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23 Sep 2021
@khaytsus:fedora.imKhaytsus dowdle: I've had ASMR on floppy drives 20:14:14
In reply to @khaytsus:fedora.im
dowdle: I've had ASMR on floppy drives
like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnAUs-ms3-Y
@fedbot:libera.chatfedbot ^ YouTube :: Sweet Dreams Played by Electronic Devices :: Duration: 02:06 :: Views: 416,785 uploaded by Device Orchestra :: 28,973 likes :: 230 dislikes :: 0 favorites 20:15:42
@jushur:libera.chatjushur joined the room.20:16:28
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafu Tivak: I love those :-D. 20:19:16
@tivak:mozilla.orgTivakalso this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGfkPCZYfFw20:26:28
@fedbot:libera.chatfedbot ^ YouTube :: The Floppotron: Sweet Dreams :: Duration: 02:24 :: Views: 3,766,433 uploaded by Paweł Zadrożniak :: 154,932 likes :: 1,605 dislikes :: 0 favorites 20:26:30
@gnafu:libera.chatgnafuBoth very well done ^^.20:27:32
@tivak:mozilla.orgTivakthe floppotron one, I am always surprised at the range of sound a scanner can make20:28:00
@Jefe:libera.chatJefe joined the room.21:23:36
@vwbusguy:libera.chatvwbusguy joined the room.23:11:54
@baconbot:libera.chatbaconbot Syntax: .weather <location> (.setw <location> to make it permanent) 23:11:55
@baconbot:libera.chatbaconbot[ Santa Barbara, California, USA | Mist | Temp: 66.0 °F (18.0 °C) | Humidity: 73% | Winds: 8.1 mph (13.04 km/h) ]23:12:03
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguyLol, baconbot doesn't grok matrix nick variants23:12:28
@tivak:mozilla.orgTivakit's not a variant23:12:43
@tivak:mozilla.orgTivak@vwbusguy:matrix.org vs @vwbusguy:libera.chat23:12:55
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguyNo, baconbot doesn't see any of that - it's on Libera side23:13:19
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguyIt's an IRC bot23:13:24
@tivak:mozilla.orgTivakhmm. then it would still see it isnt the same user23:13:51
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguyHence, my point :-)23:14:03
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguyIt sees vwbusguy and vwbusguy[m] as two different users23:14:20
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguyI mean, technically, Cardinal's weather plugin can't tell the difference. 23:15:34
@vwbusguy:matrix.orgvwbusguyI can probably hack it to work both ways pretty easily23:16:01
@tivak:mozilla.orgTivak weeee. I just removed a buttjillion [ "$FLAG"] && DOSOMETHING
By simply making it so you set the flag and forget it. If it isnt flagged the functions get declared but empty.
@tivak:mozilla.orgTivakremove so many branches in logic23:20:00
@tivak:mozilla.orgTivakWonder if it will go faster23:20:03
@aeryndunham:libera.chataeryndunham joined the room.23:28:52

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