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4 Apr 2022
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 And then only including them in a single place (no nesting) immediately increases the size 10x 16:57:00
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 you have muted #general haven't you? 16:57:18
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 Okay not quite 10x.. But only allowing them inside document jumps to 36M 👀 16:57:46
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 Yes, why? 16:57:51
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 because I sent some stuff there you might find interesting 16:58:09
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 lemme send them here rq 16:58:17
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 Link pls 16:58:19
Download Screenshot_2022-04-04_at_18.58.24.png
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 heading context 16:58:46
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 powered by treesitter 16:58:53
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 only 120 loc 16:59:51
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 That's basically this though, right? https://github.com/romgrk/nvim-treesitter-context 17:02:03
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 And you send this in #neorg-dev right? Cause I saw that 17:02:25
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 oh yes I did 17:02:31
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 basically yes 17:02:36
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 but it's only for neorg 17:02:41
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 that changes quite a lot 17:02:44
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 How so? 17:02:50
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 a lot of things like highlights are much easier to do since I just have a table with them and don't need to parse the lines to get them with treesitter
also I don't just traverse the syntax tree up with node:parent() until I find something (which the plugin does) but I also go down again to get the heading title only
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 and it wouldn't have been possible to do that in the plugin you sent 17:04:15
@_discord_829024113296539658:t2bot.iomax397#6761 but originally I started testing my idea by modyfing it's source code xD 17:04:38
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 Alright 👍 17:04:46
@_discord_253577767369703425:t2bot.ioVhyrro#1609 i have yet to find any sort of solution 17:15:13
@_discord_253577767369703425:t2bot.ioVhyrro#1609 which is not epic 17:15:29
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 I was able to determine that the problem results from the inclusion of tag inside the multi_* variants of those mods 17:16:03
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 Uncomment that and all is fine 👍 17:16:47
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 That's partially good news because we have not refactored the tag nodes yet 17:16:53
@_discord_851485615035908096:t2bot.iomrossinek#9180 But now I need to go cook and eat dinner first 17:16:55
@_discord_253577767369703425:t2bot.ioVhyrro#1609 ah, that's interesting 17:17:32
@_discord_253577767369703425:t2bot.ioVhyrro#1609 rightio, catch you later then 17:17:34

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