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8 Sep 2021
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14 Sep 2021
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16 Sep 2021
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18 Sep 2021
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19 Sep 2021
@rzvrd:matrix.orgrzvrd joined the room.09:53:07
@rzvrd:matrix.orgrzvrdHey! An year ago I successfully claimed and attested the DOTs, I was able to see the right balance in the account and now the balance shows 0 and there is no account transactions. Any clue? 09:59:05
@rzvrd:matrix.orgrzvrdChecked on both polkadot.js and browser extension10:00:02
@rzvrd:matrix.orgrzvrdRestored many times account from seed, same result10:01:05
27 Sep 2021
@teknikmedya:matrix.orgİbrahim Demirci joined the room.09:55:55
28 Sep 2021
@zero2120:matrix.orgzero2120Join Saito Network's Building #Web3 to hear Saito co-founder, Neo, Polygon, Phala, Crust, Moonbeam, Zeitgeist, Sifchain and StackOS talk about their work and the future of #Web3. When: 1:00 pm, Sep. 28 UTC Register here http://saito.io/building-web-312:18:19
29 Sep 2021
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4 Oct 2021
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14 Oct 2021
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25 Oct 2021
@yaoyf888:matrix.org姚云飞 joined the room.02:38:02
@yaoyf888:matrix.org姚云飞I am working on the offline wallet feature for Polkadot using Golang and there is an error that does not support Metadata V14. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?02:38:15
27 Oct 2021
@john_whitton:matrix.orgredKanga changed their display name from JohnW to redKanga.19:46:27
29 Oct 2021
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1 Nov 2021
@shubham82:matrix.orgShubham Gupta joined the room.10:51:47
@shubham82:matrix.orgShubham GuptaHey everyone, i am new to polkadot and want to know is parachains are supported in the version 2 of polkadot?10:54:25
@flippinlovelife:matrix.orgB changed their profile picture.21:11:57
2 Nov 2021
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8 Nov 2021
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9 Nov 2021
@qwertypoiu:matrix.orgqwertypoiu joined the room.21:53:18
@qwertypoiu:matrix.orgqwertypoiuHi all, im trying to get some polkadot sent into the polka ecosystem from the Ethereum chain, Does anyone know how i can get some DOT sent across from the Ethereum chain?21:54:39
11 Nov 2021
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