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14 Dec 2017
18:20:27@todr:matrix.orgUse @todr:matrix.parity.io changed their profile picture.
18:23:49@todr:matrix.orgUse @todr:matrix.parity.io removed their profile picture.
18:24:27@todr:matrix.orgUse @todr:matrix.parity.io set a profile picture.
15 Dec 2017
22:19:22@augus_t:matrix.org@augus_t:matrix.org joined the room.
22:19:36@augus_t:matrix.org@augus_t:matrix.org left the room.
13 Jan 2018
16:31:20@sunny.murphy:matrix.orgsunny.murphy joined the room.
28 Jan 2018
18:31:41@wosmawenxi:matrix.org@wosmawenxi:matrix.org joined the room.
18:33:23@wosmawenxi:matrix.org@wosmawenxi:matrix.org left the room.
2 Feb 2018
18:27:39@ghuun:matrix.orgghuun joined the room.
29 Mar 2018
15:25:37@arro:matrix.org@arro:matrix.org changed their display name from annarro to arro.
15:31:18@arro:matrix.org@arro:matrix.org changed their display name from arro to Arro.
30 Mar 2018
04:18:26@ddsync:matrix.orgddsync joined the room.
16:48:24@arro:matrix.org@arro:matrix.org left the room.
6 May 2018
16:39:56@Olinkl:matrix.org@Olinkl:matrix.org set a profile picture.
16:40:28@Olinkl:matrix.org@Olinkl:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
14 Jul 2018
12:38:48@emptydisku:matrix.orgemptydisku joined the room.
19 Jul 2018
00:26:57@john_whitton:matrix.orgjohn_whitton joined the room.
13 Aug 2018
18:00:31@Olinkl:matrix.org@Olinkl:matrix.org left the room.
18 Aug 2018
16:25:40@asenski:matrix.orgasenski changed their profile picture.
16 Oct 2018
02:01:19@ghuun:matrix.orgghuun set a profile picture.
28 Oct 2018
13:19:20@john_whitton:matrix.orgjohn_whitton set a profile picture.
10 Nov 2018
08:54:25@zaliandr:matrix.org@zaliandr:matrix.org joined the room.
20:20:45@zaliandr:matrix.org@zaliandr:matrix.org left the room.
13 Nov 2018
22:10:36@rzurrer:matrix.orgrzurrer set a profile picture.
24 Nov 2018
13:02:35@davidpeyronnin:matrix.orgDavid P removed their profile picture.
13:03:17@davidpeyronnin:matrix.orgDavid P set a profile picture.
13:03:36@davidpeyronnin:matrix.orgDavid P changed their display name from David Peyronnin to David P.
9 Dec 2018
15:25:41@jbarringer:matrix.org@jbarringer:matrix.org left the room.
11 Dec 2018
21:03:11@8uh:matrix.org8uh joined the room.
17 Feb 2019
02:33:05@ausbob:matrix.orgausbob joined the room.

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