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31 Jul 2019
12:57:01@kazoooooo00m:matrix.orgkazoooooo00m Seed node for kava-testnet-2000:
seeds = "d2d6784db69e0b9965e6dabda4793b75c8b10308@"
14:05:56@bneiluj:matrix.orgJulien Bouteloup | Stake Capital invited @leopoldjoy:matrix.orgLeopold Joy.
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3 Aug 2019
15:04:01@kazoooooo00m:matrix.orgkazoooooo00mTransactions have been enbaled! Thanks to all who voted. https://testnet-2k.kava.bigdipper.live/proposals/1 You can now request KAVA tokens from the fuacet and join testnet-2000! faucet.kava.io Please note that for purposes of founder badges, we won't begin counting pre-commits from testnet-2000 until tomorrow, August 4th at 14:00 UTC. This is to make sure that no one is penalized for joining via faucet.
4 Aug 2019
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9 Aug 2019
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13 Aug 2019
16:18:26@bneiluj:matrix.orgJulien Bouteloup | Stake Capital changed their display name from Julien Bouteloup to Julien Bouteloup | Stake Capital.
15 Aug 2019
18:21:09@gr8scott:matrix.orgScott | KavaKava Founder badge registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfDVN9AUp8ujebbm-8CW_IYYLsQyqE9vXmrgIcgeOsrBzpifQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
18:22:03@gr8scott:matrix.orgScott | KavaThose of you working on Kava Founder reward will be asked to head over to our KYC partner to ensure you're in a country that can receive KAVA.
16 Aug 2019
21:53:59@novy4:matrix.orgnovy4 set a profile picture.
19 Aug 2019
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20 Aug 2019
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23 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
14:07:01@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | melea invited @roxybcn:matrix.orgRoxy | melea.
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26 Aug 2019
15:34:43@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | melea changed their display name from Víctor | melea 关于 to Víctor | melea.
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27 Aug 2019
05:11:47@jasonlee:matrix.orgCarl Sagan changed their display name from Carl Sagan | A-team to Carl Sagan.
30 Aug 2019
17:36:23@gr8scott:matrix.orgScott | KavaKava testnet-2000 has reached the maximum validator limit of 100. There is a proposal to increase the maximum validator amount to 150. https://testnet-2k.kava.bigdipper.live/proposals/2
14 Sep 2019
00:22:49@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | melea changed their profile picture.
15 Sep 2019
19:05:48@melea:matrix.orgVíctor | melea changed their profile picture.
17 Sep 2019
07:07:07@udon:matrix.orgudon@stir.network changed their display name from udon to udon@stir.network.

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