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Channel for those working on the JS side of the interplanetary stack (e.g, IPFS, libp2p, IPLD). Bridged to #ip-js in IPFS Discord and Filecoin Slack.3 Servers

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26 Feb 2024
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@_slack_filecoinproject_U015951Q5GS:ipfs.ioachingbrain We have tests for the isPinned method here - https://github.com/ipfs/helia/blob/main/packages/utils/test/pins.spec.ts Could you open a PR with a test similar to the above that fails? 15:25:21
@_slack_filecoinproject_U015951Q5GS:ipfs.ioachingbrain The pseudo code above looks a bit off because:
// 'hello world' needs to be a Uint8Array
await helia.blockstore.put(block.cid, 'hello world')
// pins.add returns an async generator so needs to be consumed somehow - this is new as of early January - https://github.com/ipfs/helia/pull/231
await helia.pins.add(block.cid)
@_slack_filecoinproject_U061ZESM69L:ipfs.ioHayden Thanks. Iterating the add generator now pins the cid. Am I correct in assuming the actual pinning is done when iterating the generator? Also, what impact does this have on users using Helia pre-January? will we need to guard against this when we call helia.pins.add() against older versions of Helia? 18:17:01
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27 Feb 2024
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@_slack_filecoinproject_U015951Q5GS:ipfs.ioachingbrain Aha, great. The API change is covered in the upgrade guide for Helia 2.x.x to 3.x.x, which is linked to from the release notes - that and the types changing should be enough? I would definitely encourage people to read the guides when migrating between majors! 09:32:19
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@_slack_filecoinproject_U061ZESM69L:ipfs.ioHayden Thanks for the confirmation. And when a peer replicates the block of another peer that is pinned, does it pin it on the replicating peer? Or do I need to explicitly pin it on the replicating peer? 12:49:46
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@_slack_filecoinproject_U015951Q5GS:ipfs.ioachingbrain You would need to pin it, yes - this will also walk the dag beneath the pinned CID and ensure that all blocks are present on the pinning node 12:57:45
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@_slack_filecoinproject_U061ZESM69L:ipfs.ioHayden Is there a way to automatically pin items on the replicating peer? I.e. can this be configured with createHelia()? 13:04:46
@_slack_filecoinproject_U015951Q5GS:ipfs.ioachingbrain Not by config, not - you would have to pin the items using the pinning API after starting a node 16:11:16
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@_slack_filecoinproject_U061ZESM69L:ipfs.ioHayden Got it. What about a way to add an event listener to, say, blockstore.add/del to pin/unpin when the add/del event fires? What I'm trying to do is lean on Helia to handle the pinning when my replicating peer fetches a remote block. 16:36:40
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28 Feb 2024
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