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25 May 2018
07:32:07@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabawhat is the difference for these two?
07:32:36@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabacan I use the same one for both?
07:40:35@taeseok.lee:matrix.orgtaeseok.leeCan anyone send some coin here? B73A978396D04460FF4BE10E0AACD989CD648F82
08:07:45@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebaba melekes:
08:09:09@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabaand I see tendermint write private key in json file and also load by default, why not use standard x509 format?
08:10:08@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki Cause X509 is a lot of unnecessary complexity
08:10:31@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki We are an simplified pki system
08:12:47@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabaok,if I introduce tendermint in other project, I want to reuse their key/pair which is standard pem file as tendermint validator key/pair
08:13:08@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabaany problem to do that?
08:31:57@taeseok.lee:matrix.orgtaeseok.lee Zaki: please can you send me some coins? B73A978396D04460FF4BE10E0AACD989CD648F82
08:32:37@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebaba Zaki:
08:41:08@kytzu:matrix.orgkytzu joined the room.
10:07:05@evans:matrix.orgevans joined the room.
12:12:31@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki The code changes would be trivial
12:20:34@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabaWhat's main difference between x509 and tendermint simple KPI?
12:21:15@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki Not having crazy shit like DER encoding
12:21:30@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiNot ASN.1
12:21:55@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki Just Json and hexencoded bytes
12:54:01@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabaI think I can add some convert methods, right?
19:25:33@anlamaengelli:matrix.organlamaengelli joined the room.
22:07:19@kert:matrix.orgtfw_no_plastic_gf removed their display name tfw_no_plastic_gf.
26 May 2018
05:54:26@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabahi guys
05:54:40@fractal:matrix.orgfractal hi grapebaba 
05:54:44@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabaI have a question about checkTx method
05:56:58@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabadoes it execute by only one validator abci or majority validator abci?
06:00:26@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebabaif only one, I think it may be some invalid TXs will go to block proposal if that abci of validator is byzantine? do we checked tx validality in other phase?
07:50:08@grapebaba:matrix.orggrapebaba melekes: Zaki ebuchmanjaekwon

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