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18 Oct 2018
22:32:03@dexter1410:matrix.orgdexter1410yea, i've been having the same issue
19 Oct 2018
00:37:56@philtable:matrix.orgphi changed their display name from philtable to phi.
00:58:42@illlefr4u:matrix.orgcp287 set a profile picture.
03:54:10@pythonpower:matrix.orgpythonpower joined the room.
04:08:49@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractCan anyone point me to the latest documentation on setting up a custom blockchain using Cosmos SDK?
04:09:13@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractIs latency in creating new blocks only when needed supported at this time?
04:11:28@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiYou might find this helpful https://github.com/sunnya97/sdk-nameservice-example?utm_campaign=explore-email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_term=daily
04:11:46@zmanian:matrix.orgZakino_empty_blocks isn't yet supported by the sdk
04:12:26@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractthanks man. I'll have to check some of the recent issue tickets to see whats new in the current dev process
04:13:03@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractGotta new server to play with and trying to get EnergyChain testnet up and running...
04:13:21@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractwe got the international trademark :)
04:15:07@Tectract:matrix.orgTectracthmmmmmm maybe I should set up a virtual machine just for a Cosmos testnet node...
04:20:05@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractthat tutorial is perfect thx
04:21:28@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractare there any current wallets or block explorer projects I could use code from?
04:22:33@zmanian:matrix.orgZakiEasiest place to start is probably voyager https://github.com/cosmos/explorer
04:22:44@zmanian:matrix.orgZakibut there are lots of people building stuff in the community
04:24:22@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractspecifically I'm trying to figure out how to support a web3.js-like link for my custom chain
04:26:11@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractweb-wallet / smart-contract call functionality basically
04:26:48@Tectract:matrix.orgTectracteven just a simple call into kvstore would probably be a great start from a web app
04:29:34@Tectract:matrix.orgTectracthmmmmmm voyager is sort of greek to me bc I don't know vue.js...
Every user that visits the Explorer opens two websockets to the default full node. The user will continue to spam your full node with AJAX requests until they close the page.
04:33:40@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractlol, I have this problem with one of my other apps too
04:34:18@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractI think the only solution is to make sure the client is not sending requests for information that can be cached locally
15:01:40@fabian:matrix.parity.ioFabi set a profile picture.
20 Oct 2018
00:57:23@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractIs there a ticket open on the ability for SDK-based chains to support "latency", and not producing blocks unless there is a tx? I'd be interested to understand the development on that issue
02:41:28@mntr0:matrix.org@mntr0:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
02:49:35@7alisman:matrix.org7alismanDo I even want to ask what this is about?
08:10:50@adrianbrink:matrix.orgadrianbrink 7alisman: we probably shouldn’t

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