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9 Dec 2023
@_discord_750666437420384297:t2bot.ioboltless makes sense 10:56:43
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro I have it in both the external lexer and the treesitter lexer 10:56:51
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro if you take a look you'll see there are two $.punctuation definitions 10:56:59
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro but this is great because it allows both lexers to fall back to the exact same punctuation node 10:57:13
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro okay new petition 10:58:03
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro nevermind no new petition 10:58:15
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro oh interesting 10:59:45
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro treesitter just destroyed me with facts and logic 10:59:47
&$what `what $t` why&

boltless the valid node here should be the verbatim, shouldn't it?
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro because if you recognize that all of these have the exact same precedence the one that gets closed first should be the one that has the highest prec 11:00:12
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro it doesn't matter that &this& is opened earlier, `what $t` is the one that is treated as "valid" first because it gets closed first 11:00:38
@_discord_750666437420384297:t2bot.ioboltless I think so too 11:01:36
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro this is quite a tricky question actually let me write it down somewhere so I'm not making a massive logical mistake 11:02:16
@_discord_750666437420384297:t2bot.ioboltless so new parser should give precedence on markup that opened first, not closed first? 11:02:54
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro well currently the new parser is giving precedence to markup that is closed first 11:03:43
@_discord_750666437420384297:t2bot.ioboltless oh 11:03:51
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro yeah 11:03:53
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro because if you think about it that's what it's been told to do 11:04:04
@_discord_750666437420384297:t2bot.ioboltless ic 11:04:18
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro I can't really think of a way to fix this currently :| 11:04:23
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro we would have to somehow give the earlier nodes higher dynamic predecence which is not possible lol 11:04:42
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro we don't have precedence which is that dynamic 11:04:52
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro I pushed the changes, if you have some time whenever try to mess around with some test cases 11:07:12
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro here's the one I threw at it:
&$what `what $t` why&
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro because the verbatim is closed first the rest are disregarded 11:07:33
@_discord_750666437420384297:t2bot.ioboltless if you’re looking for another problem:
*word /*

breaks because open_conflict on / consumes valid bold_close
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro ...great 11:22:13
@_discord_83007807036588032:t2bot.iopurewater Have you considered... Just yeeting attached modifiers 11:40:36
@_discord_234604026241482752:t2bot.iogallo.s.chingon joined the room.12:05:06
@_discord_783655191953670214:t2bot.io.vhyrro I wish 14:28:16

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