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26 May 2023
@_discord_915552486151053322:t2bot.ioJános how can i edit the series tag of multiple audioplays?

(i have about 200 from the same series)

and i want all of them to have the series attribute but i dont want to add it one by one for all of them...
@_discord_915552486151053322:t2bot.ioJános thank you! 13:47:49
@_discord_915552486151053322:t2bot.ioJános ill try it 13:47:52
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 Did we miss translations on the batch edit page? 13:47:55
@_discord_190474518748200960:t2bot.ioMPT I don't think so 13:48:25
@_discord_190474518748200960:t2bot.ioMPT I've not bothered setting the interface to JP 13:48:35
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 Oh ok 13:48:55
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 Actually we don't have JP translations 13:49:12
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 If you ever feel like translating 13:49:33
@_discord_915552486151053322:t2bot.ioJános hmm but is it possible that there is no "select all" button? 13:49:41
@_discord_190474518748200960:t2bot.ioMPT Wrong direction really, I translate the other way :p 13:49:53
@_discord_190474518748200960:t2bot.ioMPT I can't see one at least 13:50:20
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 You can hold shift and it will select all in between 13:50:31
@_discord_920732593710841917:t2bot.ioadvplyr#6112 Shift select 13:50:35
@_discord_915552486151053322:t2bot.ioJános thanks !!! 13:50:37
@_discord_915552486151053322:t2bot.ioJános sweet that solves it very nicely! 13:51:15
@_discord_511832798751883265:t2bot.ioadispi#7686 I am having an issue with socket. I followed all the instructions. I have synology. In window. - Firefox and chrome socket connects no issues. On the iOS app and safari it will not. What did I do wrong? 17:21:30
@_discord_1019891188679049237:t2bot.ionoob5678 Yea Buying apple 💅 burrrrnnnn 17:34:45
@_discord_1019891188679049237:t2bot.ionoob5678 Lol 17:34:48
@_discord_511832798751883265:t2bot.ioadispi#7686 Yeah, like replace android every 2 years due to boot cycle bug was fun for me…. 17:37:51
@_discord_1019891188679049237:t2bot.ionoob5678 I'm joshing with ya I use an iPad for piano lessons.
Do prefer android tho not sure how long my pixel has lasted maybe 4 years? Still going strong
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor I think my 5A is going on 2 years now and still just as good as new 19:42:29
@_discord_488010657376108606:t2bot.ioexor Although I did drop it once and completely broke the screen. Got a new one on I fix it for like 90 bucks though and it was really easy to change 19:43:14
@_discord_370076963462709248:t2bot.ioRaneydazed#4277 changed their display name from Raneydazed to Raneydazed#4277.20:15:40
@_discord_511832798751883265:t2bot.ioadispi#7686 i figured it partially, i fix the safari error, however, when i use authentik to add 2 factor authentication the app socket will not connect. is there a path i need to exclude in authentik to get the app socket to connect? i know about /ping but not what i need for socket as it works now on all browsers.... 21:44:14
27 May 2023
@_discord_375726451976306698:t2bot.ioDu#1359 I use Authelia, but here are the ones I had to allow through, with comments: https://discord.com/channels/942908292873723984/981321213882282035/1090644269305446420 00:31:02
@_discord_375726451976306698:t2bot.ioDu#1359 Whoops, looks like my comments aren't on it. But the socket.io one probably 00:31:43
@_discord_511832798751883265:t2bot.ioadispi#7686 thank you. 04:16:49
@artermyss:arty.contactArty W. joined the room.08:41:13
@_discord_384176027993112576:t2bot.iokaos3000#1819 I don't see List view on web app. It is available on Android app. 11:56:41

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