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8 Dec 2023
In reply to @naysd:matrix.org
its like saying yes you are right
9 Dec 2023
@kkgma:matrix.orgKaike Antunes joined the room.07:00:33
@androvic:matrix.orgAndrovich joined the room.07:42:35
@androvic:matrix.orgAndrovichERRORMESSAGE: {16,12,109,61,62,33,75,65,22,45,80,47,94,62,10,35,39,32,54,24,28,32,52,38,55,68,82,19,4,81,27,91,31,52,86,38,57,41,62,11,103,1,87,92,59,17,52,64,70,34,35,90,30,71,41,23,56,60,60,100,93,65,14,30,36,53,65,88,6,25,93,34,6,68,103,104,123,75,61,32,8} 07:43:00
@sadnas3:matrix.orgsadnas3Try reinstall10:14:09
@petersdraw:matrix.orgThanks Leave joined the room.14:05:55
@patates:matrix.orgpatatesDDL how to turn off15:36:13
@patates:matrix.orgpatatesEkran görüntüsü 2023-12-09 192447.png
Download Ekran görüntüsü 2023-12-09 192447.png
@rscroll:matrix.orgHI installed wad bot without any problem and I also launched it but once in game I press F10 and the menu doesn't appear. 23:10:12
@naysd:matrix.orgNAYSdead cheat23:11:08
@rscroll:matrix.orgH Is it the same for everyone?23:14:20
@naysd:matrix.orgNAYSi was not able to use my trial23:14:29
@naysd:matrix.orgNAYSwadbot was good 2 years ago now its dead23:14:38
@rscroll:matrix.orgH I used it 2 months ago without problem23:15:24
@naysd:matrix.orgNAYSyeah but the communauty is dead, the cheat isnt updated instantly 23:15:49
@rscroll:matrix.orgHok ok23:16:16
@sadnas3:matrix.orgsadnas3Guys Wadbot is DD?23:30:23
@rscroll:matrix.orgHprobably it doesn't work for me23:43:24
10 Dec 2023
@petersdraw:matrix.orgThanks Leave changed their profile picture.04:17:14
@glider99:matrix.orgglider99is arena fixed yet?12:42:18
In reply to @glider99:matrix.org
is arena fixed yet?
@naysd:matrix.orgNAYSis this script dead or what12:45:45
@naysd:matrix.orgNAYSbeen 3 day still no update12:45:58
@arkahique:matrix.orgArka joined the room.21:21:20
@arkahique:matrix.orgArkaHas anyone trouble downloading the bin file ? Can't download it even while disabling every security stuff on Chrome and Tor21:27:30
11 Dec 2023
@sadnas3:matrix.orgsadnas3use brave browser 14:15:26

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