola Akintola! https://twitter.com/Chisom_ok/status/1662468000325279744 • OpenStreetMap Philippines The community held its first in person event / mapathon last Saturday. During this, we recognized Mikko, Geospatial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion 2023 & feye, Youthmappers Regional Ambassador since 2020 (and have helped establish 10 YM chapters). Your OSM Philippines tribe is proud of you two! https://twitter.com/geoladiesph/status/1663333437141573632 • Kudos Letwin and UZ Mappers for the well done session on humanitarian mapping and student participation/engagement last weekend! https://twitter.com/LetwinNomsa/status/1662490470566510593 • Shout out to Rita Soma and OSM Burkina Faso for organizing a mapathon with the students of the Center for Studies, Training and Research in Social Risk Management https://twitter.com/ritasoma95/status/1662458622478016513 • Kudos to the GIS Society of Trinidad and Tobago for conducting a two weeks women centred disaster resilience and risk assessment training using open mapping tools with students of Parvati Girls Hindu College • Kudos to OSM Kenya for submitting a bid to host SotM 2024 in Nairobi https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/State_of_the_Map_2024/Call_for_venues/Nairobi • Shout out to OSM Uganda for conducting a drones workshop with the Geo YouthMappers chapter at Makerere University in Uganda https://twitter.com/GeoYouthmappers/status/1659532711969660931 06:52:37
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@_slack_hotosm_U011HB7AT7Y:matrix.orgSophie Mower This is SO EXCITING!! Congrats team!!! This initiative is so valuable - thanks for being involved! 🌟 07:39:45
@_slack_hotosm_ULM1TSD8E:matrix.orgMercy14846 Congratulations Neelima Mohanty 🎊:hot: 08:31:45
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@_slack_hotosm_U015AQNM77F:matrix.orgarnalie Hi all, is this form still open? @_slack_hotosm_U04MPKV9VLJ:matrix.org is asking :) 11:13:01
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@_slack_hotosm_U015J7D0WF2:matrix.orgDana Gallaty Application is closed now arnalie (I've already chatted with Amos about it) 11:39:46
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@telegram_5542847859:t2bot.ioSaydFélicitations à tous ❤️12:08:25
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1 Jun 2023
@_slack_hotosm_U05B47Q9X96:matrix.org_slack_hotosm_U05B47Q9X96 joined the room.03:15:21
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@_slack_hotosm_ULPKSCD47:matrix.orgmartien I use MS Edge for most of my activities online, including the TM. I also use Bing Chat, that can really be a time saver for writing text or searching info. This week i was tinkering with the Tasking Manager backend API. For several of these endpoints you need to enter your personal API Key, by copying it from your settings page. I had my settings page loaded, with the Bing chat sidepanel next to it. I suddenly noticed a little box asking “Send to Bing chat.”, and buttons to approve or not. It contained a random string of characters, looking a bit like a password. I checked, luckily it wasn't the API key, but until now i cannot figure out what that string was instead. And how that string ended up in that box. And how that box came there. My fear now is: when using MS Edge there is a possibility that selected text can be sent, by accident, to Bing chat, including personal info like an API key or a password etc. etc. So i (finally) decided to switch to Firefox or Brave, at least for online services that need passwords etc. Maybe i am over cautious, but better safe then sorry. 10:23:11
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2 Jun 2023
@_slack_hotosm_UN63QB9E1:matrix.orgBenjamin Dills If you haven't seen it yet, congratulations to rebeccaf on being chosen from a competitive field to be HOT's new executive director! Press Release Rebecca's Blog Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram 02:46:22
@_slack_hotosm_U2K2H3ZRN:matrix.orgpete_masters This is great to see. Open mapping in action! :celebrate: https://twitter.com/Shammie_n/status/1664223165860438016 14:51:53
@_slack_hotosm_U0143QYGHEJ:matrix.orgCarly Redhead agree!! spotted DavidLuswata in the pics too 😄 16:21:25
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