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30 Nov 2019
17:03:24@mr.brown:matrix.orgmarques pt joined the room.
20:09:17@mr.brown:matrix.orgmarques pt changed their display name from mr.brown to Miguel PT.
23:11:51@mr.brown:matrix.orgmarques pt changed their display name from Miguel PT to Marques PT.
4 Dec 2019
03:53:01@mr.brown:matrix.orgmarques pt changed their display name from Marques PT to marques pt.
14 Dec 2019
15:33:57@alexa:perthchat.orgalexa joined the room.
22:39:29@elena:ru-matrix.orgelena joined the room.
15 Dec 2019
20:14:37@herbert:cybre.spaceherbert joined the room.
21:15:00@herbert:chat.weho.stherbert joined the room.
19 Dec 2019
21:56:06@joe:diasp.injoe joined the room.
22:02:28@natalie:tchncs.denatalie joined the room.
22:04:10@klaus:kde.orgklaus joined the room.
21 Dec 2019
23:55:47@mario:nerdsin.spacemario joined the room.
22 Dec 2019
22:44:45@ottmar:openintents.modular.imottmar joined the room.
24 Dec 2019
15:04:32@smartheye:matrix.orgsmartheye joined the room.
26 Dec 2019
15:23:13@annemarie:privacytools.ioannemarie joined the room.
31 Dec 2019
16:21:01@retotrinkler:matrix.orgretotrinkler | katalchain changed their display name from retotrinkler | katal to retotrinkler | katalchain.
4 Jan 2020
00:51:47@ferdinand:matrix.allmende.ioferdinand joined the room.
5 Jan 2020
22:03:25@gregor:ggc-project.degregor joined the room.
6 Jan 2020
23:34:07@hans:bau-ha.ushans joined the room.
23:34:27@joe:feneas.orgjoe joined the room.
7 Jan 2020
19:22:08@lyrx:matrix.orglyrx joined the room.
11 Jan 2020
14:11:44@dllei:matrix.orgdllei joined the room.
17 Jan 2020
02:37:09@liujunchen:matrix.org@liujunchen:matrix.org joined the room.
02:39:42@liujunchen:matrix.org@liujunchen:matrix.org left the room.
16:45:50@hdm-atredis:matrix.orghdm joined the room.
16:47:29@hdm-atredis:matrix.orghdm changed their display name from hdm-atredis to hdmatr.
16:47:40@hdm-atredis:matrix.orghdm changed their display name from hdmatr to hdm.
20:34:35@mechanicalwatch:matrix.orgderek-y changed their display name from mechanicalwatch to derek y.
22:21:36@mechanicalwatch:matrix.orgderek-y changed their display name from derek y to derek-y.
20 Jan 2020
13:17:24@bryan-atredis:matrix.orgBryan joined the room.

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