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2 Mar 2024
@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny ColinIt isn't anything fancy but if you want something cheap and still drinkable, I'd say Tim's a good choice.19:40:42
@sfaulken:fedora.imSFaulken Timmys makes a perfectly acceptable cup of black drip coffee, that is always consistent, and doesn't taste burnt, like many other vendors. 19:40:56
@condor:fedora.imcondorNo plans.19:41:30
@pastthepixels:potatoe.caPastThePixels joined the room.21:12:48
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveAny Quebecois here?21:54:53
3 Mar 2024
@cryptkatty:matrix.orgDamien changed their display name from cryptkatty to Damien.11:38:06
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@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord [Fedora]
In reply to @majestictwelve:mozilla.org
Any Quebecois here?
Kes tu veut
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord [Fedora]IMG_0476-1709470133278.jpeg
Download IMG_0476-1709470133278.jpeg
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord [Fedora]Love that image12:49:04
In reply to @farchord:matrix.org
Kes tu veut
Hahaha. Comment ça va mon ami
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelve Qu'est tu veux. 13:06:30
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord [Fedora]
In reply to @majestictwelve:mozilla.org
Hahaha. Comment ça va mon ami
Let’s keep it to english in public channels though. You can join #fr:fedoraproject.org if you want (mostly dead but theres activity sometimes)
@farchord:matrix.orgFarchord [Fedora]Im doing well 😊13:06:58
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveI just woken up13:07:49
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveReady to grind for another day 13:08:04
@cryptkatty:matrix.orgDamien changed their display name from Damien to Damien (linux gamer).17:07:46
@cryptkatty:matrix.orgDamien changed their profile picture.17:07:55
@cryptkatty:matrix.orgDamien changed their profile picture.17:12:10
@cryptkatty:matrix.orgDamienit feels the audio was done unintentionally like that17:51:45
4 Mar 2024
@aminda:pikaviestin.fiAminda.eu ⚧ changed their profile picture.15:29:03
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@cryptkatty:matrix.orgDamien changed their display name from Damien (linux gamer) to Damien.20:01:09
@cryptkatty:matrix.orgDamien changed their profile picture.20:01:51
@cryptkatty:matrix.orgDamien changed their profile picture.20:10:45
@simplytadpole:the-apothecary.clubTadpole changed their profile picture.20:33:39
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