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4 Mar 2024
@dietrich:matrix.orgdietrich banned @uk_trippy_exotic:matrix.org@uk_trippy_exotic:matrix.org (spam).09:16:24
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) i removed it for this channel 09:17:54
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) yes, it’s matrix 09:17:57
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) it’s always matrix 09:18:04
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) i typically get it quickly (if no one else does first) 09:18:31
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) maybe Rod is having a case of the Mondays 09:18:44
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) not related to spam, we should change the channel name. Matrix/Element UI doesn’t highlight the server name, so it just looks like an “anything browsers / platforms / standards”, not specifically decentralization or IPFS etc. 09:20:26
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) related to spam: i’m not sure there are full-time admins anymore for the Slack+Matrix+Discord combo… so the problem likely gets worse before it gets better. though the Matrix spam problem has always been bad 🤷🏽 09:22:36
@dietrich:matrix.orgdietrichbah, looks like photos aren't making it across the Matrix bridge still.09:23:45
@_discord_294322746538852352:ipfs.iokiimmmp joined the room.09:29:34
@_slack_filecoinproject_U015V457U15:ipfs.ioolizilla a case of the timezone induced monday pioneers 09:53:57
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) it’s always Monday somewhere 10:07:20
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) So i had an issue last week where Glif wasn’t showing Ledger as a choice but was showing Metamask, in Brave nightly or Chromium canary. i tested release channels of both, and it did… the opposite 😵‍💫 i talked to Brave and to Glif, and it turns out it the problem is Chromium 122 enables iterator helpers by default which broke Endo (secure js sandboxes) which broke Metamask… https://issues.chromium.org/issues/41495590#comment11 15:06:13
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) building for the web is like coding in the dark inside a closet with thousands of ghosts in it 15:07:26
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) on acid 15:07:41
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) while hungry 15:07:45
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) yayyyyy 15:08:01
@_discord_364757227833131011:ipfs.iodietrich1 changed their display name from dietrich#1902 to dietrich1#0.16:03:48
@_discord_364757227833131011:ipfs.iodietrich1 Igalia's Web Engines Hackfest is coming up again, in early June. https://webengineshackfest.org/ 16:03:58
@_discord_364757227833131011:ipfs.iodietrich1 changed their display name from dietrich1#0 to dietrich1.16:04:04
@_slack_filecoinproject_U03DENM6JTX:ipfs.iomasterwayne joined the room.17:52:06
@_slack_filecoinproject_U03DENM6JTX:ipfs.iomasterwayne Dietrich Ayala (UTC plus 1) SEAD will cover this — bringing people on board and up to speed atm 17:52:55
@ipfs-bot:ipfs.ioIPFS Admin banned @pedogirl:matrix.org@pedogirl:matrix.org (CSAM).17:57:08
@_discord_1167683997942431774:ipfs.ioheyjosh0 joined the room.20:29:06
@ipfs-bot:ipfs.ioIPFS Adminchanged room power levels.20:32:46
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@kastolropl:matrix.org@kastolropl:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event20:37:37
@dietrich:matrix.orgdietrich banned @kastolropl:matrix.org@kastolropl:matrix.org (spam).20:42:22
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