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6 Jul 2019
21:24:49@mwarning42:matrix.orgmwarning42Anyway, see you in Monday
22:28:44@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippiewe can use matrix client to participate in the bridged room: #freenode_#battlemesh:matrix.org
22 Jul 2019
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05:12:55@stephane.croze:matrix.orgstephane changed their profile picture.
31 Jul 2019
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23:55:13@pmisch:matrix.orgpmischare the videos of talks of the most recent battle mesh?
1 Aug 2019
06:38:05@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippiethey are currently being edited, finished in a few weeks, will be announced on the mailing list and irc
15 Aug 2019
23:26:42@rhizomes:matrix.orgrhizomes joined the room.
25 Aug 2019
00:36:44@fonithesen8:matrix.org@fonithesen8:matrix.org joined the room.
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2 Oct 2019
16:57:02@filipebteixeira:matrix.orgfilipebteixeira set a profile picture.
11 Oct 2019
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7 Dec 2019
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11 Dec 2019
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14 Dec 2019
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15 Dec 2019
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19 Dec 2019
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22 Dec 2019
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24 Dec 2019
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25 Dec 2019
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27 Dec 2019
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4 Jan 2020
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5 Jan 2020
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10 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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