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12 Jul 2018
15:20:25@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin ptmaroct: What do you mean by that? As a solidity contract? I need more details there
21:15:09@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarinoAnyone running a node on Mac Mojave ?
23:32:20@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin azulmarino: I haven't upgraded yet. Is it dev only?
23:32:38@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin Shouldn't be any issues cause golang is the bomb 💪
13 Jul 2018
05:12:23@kwunyeung:matrix.orgKwun Yeung azulmarino: I have no problem at all running a node on Mojave on our own testnet
05:12:35@kwunyeung:matrix.orgKwun Yeungbut Mojave is not very stable even for the latest beta
05:12:47@kwunyeung:matrix.orgKwun YeungFinder always has no repsonse
05:15:07@kwunyeung:matrix.orgKwun Yeungimage.png
05:16:07@kwunyeung:matrix.orgKwun Yeungi don't have any issues on anything running in terminal
05:47:42@cryptoprogamer:matrix.orgtechlearner changed their display name from cryptoPG to techlearner.
08:41:22@alexticea:matrix.orgalexticea joined the room.
09:11:39@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarino Kwun Yeung: Thanks, debating whether to upgrade. I usually use beta without problems.
17:07:51@andriyv:matrix.organdriyv joined the room.
17:08:21@andriyv:matrix.organdriyvHi, where can I input my seed to find out how many tokens I have?
17:12:35@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷Redacted or Malformed Event
17:29:55@slamper:matrix.orgHendrik Hofstadt | certus.one changed their display name from slamper to slamper | certus.one.
17:30:26@slamper:matrix.orgHendrik Hofstadt | certus.one changed their display name from slamper | certus.one to Hendrik Hofstadt | certus.one.
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21:33:07@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin |أبـ̨̥̬̩و أيوبـ آإلأندلسي|:
21:33:14@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin andriyv: https://fundraiser.cosmos.network/
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14 Jul 2018
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15 Jul 2018
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