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28 Mar 2023
@baconbot:libera.chatbaconbot[ Santa Barbara, California, USA | Sunny | Temp: 59.0 °F (15.0 °C) | Humidity: 62% | Winds: 8.1 mph (13.04 km/h) ]18:32:29
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguy majestictwelve: You can get a sandwich for $4? 18:32:39
In reply to @vwbusguy:matrix.org
majestictwelve: You can get a sandwich for $4?
Yeah. Maybe
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguyI'm pretty sure the McDonald's "Dollar Menu" starts at $20 here18:33:01
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu McD's doesn't have what I would consider a value menu anymore. I used to go there often to get a couple $1 McDoubles and a $1 McChicken. Now I think the McChicken is pushing $2 and the McDouble is pushing $3. 18:38:25
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafuMeanwhile, you can still get stuffed at Taco Bell for ~$5. I go there whenever my wife is out of town {:-].18:38:46
@janos:libera.chatjanos i'm waiting for my daughter to come back east. she loves tacobell. pretty much any time i went was with her 18:39:27
@janos:libera.chatjanos it woudl be really late at night and she'd ask me if i wanted to go with her. loved those moments 18:40:13
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu If you order online (which doesn't require an app, unlike most places these days), they have a My Cravings Box for $5.49 that is a very good value. 18:40:16
@janos:libera.chatjanosoooh cool18:40:25
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu Three items and a drink. You can get nearly a day's worth of calories (and a couple days' worth of sodium). 18:40:46
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu And Taco Bell doesn't require you to choose a pickup time. You check in at the speakerbox and they make it like you just ordered. 18:41:24
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafuBest online ordering experience.18:41:28
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu For a while, my local Taco Bell had a lot of serious staffing issues. You'd order online, and arrive to a cone blocking the drive-thru and a sign on the door saying they closed early due to staffing. 18:43:46
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu(Easy to cancel the order and get a refund.)18:43:56
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu They've been better lately, though there have still be days where I go to submit the order and the website says "online ordering is currently unavailable". 18:44:21
@johnny:libera.chatjohnnyat least you know before you go19:04:43
@kc8hfi:libera.chatkc8hfi turn around, don't drown! 19:31:53
@kc8hfi:libera.chatkc8hfiturn the frown upside down!19:32:10
@kc8hfi:libera.chatkc8hfi i'm a poet and don't know it! 19:32:15
@kc8hfi:libera.chatkc8hfimakin a rhym every time!19:32:22
@mock:libera.chatmockWell, this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down...19:33:26
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguy mock: This is a story all about how my bacon got flipped turned upside down 19:42:31
@baconbot:libera.chatbaconbotWelcome to the bacon party, vwbusguy[m]!19:42:33
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguyIn West Philadephia, fried and braised, on the skillet is where I spent most of my days19:43:12
* @SFaulken:libera.chatSFaulken waits impatiently for UPS to show up.22:20:53

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