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29 Jan 2023
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@_slack_filecoinproject_UUW9K8CB1:ipfs.iomark5891 > The challenge with IPFS and related technologies is that they are not accessible for people without technical skills. When a non-developer is able to collate, manage data through simple to use point and click tools then it would become more sustainable. The challenge for us, within the browsers & platforms team specifically, is to make that transition as easy as possible! That being said, here's a shameless plug to the IPFS integrations repo (vscode issue in particular) that should hopefully make the devs life easier in a distributed world. How that will work: bring on the ideas and feedback, now is the best time for that! 14:39:23
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30 Jan 2023
@_slack_filecoinproject_UUW9K8CB1:ipfs.iomark5891 Hmm, this puzzles me a bit. My IPFS config in the datastore section has:
          "child": {
            "compression": "none",
            "path": "datastore",
            "type": "levelds"
          "mountpoint": "/",
          "prefix": "leveldb.datastore",
          "type": "measure"
Important part there is the "compression": "none" Yet profiling kubo shows that the datastore is using compression. Am i missing something here?
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@_slack_filecoinproject_U03V10P0F9Q:ipfs.iorobin Right — this is one of the reasons why I think that the IPFS/ActivityPub connection ought to go beyond just making things efficient for media. Adding a thing to a collection/feed/stream should be trivial, curating should really just be as simple as a CID that’s copied into a stream you own. 15:11:38
@_slack_filecoinproject_U03V10P0F9Q:ipfs.iorobin this also relates to dark forest web vs cozy web (https://maggieappleton.com/cozy-web) and how generative AI makes that even more desirable (https://maggieappleton.com/ai-dark-forest) 15:13:16
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala Chromium verified multi-gateway implementation notes from John at LBL. https://github.com/little-bear-labs/ipfs-chromium/blob/main/README.md 17:17:50
@_slack_filecoinproject_UEP092KTQ:ipfs.iolidel leveldb compaction is not compression, afaik it is re-ordering data to avoid some I/O in the future. 17:49:00
@_slack_filecoinproject_UUW9K8CB1:ipfs.iomark5891 Ahh right! That makes sense. Still though, compaction is heavy. Then again, i think i need to dive in deep of the leveldb usage in ipfs. Something there along with my local datastore size (2.1GB) smells weird. Need to understand how that is all working 17:58:20
In reply to @_slack_filecoinproject_UEP092KTQ:ipfs.io
leveldb compaction is not compression, afaik it is re-ordering data to avoid some I/O in the future.
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