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22 Oct 2021
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt YES 14:03:19
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 (That second one doesn't override having to write to rLCDC to enable the LCD) 14:03:24
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt I didn't set a proper palette for the Tilemap, but that's besides the point 14:03:35
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt I did it 14:03:37
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt Thank you! 14:03:39
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Great job! 14:03:43
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Try setting hBGP instead of rBGP 14:03:50
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt Where? 14:04:05
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 You're probably setting the palette correctly but it's being clobbered the second VBlank fires. 14:04:08
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Anywhere before you enable the LCD, really. 14:05:05
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt Ah, yeah 14:05:17
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt I saw 14:05:18
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 header.asm has that WARN block which is a suggested spot, but it doesn't have to be there. 14:05:25
Download unknown.png
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt Thanks so much 14:05:38
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 No problem. Well done! 14:05:48
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt Looks exactly like the "proper" one 14:05:56
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/790920525253836912/901082626453041152/bgb00001.png 14:05:56
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt I'll continue tomorrow, I need to sleep 14:06:14
@_discord_419037980028698646:t2bot.iodan jia#7921 Nice one 14:19:59
In reply to @_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.io
sent an image.
you should use the rgbds syntax highlighting in vscode
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt VSCode defaults to 6502/65186 and I have no idea how to change that 14:35:11
@_discord_419037980028698646:t2bot.iodan jia#7921 Click on 6502/65816 on the bottom right, and you can change it 14:36:11
@daknig:matrix.orgDaKnigsimply install the rgbds highlighting package14:44:40
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt Figured it out 15:03:55
Download unknown.png
@_discord_487422814941347898:t2bot.iorondnelson99#5674 Eievui Like if you put a dec b, it's likely to suggest a jr nz to an appropriate label to loop to 19:37:38
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui#2759 Weird, I guess I didn’t realize it could do stuff like that 19:38:49
@_discord_754447229733044305:t2bot.ioaStni.jpeg joined the room.21:37:12
23 Oct 2021
@_discord_697476565579071578:t2bot.ioMiLO83 joined the room.10:57:27

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