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23 Mar 2018
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11:32:23@nylira:matrix.orgPeng Zhong maxsilver: Thanks for your report on the website errors. The broken links you've mentioned have just been fixed. We strive to make Cosmos bug-free and easier to understand and your comments are appreciated. This is the developer chatroom, and if you want to direct your comments to the website maintainers, you can make an issue on the respository, which is open source: https://github.com/cosmos/cosmos.network/issues
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13:45:22@veqtor:matrix.orgveqtorWhat would be the process of defining a custom IBC api for a cosmos-based blockchain? Am I right to think of it like a "API"? Basically, I'm working on a project, where I have the idea to break down some parts of my blockchain into reusable parts, that will benefit other projects, specifically, I've found myself needing a "proof-of-individuality" system, so I'm looking into basically mirroring keybase in a lotion chain. Now, instead of replicating this data inside multiple chains, I would like to put it into a specific chain and have it queryable via IBC, is this a viable architecture?
13:48:03@maxsilver:matrix.orgmaxsilverThanks all! This is actually encouraging that problems are addressed so quickly! I'll dig around some more and see what else I can come up with.
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16:00:09@suyuuuu:matrix.orgsuyuuuuRedacted or Malformed Event
17:20:13@brandingo:matrix.org@brandingo:matrix.orgAre Go-wire and Go-amino synonymous?
17:21:26@brandingo:matrix.org@brandingo:matrix.org Zaki: thanks!
17:40:05@phantom389:matrix.orgphantom389Redacted or Malformed Event
17:41:39@phantom389:matrix.orgphantom389Redacted or Malformed Event
17:42:32@phantom389:matrix.orgphantom389Redacted or Malformed Event

May I ask if anyone knows why ```

 gives a TODO error in v0.11.0, even though in previous versions it worked fine? (BTW, please excuse the deleted messages, this is my fist time using riot and I have a habit of hitting enter to insert a newline)
17:46:23@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractRedacted or Malformed Event
17:46:36@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractOne thing I do in all my ruby code is wrap everything in exception handlers, and whenever an exception is triggered, I print the stack trace along with it. Makes debugging so much easier.
18:13:26@phantom389:matrix.orgphantom389Duh, I had forgotten about the --trace flag, now I've located the source of the problem. Thank you!
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20:01:07@phantom389:matrix.orgphantom389I've found in client/rpc/root.go there is a line that says either the genesis, commit, or validator hash flags should be provided to verify the connection. I've tried provided the path to my nodes genesis file, but that doesn't seem to work.
23:28:14@maxsilver:matrix.orgmaxsilver @brandingo:matrix.org: Thanks for the video link very informative. I don't know if cosmos will be the "end all" of the block chain integration but it has a good chance of getting there. I'm on board with the idea and the direction.
23:32:03@brandingo:matrix.org@brandingo:matrix.org maxsilver: It still has a lot of work before it is near the "end all" solution. The pegs are very interesting, but I still have some criticisms about how long it will take for transaction settlement. Currently, it looks like it will take 100 bocks times the time per block based on the current solution. This is a huge step forward, but I think there will need to be a better solution.
23:32:33@brandingo:matrix.org@brandingo:matrix.orgIt is much better than atomic swapping which is unidirectional.
23:33:25@brandingo:matrix.org@brandingo:matrix.org maxsilver: Right now I'm digging through the source code trying to understand it all!
23:36:48@brandingo:matrix.org@brandingo:matrix.org maxsilver: check out the docs here. they seem to help http://cosmos-sdk.readthedocs.io/en/stable/basecoin-basics.html
24 Mar 2018
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