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14 Dec 2017
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17:10:04@zmanian:matrix.orgZaki wolfgang: The hard spoon zone doesn't uses the Hub validators
17:55:16@adrianbrink:matrix.orgadrianbrink The cosmos hub will have an EVM zone attached in order for people to be able to withdraw from smart contracts instead of just the account state.
The final Ethermint zone will have its own staking token and validator set
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18:53:23@pocket:matrix.orgpocket Hi team
I’m new to block chain investing and I found Cosmos to be the most interesting.
How do I go about buying Atoms on the launch date? Which exchange will it be trading on?
19:13:50@gamarin:matrix.orggamarin Hello pocket. This is a dev chat! All non-dev related questions should be asked on our Telegram channel: https://t.me/cosmosproject
19:16:36@mdyring:matrix.orgmdyring.. but nicely spotted, I agree it is the most interesting. ;-)
19:21:09@pocket:matrix.orgpocket Ok sorry
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22:47:15@tsen:matrix.orgtsenQuick question
22:47:21@tsen:matrix.orgtsenon tendermint
22:48:02@tsen:matrix.orgtsenWhat is the default token used as the stake in the PoS enginer?
22:48:23@tsen:matrix.orgtsenI havent been able to find that i any of the documentations
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15 Dec 2017
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06:14:53@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarinoHi, Can someone please send tokens to D7194872705DB3CCF7B0D24FEE50EFF6179DB935 ? Thx

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