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22 May 2024
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@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds New post in Humanitarian Topics at OSM Forums: What happens if let others keep sponsoring against OpenStreetMap? 15:28:03
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23 May 2024
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@_slack_hotosm_U2K2H3ZRN:matrix.orgpete_masters Not sure why this has pinged..─ the last comment on this post was 2022. 07:39:03
@_slack_hotosm_U2K2H3ZRN:matrix.orgpete_masters Cross-posting Benedicta in #openmapping-community-wg:matrix.org! Shout outs from this week's community working group meetup! Every week WG members share shout outs (community achievements, contributions, mapping & project work) Feel free to reply if you'd like to add something! Or join us @ https://loomio.hotosm.org/community-working-group • Congratulations to the OSM Madagascar community after a successful SotM Madagascar on 29-30 April! • Shoutout to MODO LEVO ENGELBERT STEVE for organizing a French webinar re: OSMF Membership last weekend! Thank you / Merci to our speakers (Nathalie, 04QL69V603 & Marie Makuate) and everyone who participated! • Shoutout again to MODO LEVO ENGELBERT STEVE, UNMapper of the Month! https://twitter.com/UN_Mappers/status/1788491665239339495 • Big up OMDTZ for bringing open mapping knowledge and know-how to the Community Based Adaptation [to climate change] conference in Arusha last week! • Kudos to OSM Sierra Leone for completing the first slum mapping task in Freetown as part of the Know Your City project. Great mapping in a hard-to-map environment! https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/33281923#map=19/8.48605/-13.25115 • Congratulations to the Open Mapping Gurus of the AP Hub. In the coming days, the group will lead teams for the Climate Change Challenge. • Shout out to feye for attending the the @geoworldmedia Forum last week in Rotterdam https://x.com/dfeyeandal/status/1792935569531556027 • Shout out to LAC HUB for the new report on the potential & current state of the Openstreetmap Academy community in Haiti. You can read it here bit.ly/4bNSfFA ANNOUNCEMENT • Mappers needed! Current activations: • East Sepik region, Papua New Guinea (Earthquake) https://tasks.hotosm.org/explore?omitMapResults=1&text=East+sepik • Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (floods) bit.ly/TM-BRRS • The State of the Map 2025 Call for Venue is now open! Submit by 21 July 2024 https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/State_of_the_Map_2025/Call_for_venues • SotM Africa 2025 Call for Venues now open!! tinyurl.com/sotmafrica2025 Deadline: 30 June • 🌍 The Call for Talks and Workshops is now open for FOSS4G2024! 📢 https://2024.foss4g.org/en/call-for-papers • Calling all @DataCamp learners! The @hotosm community is invited to compete in the Everyone Can Learn Data 2024 cash scholarship competition! Register and start competing here: https://buff.ly/3yu2FvR. 08:08:58
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@_slack_hotosm_U02U2505SM8:matrix.orgPetya Kangalova Hi everyone, I want to welcome Oluwanifemi Daramola 🌟and Azhar Ismagulova 🌟who are HOT's two successful interns following the competitive #outreachy contribution period: https://www.outreachy.org/alums/2024-05/. They start next week and will be working with HOT for 3 months - May to August 2024! :hot: • Azhar Ismagulova will be working on " Project: Create a Python-based mobile application to collect OpenStreetMap data in the field." with mentors: Sam Woodcock and EdenOluwanifemi Daramola will be working on "Project: Create backend tests and API documentations" with mentors Kshitij and @_slack_hotosm_U06NBSE89BP:matrix.org Please give a warm welcome to them whether you see them on Slack or Github! Very excited to have them on board👋🏻 🙂 💖 14:21:20
@_slack_hotosm_U06NU0HUFUZ:matrix.orgAzhar Ismagulova Hi everyone 👋 Thank you for the kind introduction, Petya Kangalova! I'm thrilled to join HOT as an Outreachy intern and look forward to working on the project with Sam Woodcock and Eden. I'm eager to get started and collaborate with all of you over the next three months 🚀 15:20:54
@telegram_7058158323:t2bot.ioChristopher WilliamRedacted or Malformed Event16:54:03
@_slack_hotosm_U06MVKMNUHG:matrix.orgOluwanifemi Daramola Hi everyone 🤭 👋🏾 It still feels surreal to be here. I’m excited about this opportunity to contribute to the work that the HOT tech team does. I look forward to the next 3 months with great joy. Thank you Petya Kangalova Kshitij @_slack_hotosm_U06NBSE89BP:matrix.org 19:01:02
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@telegram_473215264:t2bot.ioCasGroenigen 🇳🇱Redacted or Malformed Event22:12:05
24 May 2024
@_slack_hotosm_U015AQNM77F:matrix.orgarnalie Welcome Oluwanifemi Daramola & Azhar Ismagulova 👏 💫 13:21:19
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@_slack_hotosm_U06NU0HUFUZ:matrix.orgAzhar Ismagulova Thank you a lot arnalie🙌🏼 14:09:24
@thompson_plug:matrix.orgthompson_plugRedacted or Malformed Event16:32:11
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25 May 2024
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26 May 2024
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