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Port GNU/Linux to embedded devices. | Rules: https://github.com/Danct12/danctnix/blob/master/RULES.MD3 Servers

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25 Oct 2019
10:32:10@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Alula>: I'm gonna attempt to run phosh later
11:28:54@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Alula>: it’s Wayland only
14:47:06@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Alula>: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/551418904585568256/637301112789139486/JPEG_20191025_164653.jpg
14:47:14@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Alula>: No DRM = no phosh outside x11
27 Oct 2019
05:34:46@asriel:kde.orgasriel@Alula: I bet that's very laggy
10:12:12@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Linx99>: How to fix touch in chroot on Debian
10:12:17@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Linx99>: ?


Section "InputClass"
        Identifier "name this whatever you want"
        MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/eventX"
        Driver "evdev"
17:28:00@asriel:kde.orgasrielReplace eventX with the event device that gives you output when you touch the screen
17:28:15@asriel:kde.orgasrielUsually that would be event1, but you can try it out by cat it
28 Oct 2019
18:23:20@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Alula>: @Linx99 well in my case I had to force absolute axes too, because xorg wrongly classified it as relative movement device which didn’t work at all
29 Oct 2019
03:08:07@danct12:kde.orgDanct12that's somewhat a rare care I guess
12:36:36@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Alula>: idk, both my Galaxy S6 and Redmi 4X required it on latest Debian/Ubuntu xorg version
31 Oct 2019
00:54:35@noritech:matrix.orgnoritech joined the room.
8 Nov 2019
09:29:38@bigsupersquid:matrix.orgbigsupersquid joined the room.
9 Nov 2019
01:38:18@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Danct12>: @derberg https://gitlab.com/opendata26/linux/commit/40095e9a8b1eb32ad7ccd705c8990792e692ba1d
01:38:33@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Danct12>: Found a patch for that “skip_initramfs” crap
11:35:50@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <derberg>: Ah
11:36:07@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <derberg>: So it may be worth to try again now?
11:36:26@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <derberg>: It’s weekend and I could spend some time I guess
10 Nov 2019
22:29:54@halamix2:matrix.org@halamix2:matrix.org left the room.
23:06:37@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <derberg>: Maybe in the next few days or next weekend…
11 Nov 2019
18:24:57@noritech:matrix.orgnoritech changed their profile picture.
12 Nov 2019
16:56:24@asriel:kde.orgasriel Danct12: Can you give me OP on all channels?
16:56:30@asriel:kde.orgasrielI don't have them so I can't do anything UwU
16:57:02@danct12:kde.orgDanct12changed room power levels.
16:57:29@asriel:kde.orgasriel changed the room name to "DanctNIX Porting" from "danctnix-porting".
16:57:30@asriel:kde.orgasriel changed the room topic to "Port GNU/Linux to embedded devices. | Rules: https://github.com/Danct12/danctnix/blob/master/RULES.MD" from "DanctNIX GNU/Linux Porting - Port GNU/Linux to embedded devices. | Rules: https://github.com/Danct12/danctnix/blob/master/RULES.MD | Use Matrix for offline history: #danctnix-porting:matrix.org".

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