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7 Feb 2019
03:07:54@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmoshttps://soundcloud.com/ytcracker/ytcracker-cryptoilluminati , https://soundcloud.com/dnoiz1/dnz-thugcrowd-promo
03:15:44@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmos changed their profile picture.
03:16:52@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmos changed their profile picture.
03:18:23@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosInvited you to the public room of digitalgangster, we recently moved to matrix
03:18:44@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosWe started integrating the blockstack auth and gaia storage onto riot
03:19:02@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmoscouple nice projects, it remind me irc
05:44:38@david-park:matrix.orgDavid Park | Cosmostation set a profile picture.
05:45:12@david-park:matrix.orgDavid Park | Cosmostation changed their profile picture.
07:53:44@psingh:matrix.orgpsingh joined the room.
09:45:59@rd010:matrix.orgrd010 joined the room.
10:42:35@edwardl:matrix.orgedwardlWhere can I find a svg logo of Cosmos Atom?
13:33:11@freenode_BattleForTheNet:matrix.orgBattleForTheNet changed their display name from BattleForTheNet (IRC) to BattleForTheNet.
13:36:07@i7495:matrix.orgi7495 | Genesis Lab set a profile picture.
14:32:04@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmoswhats the difference between cosmos and blockstack im curious ( clueless about cosmos )
14:32:12@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosI will do few research today
14:32:50@atmos:blackhats.modular.imAtmosI already made good money on blockchain + they got funded 25m this year
17:01:48@7alisman:matrix.org7alisman | Firmamintedwardl: should be able to find some logos here: https://cosmos.network/design/
18:29:41@romeow0x:matrix.orgromeow0x joined the room.
18:32:04@romeow0x:matrix.orgromeow0xHello Cosmos community, maybe kind of a stupid question, but how could I invest in Cosmos Network? :)
19:10:54@kytzu:matrix.orgkytzuOTC for now, exchanges after mainnet
8 Feb 2019
06:13:06@smr666:matrix.orgsmr666 joined the room.
06:13:40@smr666:matrix.orgsmr666anyone who wants to exchange cosmos OTC for now?
06:33:56@schwarze77:matrix.orgschwarze77 joined the room.
In reply to @smr666:matrix.org
anyone who wants to exchange cosmos OTC for now?
anyone who wants to exchange cosmos OTC for now?
10:54:16@jws325:matrix.orgjws325You can message me with offers
9 Feb 2019
00:47:39@warden:matrix.orgwarden joined the room.
06:54:47@ozzydark:matrix.orgozzydark joined the room.
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