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A fancy, customizable, keyboard-operable Matrix client ⬩ Latest release: 0.7.2 ⬩ https://github.com/mirukana/mirage/releases/53 Servers

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26 Jul 2021

@room 0.7.2 release


  • Navigation keybinds:
    • Keys.quit keybind to exit the application, unbound by default
    • Keys.earlier_page and Keys.later_page keybinds to navigate the pages/chats history, Ctrl+H/Left and Ctrl+L/Right by default
    • Mouse button 4/5 can now be used to navigate the history
    • General.wrap_history setting, affects the behavior of history navigation
    • Keys.Rooms.Direct section, allowing keybinds to jump to specific rooms
    • Keys.Rooms.oldest_unread/latest_unread to jump to the room with the oldest or newest unread message, by default Ctrl(+Shift)+U
    • Keys.Rooms.oldest_highlight/latest_highlight, same as above but only considers rooms where you've been mentioned/replied to/etc, by default Ctrl(+Shift)+H
  • Ignoring users:
    • Ignore option in the context menu for room members
    • Ignore option when rejecting invites
    • Editable ignored users list in account settings
    • Invites and messages from ignored users are silently discarded.
      Their display name, avatar and presence are removed.
      They will also always be placed at the bottom of the room member list.
  • Status messages history in the left pane account context menu, and auto-suggestion for the status field.
    The number of saved entries can be controlled with Presence.saved_status.
  • "Add another account" entry in the top left settings menu
  • Copiable room ID field in the room settings pane
  • Back button in account settings and server browser when the window is too narrow to show the side panes
  • Escape key handling in the account settings, server browser and add chat pages
  • Support for rendering HTML <hr> lines (markdown ---) in messages


  • Keybinds:
    • Keys.messages.clear_all default keybind is now Ctrl+Shift+L
    • Keys.Account.AtIndex keybinds will consistently move to the corresponding account settings, instead of skipping to the first room if the account is expanded in the left pane
    • Keys.messages.open_links_files(_externally): ignore matrix.to user and room mention links
  • Presence:
    • Allow using the invisible mode on servers not supporting presence, which will still prevent sending typing notifications and read marker updates
    • Restore any previously set status message when reconnecting after being offline, unless another one has been set from a different client
    • Render set status message striked out while invisible/offline to indicate that it isn't being broadcasted
  • Error popup:
    • Multiple unexpected errors will be combined into a single popup, instead of opening a new one for every error
    • Report button now links to Github issues
    • More details shown for matrix errors
  • Messages:
    • Require a space after the # for markdown titles
    • Render matrix.to URL in messages as shorter hyperlinks
  • Left pane rooms:
    • Last message display: shorten long "In reply to..." prefixes for the message to be shown as "↩ <name>: <reply>"
    • Show the inviter for invites where the room has an explicit name/alias set
  • Leave, decline invite and forget room options are merged into an unified popup
  • Raise default General.tooltips_delay from 0.5 to 0.7s
  • Updated headers UI navigation arrow icons
  • Misc UI text changes for shortness and consistency


  • Fix error popup appearing when invalid room events appear in syncs
  • Fix parsing of URL in messages containing some special characters
  • Left pane rooms last message display: fix > quote right after another quote not getting colored
  • Fix the forgetting rooms feature
  • Fix rendering status messages containing HTML-unsafe characters
  • Fix chat bottom bar for invited/left rooms glitching at certain sizes or not properly updating when the room's state changes
  • Prevent theme animationDuration property from affecting the speed of loading spinners, progress bars, server ping indicators and image rotation button cooldown
  • Hopefully fix account presence stuck flickering between two states

The backend.errors.MatrixError: (200, None) error occuring on Synapse 1.38+ servers should be fixed by the latest matrix-nio commit, which is included in the new Mirage appimage and flatpak. For manual installs, make sure to run pip3 install --user -Ur requirements.txt again before rebuilding. For packagers, the commit will be present in nio 0.18.5, which will be officially released before tomorrow.

@miruka:matrix.orgmiruka changed the room topic to "A fancy, customizable, keyboard-operable Matrix client ⬩ Latest release: 0.7.2 ⬩ https://github.com/mirukana/mirage/releases/" from "A fancy, customizable, keyboard-operable Matrix client ⬩ Latest release: 0.7.1 ⬩ https://github.com/mirukana/mirage/releases/".08:54:04
@punit_arya:matrix.orgPunit Aryanow thats a big update!08:55:03
@punit_arya:matrix.orgPunit Aryathanks miruka!08:55:19

This should have come out since march-april, but I was lacking on time and didn't get to do the finishing touches


I'll be out without connection for a few weeks starting from later today, so I won't be able to take care of issues and other stuff

@skia:matrix.hya.skSkia miruka: about the issue on the Pinephone I've reported some days ago here, do you want a Github issue, or do you expect it to be fixed by this new release? 08:59:48
@rakgew:tchncs.derakgewamazing - thank you so much for the update miruka!!09:01:03

Skia: I doubt it will be fixed, it's better if you make a GH issue before I forget

@skia:matrix.hya.skSkiaokay fine, I'll gather the information I can on the latest release with an up-to-date system and report an issue09:02:26
@skia:matrix.hya.skSkiathanks a lot for all the work! :)09:02:34

miruka : thanks for all your work and the new version! (-:

@maze:mazie.rocksMazeomg that is a big new version :o09:43:21
@maze:mazie.rocksMazethank you miruka!09:43:29
@vslg:matrix.orgvslg joined the room.10:00:03
@miruka:matrix.orgmirukachanged room power levels.10:21:09
@rat:midov.pl@rat:midov.pldo not trust vslg he is cia and this is a hostile takeover10:58:39

nah he's good

@vslg:matrix.orgvslgNice try, Rat11:15:42
@newbyte:matrix.orgNewbytewhy does the Flatpak need access to the entire host filesystem? is Mirage not able to use xdg-desktop-portal for file pickers?11:21:23
In reply to @newbyte:matrix.org
why does the Flatpak need access to the entire host filesystem? is Mirage not able to use xdg-desktop-portal for file pickers?
do not use flatpak

it's for file uploads, I've heard about portals but it looks complicated


you can probably reduce the permissions on your side if you don't need to pick files from anywhere

In reply to @rat:midov.pl
do not use flatpak
In reply to @newbyte:matrix.org
gay and bloat
@rat:midov.pl@rat:midov.pl no good 11:30:12
In reply to @miruka:matrix.org

you can probably reduce the permissions on your side if you don't need to pick files from anywhere

ideally it would just use portals so permissions can be reduced without limiting functionality (and you get the right file picker for your desktop), but I understand if you don't want to look into this
@newbyte:matrix.orgNewbytemaybe I'll look into it sometime11:31:26

miruka I just checked, and I can still attach files with host fs access disabled. portals just work

@rat:midov.pl@rat:midov.pl left the room.15:56:44

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