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9 Dec 2018
16:13:30@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)getting this error when connecting:
16:13:31@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)connector:app error Error: Fatal! Currency scale mismatch. this=9 peer=6
16:15:33@gitter_n3tc4t:matrix.orgN3TC4T (Gitter)leme test it
16:19:23@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)I mean, I can see my earliert payments on the blockchain:
16:19:23@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter) https://bithomp.com/explorer/7C53EC5F354FB798387B0870B9C4813CD904DA2E70430DC97C15569F246C529E
16:19:32@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)but don`t know exactly where they went to?!
16:19:56@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter) ledger ledger *ledger ... :)
16:22:29@gitter_n3tc4t:matrix.orgN3TC4T (Gitter) yep I think there is a problem
2018-12-09T16:21:11.151Z connector:error-handler-middleware[local] debug error in data handler, creating rejection. ilpErrorCode=T01 error=PeerUnreachableError: no connection to account. account=parent at RouteBuilder._verifyPluginIsConnected (/usr/local/share/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/ilp-connector/src/services/route-builder.ts:376:13) at RouteBuilder.getNextHopPacket (/usr/local/share/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/ilp-connector/src/services/route-builder.ts:319:10) at process.internalTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:77:7)
16:23:32@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter) Did you test it with the "normal" server or did you configured a special server via --advanced ?
16:24:58@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)seems like to be a problem with the payment pointer I want to send XRP to
16:56:32@gitter_n3tc4t:matrix.orgN3TC4T (Gitter) it's ok now
16:59:30@gitter_n3tc4t:matrix.orgN3TC4T (Gitter) propebly there is a problem about timeout , I'm just wonder sometimes the endpoint is not working
16:59:46@gitter_n3tc4t:matrix.orgN3TC4T (Gitter) (edited) propebly there ... => probably there ...
17:02:22@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)hm, I am still getting rejections and the same error as you :(
17:22:11@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)It seems I cannot even reach my xrptipbot payment pointer:
17:22:13@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)

Ping Error

Error: Error sending ping. code=F02 message=no route found. source=local destination=$twitter.xrptipbot.com/nixerFFM triggeredBy=g.strata-ilsp-1.xrpChildren9.jjfoAcm1qaGIC5cA0-Di57reZLVxG1OJa4t7zb4qom8
at Ping.ping (C:\Users\Daniel\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\moneyd-gui\src\lib\ping.js:55:13)

17:22:28@gitter_nixerffm_twitter:matrix.orgnixer (Gitter)tried to ping the payment pointer with moneyd-gui
10 Dec 2018
02:53:11@gitter_yamir1995:matrix.orgyamir1995 (Gitter) Hi I was wondering if I could find information about whether it's possible to setup up multiple payment channels on a single moneyd instance and if I can use it to set up a receiver for accounts on multiple ledgers
04:22:20@gitter_yamir1995:matrix.orgyamir1995 (Gitter)I was also wondering if a client can use the Minute extension to make payments to a receiver without having a moneyd instance running? And if not is it possible to participate in the network and pay for content in some other way without having to run a moneyd instance?
16:35:08@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter) joined the room.
16:35:08@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter)How to become a Connecor?
16:35:22@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter) (edited) ... a Connecor? => ... a Connector?
16:40:26@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter)Is it free to test ILP Testnet?
20:27:31@gitter_iofv__twitter:matrix.orginternetofvalue.xyz (Gitter)
How to become a Connector? @Dijkstrax
14 Dec 2018
05:47:14@gitter_ansonyw:matrix.orgAnson Shiu (Gitter) joined the room.
05:47:15@gitter_ansonyw:matrix.orgAnson Shiu (Gitter) Hi all, this is my very first time to look into ILP. And I am now following the tutorial of "Running your own ILP connector" till step 11 "Find a peer that is already on the network". Anyone can do me a favour ? Besides, I feel a little bit confused about what can be done after connecting with the network. Would highly appreciate it if anyone can give me some insights. Thank you so much!
14:57:58@gitter_emschwartz:matrix.orgEvan Schwartz (Gitter) Hi @AnsonYW you should ask in the connector.land gitter channel about people to peer with. If you want to try out sending and receiving basic payments you should look at the SPSP (simple payment setup protocol) tutorial
16:23:41@gitter_lannoc:matrix.orglannoc (Gitter) joined the room.
16:23:41@gitter_lannoc:matrix.orglannoc (Gitter)Hello all! Just wondering if there is anything happening with ILDeathmatch? Come from a gaming back ground and used to play on a platform called prizefight, it was pretty much a centralised version of ILDeathmatch. Software ran in the background of stream games and people were paid on kills etc. It was shut down due to licencing problems with value If i remember rightly. I have a serious interest in the area, when playing on prizefight about 8-10 years ago I seen it as the future of gaming. Sorry for the essay but just wondering if there is any updates with gaming/ILP. Thanks!
16:23:43@gitter_lannoc:matrix.orglannoc (Gitter) changed their display name from gitter_lannoc to lannoc (Gitter).

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