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5 Feb 2019
00:06:14@gitter_michaeljfazio:matrix.orgMichael Fazio (Gitter) @traviscrist I replied to yourself and ben via email with a more complete response.
7 Feb 2019
16:17:48@gitter_tahigichigi_twitter:matrix.orgL.T.G. (Gitter) joined the room.
16:17:49@gitter_tahigichigi_twitter:matrix.orgL.T.G. (Gitter) Hi has anyone had trouble sending payments on ILP via Moneyd? I've tried both testnet and livenet today and I either get address error or timeout error. First time using this so any help would be appreciated!
16:44:00@gitter_tahigichigi_twitter:matrix.orgL.T.G. (Gitter) @michaeljfazio are you having any problems sending payments?
8 Feb 2019
04:00:12@gitter_zack_bennett_twitter:matrix.orgZack Bennett (Gitter) joined the room.
04:00:12@gitter_zack_bennett_twitter:matrix.orgZack Bennett (Gitter) @michaeljfazio New here. I've been noticing the same issues you've been having with Coil. I'm using multiple operating systems and browsers with little consistency between them. Did you come to any resolution or is it related to the new meta tag?
18:52:44@gitter_jfgrissom:matrix.orgJason F. Grissom (Gitter) @TahiGichigi_twitter - I had some problems. I setup SPSP to send funds to XRPTipBot via ILP and got a message about payments being dropped. The payment only partially completed. I tried to send 5 XRP but only managed to receive 0.38 and the payments after that didn't complete.
9 Feb 2019
05:20:44@gitter_michaeljfazio:matrix.orgMichael Fazio (Gitter)

@TahiGichigi_twitter , @Zack_Bennett_twitter , @jfgrissom last I heard from @traviscrist there seems to have been some issues with the ILP network rather than the Coil plugin itself. Also, Wietse wind had some issues recently taking XRP Tipbot ILP donations. Basically he was crediting double what people had actually streamed into the system. So lots of people saw their account balances half after the problem was identifier. I asked him about the issue directly and he suggested it was cased by an ILP problem between XRPTipbot and Coil but he didn't elaborate.

I think the guys from stratalabs or coil will have a much better idea of what is causing the issues people are reporting.

14:08:48@gitter_tahigichigi_twitter:matrix.orgL.T.G. (Gitter) changed their display name from gitter_tahigichigi_twitter to L.T.G. (Gitter).
14:08:48@gitter_tahigichigi_twitter:matrix.orgL.T.G. (Gitter)I spoke to Wietse on Twitter he said to ensure I select a custom connector by using his demo here:
14:08:58@gitter_tahigichigi_twitter:matrix.orgL.T.G. (Gitter) Please check the ILP/moneyd setion of this tutorial, I select a custom connector; https://xrpcommunity.blog/raspberry-pi-interledger-xp-powerswitch-howto/
14:09:29@gitter_tahigichigi_twitter:matrix.orgL.T.G. (Gitter)I haven’t tried it yet but I hope this helps!
11 Feb 2019
15:40:13@gitter_adrianhopebailie:matrix.orgAdrian Hope-Bailie (Gitter)/discourse status
12 Feb 2019
11:00:51@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter) Hi, where can I read more details about ILP's routing? As I understand it's simillar to BGP routing. But i'd like to study the details how it's implemented in ILP with Connectors activity
12:21:46@gitter_kevinking64_twitter:matrix.orgKev King (Gitter) You could start here https://interledger.org/rfcs/0027-interledger-protocol-4/ or pop into forum.interledger.com and ask the experts 😉
14:00:45@gitter_adrianhopebailie:matrix.orgAdrian Hope-Bailie (Gitter) @Dijkstrax there is a PR to add a document on the routing protocol but it's a bit stale (not out of date just hasn't been worked on for a while): interledger/rfcs#455
14:00:58@gitter_adrianhopebailie:matrix.orgAdrian Hope-Bailie (Gitter) We'll try and get it done over the next few weeks
14:30:34@gitter_adrianhopebailie:matrix.orgAdrian Hope-Bailie (Gitter) Also see https://forum.interledger.org/t/how-does-routing-work-in-interledger/94
15 Feb 2019
15:21:42@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter) thanks!
15:21:51@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter)do you have still community calls?
19:07:09@gitter_emschwartz:matrix.orgEvan Schwartz (Gitter) Yup! Every 2 weeks. See https://interledger.org/community.html
22:29:14@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter)cool, i’m planning to join this time, have a batch of questions
22:30:45@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter) did anyone see?
17 Feb 2019
20:35:03@gitter_chrisbond_twitter:matrix.orgchrisbond (Gitter)So where do I start if I want to run an ilp node/connector....
20:35:43@gitter_chrisbond_twitter:matrix.orgchrisbond (Gitter)Medium article still current?
20:39:03@gitter_chrisbond_twitter:matrix.orgchrisbond (Gitter)And does anyone have a docker-compose.yml to share? :j
18 Feb 2019
08:46:27@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter) hey guys what the exact time of cimmunity call this wednesday>
08:46:31@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter) (edited) ... this wednesday> => ... this wednesday?
08:48:21@gitter_dijkstrax:matrix.orgSigismund Dijkstra (Gitter)3pm or 5pm utc? and in the calendar the another time
14:49:01@gitter_adrianhopebailie:matrix.orgAdrian Hope-Bailie (Gitter) It's always 3pm UTC

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