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22 May 2020
15:57:22@rinigus:matrix.orgrinigusmiruka: flatpak runtime KDE 5.14 is using python 3.7, not 3.8. can we make it work with 3.7?
In reply to @miruka:privacytools.io

rinigus: could you update the flatpak yaml file to use Qt 5.14, python 3.8 and the most recent nio without having to do this?

finally, not understanding what do you mean by this. yes, in flatpak, you have to specify commit to tell which dependency version you want to use. that makes the builds reproducible

By "this" I mean the rm pyproject.toml line that I added to force pip to use the old setup.py, it was quicker than figuring out how to add the new poetry dependency


I tried to run the script to generate a new yaml, but it fails with that one error I talked about before


https://github.com/mirukana/mirage/pull/13#issuecomment-604045865 this


miruka: and that's posted from mirage 0.5.0 on flatpak kde 5.14/x86_64. will have to make arm build as well


yeah, I guess we need 3.7 in the system for that script to work.


in your commit, https://github.com/mirukana/mirage/commit/1324b1d909a646d5d304e13297856d0c240e685e#diff-38d727ef4cba2ed6dd194d3910f0c5d5R698, ti should have added rm pyproject.toml into .base.yaml as well.


there should be a better solution, I doubt nio's setup.py will be here forever

16:13:23@miruka:matrix.orgmirukalike if we regenerate the final yaml, it should have the poetry dependency

miruka: I can try to add poetry dependency as well. haven't used it for a long time, so please let me know, how it works. I have to install poetry - can I do it via pip?

16:17:12@rinigus:matrix.orgrinigusok, in poetry instructions, seems that I can

yeah, it can be installed from pip
a package with a pyproject.toml should be installable by doing pip3 install . if I'm not mistaken


miruka: looks like poetry brings with itself host of other dependencies. at least one of them, https://pypi.org/project/cryptography/, I have trouble getting to install in flatpak. so, for now, I will submit the updated flatpak manifests with your non-poetry fix


hey, after installing latest mirage i am getting

X 22:10:25 | python: sync_forever() got an unexpected keyword argument 'first_sync_filter'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "qrc:/src/backend/matrix_client.py", line 347, in _start
    self.sync_task = asyncio.ensure_future(self.sync_forever(
  File "/home/midek/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/nio/client/base_client.py", line 65, in wrapper
    return func(self, *args, **kwargs)
TypeError: sync_forever() got an unexpected keyword argument 'first_sync_filter'
20:13:17@midov:midov.plmidovthats probably problem with python-nio, right?
20:16:24@midov:midov.plmidovokay yeah, that was a stupid question, it was obviously a problem with my python-nio
20:17:06@miruka:matrix.orgmirukayeah, it happens if your nio is outdated
23 May 2020
09:28:19@fphemeral:converser.eufphemeralahh - these unread msg counts per room and also per account in 0.5 are really great!! (-:

fphemeral: now 'just' proper notifications are needed...

10:14:00@rinigus:matrix.orgrinigusAs configed in riot, where you could choose per room on mention, new messages, and such

rinigus: true, proper notifications would be helpful (although not as crucial to me, as there seem to be always tons of new messages+notifications anyways), but tbh for me the per room notification settings to mute busy rooms, as you mentioned, would be a real big help. (-:


fphemeral: notifications would allow to reply timely. right now it was just by chance I saw your message. (missing username autocomplete as well)

14:52:24@rinigus:matrix.orgrinigusbut I can see that the issues have been opened already for those.

rinigus: hm, true. (although probably also dependent on the user's way of using the app)
yes!! the username autocomplete is probably my pain point nr1. (-;


fphemeral: Agreed, the both are pain. But great progress is made and, what's important, active development as well!


..and the keyboard navigation just works like a charm - I enjoy that quite a bit!! (-:

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25 May 2020
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