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21 May 2018
13:57:02@fresh_oil:matrix.orgfresh_oilAnyone tried the dragino ? Looking at the PAN
4 Jun 2018
17:28:50@LIBERTY.menu:matrix.org@fRESH_OiL changed their display name from LIBERTY.menu to Dr. Vertigo.
17:29:06@LIBERTY.menu:matrix.org@fRESH_OiL changed their display name from Dr. Vertigo to fRESH_OiL.
17 Jun 2018
18:02:08@markit:matrix.org@markit:matrix.org left the room.
25 Oct 2018
13:45:14@error404:matrix.orgerror404 removed their profile picture.
9 Jan 2019
17:35:34@yana:chat.weho.stforeigneye left the room.
23 Feb 2019
15:07:20@butter1:matrix.org@butter1:matrix.org joined the room.
24 Feb 2019
17:27:46@butter1:matrix.org@butter1:matrix.org left the room.
5 May 2019
18:58:49@xp4.2:matrix.orgxp4.2 joined the room.
8 May 2019
23:46:44@luserx0:matrix.org-.-.-.-.---. joined the room.
9 May 2019
00:15:30@LIBERTY.menu:matrix.org@fRESH_OiL changed their display name from fRESH_OiL to @fRESH_OiL.
00:15:33@LIBERTY.menu:matrix.org@fRESH_OiL changed their profile picture.
22 May 2019
08:07:37@jibe-b:matrix.org@jibe-b:matrix.org joined the room.
6 Jun 2019
00:48:30@luserx0:matrix.org-.-.-.-.---. changed their display name from luserx0 to -.-.-.-.---..
14 Jun 2019
11:10:43@mwarning42:matrix.orgmwarning42 joined the room.
6 Jul 2019
15:48:24@mwarning42:matrix.orgmwarning42Is this channel still active?
16:19:49@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippieit maybe will be soon :)
16:20:11@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippieduring the year not much happens here
16:24:16@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippie there is also #freenode_#battlemesh:matrix.org - we haven't managed to figure out how to bridge these two properly#
18:22:40@mwarning42:matrix.orgmwarning42Ah, I see
18:32:15@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippie while that bridge is still missing, maybe it makes sense to point everybody in here to switch to#freenode_#battlemesh:matrix.org
21:22:43@mwarning42:matrix.orgmwarning42You mean to switch to irc or matrix?
21:23:29@mwarning42:matrix.orgmwarning42I do not have irc on my phone.
21:24:22@mwarning42:matrix.orgmwarning42But I think you want to steer people to use matrix.
21:24:49@mwarning42:matrix.orgmwarning42Anyway, see you in Monday
22:28:44@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippiewe can use matrix client to participate in the bridged room: #freenode_#battlemesh:matrix.org
22 Jul 2019
05:10:44@stephane.croze:matrix.orgstephane joined the room.
05:12:55@stephane.croze:matrix.orgstephane changed their profile picture.

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