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28 May 2019
15:56:14@gitter_realdancarroll_twitter:matrix.orgDaniel Carroll (Gitter) joined the room.
15:56:20@gitter_realdancarroll_twitter:matrix.orgDaniel Carroll (Gitter)That’s what I was thinking. Interesting find indeed.
16:14:58@gitter_nileshtrivedi:matrix.org@gitter_nileshtrivedi:matrix.org changed their display name from Nilesh Trivedi (Gitter) to Nilesh (Gitter).
29 May 2019
10:02:43@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter) @justmoon @adrianhopebailie @emschwartz guys did you see?
30 May 2019
19:48:26@gitter_cucswiz_gitlab:matrix.orggitter_cucswiz_gitlab joined the room.
19:48:33@gitter_cucswiz_gitlab:matrix.orggitter_cucswiz_gitlab Heya there. I'm trying to follow the Getting Started guide and seem to be running into issues installing moneyd. Are there any known issues?
19:48:45@gitter_cucswiz_gitlab:matrix.orggitter_cucswiz_gitlabRunning node v12.3.1 on a fresh Mac OSX install
19:53:37@gitter_cucswiz_gitlab:matrix.orggitter_cucswiz_gitlab FWIW I tried using Node v8.9.4 (via nvm) and installing moneyd works..
22:17:11@gitter_cucswiz_gitlab:matrix.orggitter_cucswiz_gitlab Running into an issue after starting moneyd. Any chance someone know what this issue is: https://gitlab.com/snippets/1862137
23:07:43@gitter_cucswiz_gitlab:matrix.orggitter_cucswiz_gitlab Re issue above, followed blog post comments here: https://medium.com/interledger-blog/using-moneyd-to-join-the-ilp-testnet-ba64bd42bb14 and updated the testnet btp to testnet.ilpnetwork.dev. This seems to fix the error but there seems to be an issue connecting still as I don't get past connector:balance-middleware
23:09:11@gitter_cucswiz_gitlab:matrix.orggitter_cucswiz_gitlab I circumvented using testnet and ran a local instance of moneyd and similarly ran ilp-spsp-server locally to send a payment successfully.
4 Jun 2019
14:13:30@zacklocx:matrix.org@zacklocx:matrix.org left the room.
10 Jun 2019
14:19:52@kykyk:matrix.orgKY joined the room.
13 Jun 2019
18:47:00@gitter_nileshtrivedi:matrix.org@gitter_nileshtrivedi:matrix.org left the room.
18 Jun 2019
22:30:10@gitter_yamir1995:matrix.orgYamir Tainwala (Gitter) changed their display name from yamir1995 (Gitter) to Yamir Tainwala (Gitter).
4 Jul 2019
13:30:08@mobile_x:matrix.orgmobile_x joined the room.
21:15:53@nono2357:matrix.orgnono2357 joined the room.
8 Jul 2019
15:27:36@mobile_x:matrix.orgmobile_x set a profile picture.
14 Jul 2019
13:11:20@kykyk:matrix.orgKY changed their display name from ky to Technikhal.
13:11:30@kykyk:matrix.orgKY changed their display name from Technikhal to KY.
17 Aug 2019
12:53:37@graphomath:matrix.orggraphomath joined the room.
23 Aug 2019
15:27:10@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter) Are there currently problems with the live net? Wanted to start up moneyd. Trying to connect to strata-ilsp.com/xrp is resulting in 404 messages?!?
15:30:23@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)Running moneyd v.4.6.1
16:12:50@gitter_realdancarroll_twitter:matrix.orgDaniel Carroll (Gitter)You should join the slack channel. There are a lot more people in there and they are more active.
16:13:48@gitter_realdancarroll_twitter:matrix.orgDaniel Carroll (Gitter)interledger.slack.com
16:51:20@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)Oh great, thanks!
17:41:44@iangilmour:matrix.orgiangilmour joined the room.
18:06:16@iangilmour:matrix.orgiangilmour set a profile picture.
24 Aug 2019
16:39:06@tytsadesme8:matrix.org@tytsadesme8:matrix.org joined the room.
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