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9 May 2018
12:47:08@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippieLivestream: https://c-base.org
14:48:25@fresh_oil:matrix.orgfresh_oil joined the room.
14:53:49@fresh_oil:matrix.orgfresh_oil Here is a magazine I've been recommending. This article is on a gossip based protocol named secure scuttlebutt. I've tested (limited) an app called Patchwork that uses ssb.
14:54:12@fresh_oil:matrix.orgfresh_oil https://www.inthemesh.com/archive/gossip-social-network/
14:59:14@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippieWant to present what you know?
14:59:20@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippieOn the stage
23:29:35@TJvV:matrix.org@TJvV:matrix.orgAnyone at cbase?
10 May 2018
00:05:42@TJvV:matrix.org@TJvV:matrix.orgBeer was good; going to bed
00:54:24@TJvV:matrix.org@TJvV:matrix.org-1 to hotel rating; had to go through reception to make keycard work again
14:09:39@rorys:matrix.orgrorys FYI, that magazine posted above by fresh_oil
14:09:53@rorys:matrix.orgrorys (oops – sorry facepalm)
14:10:05@rorys:matrix.orgrorys FYI, that magazine posted above by fresh_oil is published by goTenna.
14:15:00@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippiethx for the hint
11 May 2018
01:13:17@gabriel_shatana:matrix.orggabriel_shatana joined the room.
12 May 2018
12:41:39@cypherhippie:matrix.orgcypherhippiehey all, we need suggestions for next years location
13 May 2018
20:08:05@TJvV:matrix.org@TJvV:matrix.orgHome sweet home; hope everybody had as smooth a trip back as I had
14 May 2018
09:13:28@fresh_oil:matrix.orgfresh_oilI hope to. At airport :)
09:13:44@fresh_oil:matrix.orgfresh_oilRedacted or Malformed Event

FYI, that magazine posted above by fresh_oil is published by goTenna.

Good to know

20 May 2018
19:52:32@LIBERTY.menu:matrix.orgfRESH_OiL joined the room.
21 May 2018
13:56:22@fresh_oil:matrix.orgfresh_oilLIBERTYmenu is also me, my desktop.
13:56:22@fresh_oil:matrix.orgfresh_oilLIBERTYmenu is also me, my desktop.
13:57:02@fresh_oil:matrix.orgfresh_oilAnyone tried the dragino ? Looking at the PAN
4 Jun 2018
17:28:50@LIBERTY.menu:matrix.orgfRESH_OiL changed their display name from LIBERTY.menu to Dr. Vertigo.
17:29:06@LIBERTY.menu:matrix.orgfRESH_OiL changed their display name from Dr. Vertigo to fRESH_OiL.
17 Jun 2018
18:02:08@markit:matrix.org@markit:matrix.org left the room.
25 Oct 2018
13:45:14@error404:matrix.orgerror404 removed their profile picture.
9 Jan 2019
17:35:34@yana:chat.weho.stforeigneye left the room.

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