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29 Jun 2022
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu " 17:08:34
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu I knew I couldn't work anywhere near software development or support after Renaissance. 17:09:04
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsusYeah our company used to have LONG planning stages before anyone else saw it, then lots of changes when people saw it and gave input. 17:09:08
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsusThen development would have it for 6 months then call it DONE and throw it at test and move to the next project.17:09:23
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu (Well, at the company that makes it. I went on to be a trainer for other software, but things like MS Office where I wasn't on the hook for whether or not it worked.) 17:09:38
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu (And now I support people instead of software, and it's much more satisfying.) 17:10:22
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafuKhaytsus: I get moving faster in some industries, but it never made sense to me in the Renaissance case.17:10:53
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafuWe always talked about how our stuff was research-based and tried-and-true. It was relatively stable, and you could expect it to stay the same throughout the school year aside from bug fixes.17:11:29
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu Y'know, the kinds of things teachers and school librarians actually care about. 17:11:43
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsus Yeah, there are some cases it doesn't make sense besides buzzwordy 17:11:44
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu Before I left, they were starting to post job listings calling for "rockstars" and I knew I wouldn't last there much longer XD. 17:12:12
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafuBut I loved the people I worked with. My first supervisor was basically employee #2 and had been there for over 25 years, and she was still there when I left.17:13:46
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafuLots of folks who had been there for 10-20 years and very much a family atmosphere. That made the last few years tolerable.17:14:27
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsus I like it, I've done all roles.. I primary did QA, but did some development and product planning before Agile, and again, all roles since.. 17:17:48
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsus Agile to call it agile is a waste of time, like we have agile documentation, or media.. I mean.. I don't do those, so maybe it makes sense, but to me it does not 17:18:14
@janos:libera.chatjanos back. i've always made it clear to any place we're at that we don't do waterfall and we don't do agile. you might think we do agile, but we don't remove features when time or situations change 17:19:35
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsusBut for software I like it.. My current team kind of is weird in that we have two week sprints, but weekly releases.... That just comes down to the release manager and teams working together on what goes into the release and what does not.17:19:41
@janos:libera.chatjanosi think sticking to some process that was designed by management to get medoicre people to perform better after they observed someone who simply worked well... is not a great one-wize-fits-all17:20:34
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsusjanos: I say we do agile processes, but not any particular style. Some people are super strict, this style says you do XYZ for 15 minutes and you have these four meetings, etc. We do whatever we need as needed.17:20:41
@janos:libera.chatjanos i think that's more healthy 17:20:50
@janos:libera.chatjanosreally if your team works well, then they work well and leave them be17:21:06
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsus Even had to be in a team once that had a fucking talking stick. You couldn't speak unless you were holding the talking stick. 17:21:08
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsusI am like whch one of you bozos made this a thing17:21:26
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsusBut yeah I like the agile process... planning with feedback, development with feedback, etc... 17:22:11
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsus I think my team doesn't do as much standup process as we maybe should.. Myself very much included..... Like I can't tell you what I did yesterday except a thing or two, makes me sound like a slacker 17:23:55
@Khaytsus:libera.chatKhaytsustoday? idk, things?17:24:06
@janos:libera.chatjanosi am presently thanking myself for the shim data layer i wrote years ago and use to this day - the database driver library just changed how they handle DateTime after ~15 years. a breaking change. thankfully i am able to isloate the change on my side to just a few places17:26:36
@janos:libera.chatjanos but making sure it's actually behaving in all cases how it should... has me a bit itchy 17:26:57
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