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6 Jan 2020
23:34:27@joe:feneas.orgjoe joined the room.
7 Jan 2020
19:22:08@lyrx:matrix.orglyrx joined the room.
11 Jan 2020
14:11:44@dllei:matrix.orgdllei joined the room.
17 Jan 2020
02:37:09@liujunchen:matrix.org@liujunchen:matrix.org joined the room.
02:39:42@liujunchen:matrix.org@liujunchen:matrix.org left the room.
16:45:50@hdm-atredis:matrix.orghdm joined the room.
16:47:29@hdm-atredis:matrix.orghdm changed their display name from hdm-atredis to hdmatr.
16:47:40@hdm-atredis:matrix.orghdm changed their display name from hdmatr to hdm.
20:34:35@mechanicalwatch:matrix.orgderek-y changed their display name from mechanicalwatch to derek y.
22:21:36@mechanicalwatch:matrix.orgderek-y changed their display name from derek y to derek-y.
20 Jan 2020
13:17:24@bryan-atredis:matrix.orgBryan joined the room.
19 Feb 2020
17:54:07@sixige:matrix.orgtony | DARWINIA joined the room.
23 Feb 2020
02:22:41@wangjj9219:matrix.orgwangjj | Polkawallet joined the room.
07:31:35@rosie__102705:matrix.orgrosie__1027 joined the room.
07:33:38@ca5h4a55:matrix.orgca5h4a55 joined the room.
24 Feb 2020
12:02:49@lovesh:matrix.orglovesh joined the room.
27 Feb 2020
17:16:46@tom_tom:matrix.orgtom_tom joined the room.
18:42:18@vkandy:matrix.orgvkandy joined the room.
18:42:46@vkandy:matrix.orgvkandy left the room.
29 Feb 2020
19:01:01@anons123:matrix.organons123 joined the room.
10 Mar 2020
16:41:39@andreaskrueger:matrix.organdreaskrueger joined the room.
16:42:36@andreaskrueger:matrix.organdreaskrueger bug in subkey sign-transaction ...https://github.com/paritytech/substrate/issues/5180#issuecomment-597129861 thanks
12 Mar 2020
08:23:28@pfcoder:matrix.orgpfcoder joined the room.
24 Mar 2020
12:41:59@sixige:matrix.orgtony | DARWINIA joined the room.
14:26:38@sixige:matrix.orgtony | DARWINIARedacted or Malformed Event
7 Apr 2020
09:31:11@kelvin.ngai:matrix.orgkelvin.ngai joined the room.
9 Apr 2020
01:58:39@sixige:matrix.orgtony | DARWINIA invited @tonytongxue:matrix.orgtony | DARWINIA.
02:00:51@tonytongxue:matrix.orgtony | DARWINIA joined the room.
02:02:47@sixige:matrix.orgtony | DARWINIA left the room.

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