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28 Feb 2019
22:51:39@vanadis:matrix.orgvanadis joined the room.
22:52:22@vanadis:matrix.orgvanadishey theory nerds!
22:52:43@vanadis:matrix.orgvanadisanyone stillalive?
6 Mar 2019
01:43:51@nme:matrix.orgNMEbetter question is were we ever?
12 Mar 2019
03:21:02@anomie:disroot.organomie invited @anomie:matrix.organomie.
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9 Apr 2019
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10 Apr 2019
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12 Apr 2019
08:53:55@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/Honkkin/🌈ClOwNwOrLd🌈] changed their display name from Uncle X [38/XY/Dimension X] to Uncle X [38/Honkkin/🌈ClOwNwOrLd🌈].
13 Apr 2019
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14 Apr 2019
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26 Apr 2019
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3 May 2019
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1 Jun 2019
08:38:39@jenn6827:matrix.orgJenn joined the room.
In reply to @vanadis:matrix.org
anyone stillalive?
How do we tell? How soon will we read this state of being as dead? Probably nothing happens when you die exhausted from this life- it just makes another chapter gets accessed where you are only dead people
5 Jun 2019
22:03:51@malobyte:matrix.orgjinni joined the room.
7 Jun 2019
04:36:14@malobyte:matrix.orgjinniguess it depends who you ask
04:36:46@malobyte:matrix.orgjinniand when you ask
04:36:53@malobyte:matrix.orgjinnipretty sure everyone has thought that life's a bitch and then you die at some point
04:37:43@malobyte:matrix.orgjinnimore like hell and then peace, or nothing, but they're the same thing, so no need to split hairs
08:19:33@malobyte:matrix.orgjinni changed their display name from malobyte to apostate.
8 Jun 2019
06:53:08@malobyte:matrix.orgjinni changed their display name from apostate to jinni.
17 Jun 2019
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13 Jul 2019
14:46:11@Peacock:matrix.orgPeacock joined the room.
14:48:14@Peacock:matrix.orgPeacocki like peepee
25 Aug 2019
04:15:32@libliasami1:matrix.orglibliasami1 joined the room.
04:15:40@libliasami1:matrix.orglibliasami1 left the room.
12:33:08@jenn6827:matrix.orgJennSo, this is it, here we go, we can sit back and watch the world burn. Amazon forest first, and things artic

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