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20 Jul 2020
@drew:notself.meDrewi was clicking the plus button04:35:46

and i think having the key right next to the word "Filter" threw me off a little

@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NETthere was talk about replacing the plus icon with an account options drop down04:36:19
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NETand "add account" could go there maybe04:36:34

I don't remember that
do you mean the + next to every account in the room list?

@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NETyeah that04:37:54
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NETi think i may have been talking about it with slg04:38:03

I've had some thoughts:

  • Have option buttons, add account and maybe dev console in the top left bar
  • Replace the useless "Mirage x.y.z" label with a global presence control (clicking on it would open a presene menu that affects all accounts at once)
  • In the bottom left, something related to sorting, like a button to toggle a mode where you can drag/move accounts and tags (what we've talked about somewhere)
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NETyeah those are some good ideas04:52:34
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22 Jul 2020
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23 Jul 2020
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26 Jul 2020
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NET changed their display name from Skylar < xi ~ xir ~ xim > to Sky < xi >.00:23:37
27 Jul 2020
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome changed their profile picture.05:21:47
28 Jul 2020
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NET one small issue: messages that start with "#" marked with header even if not followed by a space, which isn't proper markdown, and makes either relpying with a room name or using a hashtag difficult .21:08:27
29 Jul 2020
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NETyeah that13:56:34
31 Jul 2020
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2 Aug 2020
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3 Aug 2020
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NET changed their display name from Sky < xi > to Sky-NET of 🖇︎.19:53:08
6 Aug 2020
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NET changed their display name from Sky-NET of 🖇︎ to SkyNET.03:02:53
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7 Aug 2020
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NET changed their display name from SkyNET to SkyNET < xi~xim~xir >.03:41:00
@theotheroracle:the-apothecary.clubsky.NET changed their display name from SkyNET < xi~xim~xir > to sky.NET < xi~xim~xir >.03:43:04
9 Aug 2020
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11 Aug 2020
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