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18 May 2022
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui Does the sand only fall from one spot? 20:15:37
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 I wasn't sure if it was multiple, or a single one, or if they'd move. 20:17:54
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui Perhaps there’s a piece you can get which allows you to reposition it 20:18:04
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Tetris always was too simple! 20:18:05
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui Desertris 20:18:06
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Not to be confused with Dessertris, where you stack ... desserts. 20:18:07
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui That could be a spin-off where instead of sand it’s randomly sized globs of frosting 20:18:12
@_discord_724425180474245170:t2bot.ioJord#9321 Wait, doesn't Pokemon use DAS for their menus or no? 20:19:00
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui I don’t think so 20:19:07
@_discord_724425180474245170:t2bot.ioJord#9321 Hang on, lemme check 20:19:16
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui That’s why my game is better than Pokémon :33 20:19:22
@_discord_724425180474245170:t2bot.ioJord#9321 Probably because it's coded better or...? 20:19:51
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui Lol, when ofc 20:19:59
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui * Lol, well ofc 20:20:03
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui Pokémon is terribly made and designed, but it has cute animals 20:20:24
@_discord_724425180474245170:t2bot.ioJord#9321 Turns out it doesn't. 20:20:26
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch Stacking desserts exists for NES and is called Melo-Jellos 2 20:20:29
@_discord_755055255426957412:t2bot.iozlago skitty pokemon compressing sprites
because the spaghetti takes up so much space
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui Does Pokémon have customizable menu colors? I don’t think so~
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch The first time I saw customizable menu colors was Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation. 20:26:51
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui I… just realized the first PKMD game has them 20:28:09
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui I promise I didn’t steal 20:28:15
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui Plus, what game has customizable themes!? 20:28:32
@_discord_211040003139043328:t2bot.ioDUO#4944 Another Tetris game, tbsp? 😛 21:01:41
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 Noooo 😉 21:01:52
@_discord_84365056271200256:t2bot.iotbsp#0985 The last one was your fault (idea)! 21:02:04
@_discord_211040003139043328:t2bot.ioDUO#4944 Hey now, I didn't drive up there and twist your screen. lol 21:07:18
@_discord_724425180474245170:t2bot.ioJord#9321 Or FF2(4) for the Super Nintendo 21:43:23
@_discord_724425180474245170:t2bot.ioJord#9321 Btw, since input is confusing, what should I do next after drawing a sprite? 21:46:10
@_discord_289179191348428800:t2bot.ioEievui Once you get that input routine into your project, you should try to use it to move your sprites 22:03:21

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