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28 Nov 2022
@handsomeguy:fedora.imFilbert honestly i'm @[handsome guy] 😅😅 13:35:06
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveJakarta haha13:35:21
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveI can't really stand that kind of heat13:35:40
@handsomeguy:fedora.imFilbertto be frank, it's a bit weird to still have this high temeperature in November13:36:24
@handsomeguy:fedora.imFilbertit's usually quite cool and rainy13:36:37
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveIt's the 29th over there right13:36:40
In reply to @majestictwelve:mozilla.org
It's the 29th over there right
not yet
@handsomeguy:fedora.imFilbertless than 4 hours to go13:37:01
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelve+13 hours13:37:05
@handsomeguy:fedora.imFilbertit's GMT+7 here13:37:34
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveFrom my time hehe13:37:45
@handsomeguy:fedora.imFilbertahh I see 😅😅13:38:05
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveI can set my watch to Jakarta while keeping my time haha13:39:06
In reply to @majestictwelve:mozilla.org
I can set my watch to Jakarta while keeping my time haha
fot what reason? haha
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveBecause I can. It's for like travel13:39:50
@handsomeguy:fedora.imFilbertwhat watch do you use?13:40:14
@fedbot:libera.chatfedbot aTypical: Error: I did not find a preset location for you. Please set one via 'setweather <location>'. 13:40:55
@aTypical:libera.chataTypical@weather 9101613:40:59
@fedbot:libera.chatfedbot aTypical: Monrovia, US :: overcast clouds 53.1F/11.7C (Humidity: 83%) | Feels like: N/A | Wind: 2.64mph/4.2kph ESE | Wind gust: N/A | 1669629600: overcast clouds. High 59.0F/15.0C. Low 55.0F/12.8C. | 1669651200: broken clouds. High 58.8F/14.9C. Low 58.8F/14.9C. | Powered by OpenWeatherMap+OSM/Nominatim <https://openweathermap.org/weathermap?lat=34.14163747010689&lon=-118.00216114675194&zoom=12> 13:41:08
@mockbot:libera.chatmockbotmock: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA | 10.0°C | 87% | Overcast | W 260° 6.8 kph13:42:09
@mock:libera.chatmockIt felt very warm for 9°C this morning.13:42:20
In reply to @handsomeguy:fedora.im
what watch do you use?
Casio AE-1200
In reply to @majestictwelve:mozilla.org
Casio AE-1200
hmm Casio
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveYeah it's like 20$13:46:31
@handsomeguy:fedora.imFilbertreminds me of Kev from Fosstodon13:46:36

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