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20 Nov 2019
13:17:48@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter)All services with phobosnode have been altered and rebranded
13:18:16@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter)Not at my pc, will check correct name later
14:13:35@gitter_ma06rii1_twitter:matrix.orgma06rii (Gitter) Thanks @KevinKing64_twitter , I appreciate it, you're a top guy; Is there a specific XRP hotwallet service you would recommending using?
16:54:12@gitter_rslater12:matrix.orgrslater12 (Gitter) Thank you @KevinKing64_twitter, @ma06rii1_twitter are you wanting a wallet to send funds to? have you tried running your own payment pointer with ilp-spsp-server? I think all the wallet/payment pointers that are public (tipbot, gatehub) are on a closed network? but iv been away for a while so this may have changed? maybe someone else can confirm this for me.
21 Nov 2019
10:03:03@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter) @ma06rii1_twitter the actual new address for ilsp1.phobosnode.com is now ilsp1.solsticehub.io or try ilsp2.solsticehub.io
10:04:55@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter)I cant really recommend any hot wallets, dont use them directly. But I use theworldexchange.net very easy interface, and wirex, nexo or revolt too. Exchange wise I have narrowed my options down to bitrue and coinfield.
10:06:13@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter)you might want to join interledger.slack.com this option is very rarely visited these days :(
10:07:04@gitter_ma06rii1_twitter:matrix.orgma06rii (Gitter) Thanks @KevinKing64_twitter , I appreciate your help and I will give it a try
10:07:53@gitter_ma06rii1_twitter:matrix.orgma06rii (Gitter) I have tried to join interledger.slack.com but it said I'm not authorised
10:08:15@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter)your welcome, all the techie guys are there, any probs post your questions there, or forum.interledger.org
10:08:25@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter)Ah 2 secs will have a look
10:11:39@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter)Um, i thought there was an open link somewhere, I cant find it, if there is.
10:14:06@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter) try the link here ==> https://forum.interledger.org/t/monitoring-statistics-on-ilp/509/2
11:09:23@gitter_ma06rii1_twitter:matrix.orgma06rii (Gitter) Thanks @KevinKing64_twitter
29 Nov 2019
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12 Dec 2019
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14 Dec 2019
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15 Dec 2019
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17 Dec 2019
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18 Dec 2019
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19 Dec 2019
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6 Jan 2020
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7 Jan 2020
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10 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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12 Jan 2020
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