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21 Sep 2023
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@_slack_filecoinproject_UUW9K8CB1:ipfs.iomark5891 Hi lidel! That's awesome! And finally someone else responding in that thread again besides mostly me πŸ˜‰ I will go over that feedback tomorrow and get it done before the 23rd with that merge window opening. 19:42:10
@_slack_filecoinproject_UUW9K8CB1:ipfs.iomark5891 The same IPIP also has: 19:43:12
@_slack_filecoinproject_UUW9K8CB1:ipfs.iomark5891 While i'd love to have that gateway config file in the proper place (as defined in that spec), I do fear it's better for now to go "quick and dirty" and require kubo to keep providing that ~/.ipfs/gateway file. Curl might be ok updating it later on. But i fear ffmpeg isn't easily going to allow any further change in ipfs as they reall had a sort of fight about that about a year ago. Any change there is for sure met with skepticism so i prefer to not "wake them up" again. 19:46:22
@_slack_filecoinproject_UUW9K8CB1:ipfs.iomark5891 For the IPIP, we might need to reword it. We might just need to require an application providing a gateway to provide ~/.ipfs/gateway too. And leave it in the middle how to resolve conflicts (like the file already existing). 19:47:40
@_slack_filecoinproject_UEP092KTQ:ipfs.iolidel Standardising on ~/.ipfs/gateway sounds good to me. Pragmatism wins here, and don't worry Kubo will always provide it. I think IPFS_GATEWAY env will end up more important anyway. Once you get to reworfding IPIP, I think we want to focus on requiring support for IPFS_GATEWAY env as integration MUST, and all the file paths can be left as SHOULDs. 20:24:09
@_slack_filecoinproject_UUW9K8CB1:ipfs.iomark5891 Sounds good to me lidel! πŸ‘ Will update that whole IPIP right after curl. Time to finish at least one more spec too πŸ˜‰ 21:07:12
@_slack_filecoinproject_UUW9K8CB1:ipfs.iomark5891 This month! 21:07:24
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22 Sep 2023
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@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 2) here’s the summary i wrote up 12:05:02
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 2) IPFS features in Brave β€’ Default bundling of IPFS Companion browser extension: Provides convenience features like automatic detection of websites that say they have IPFS support, and redirection to a local node if present β€’ IPFS native address support: When ipfs:// or ipns:// addresses are entered in the address bar, they are redirected to either an IPFS gateway or local node (Brave post with details) β€’ Full IPFS node support: When enabled, Brave downloads and runs Kubo (golang IPFS implementation) and resolves native IPFS addresses with it. (same post as linked above) β€’ NFT backup: When users enable this feature, NFTs in Brave wallet that have IPFS addresses will have their assets and metadata saved automatically to the Brave IPFS node (Brave post with details) Filecoin features in Brave β€’ Brave native wallet supports Filecoin (FIL) send/receive (Brave post with details) β€’ Brave native wallet supports FEVM addresses (Brave post with details) 12:05:03
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 2) IPFS / Filecoin / FVM features on the roadmap: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AH-gR0vAywN_5qTAs6btB6X43SMuDh8iHn2PSMG5a0g/edit 12:06:33
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 2) And the new infobar that just went live on Sep 12, soon to be socialized more. 12:07:08
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 2) > Brave to sign in to our native Filecoin dapp for Fundring? > > show import / restore between eg FILSnap and Brave to show seed phrase compat boris best way forward is likely file issues for each in brave/brave-browser, then we can all comment in the issues 12:09:18
@_slack_filecoinproject_U01BT71A4TB:ipfs.ioboris Ok 13:11:38
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23 Sep 2023
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@_slack_filecoinproject_U01426BFQ2D:ipfs.ioDietrich Ayala (UTC plus 2) drop the link here! 11:53:01
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@_slack_filecoinproject_UEP092KTQ:ipfs.iolidel Sgtm! I am in travel/conference between 27th-2nd, so can't do sync calls in that window, but outside of that feel free to pick something that works for you, my free time is always under Office Hours link here πŸ™‚ 13:55:26
@fabrice.desre:matrix.orgfabrice Congrats mark5891 ! https://mastodon.social/@bagder/111113659865816156 15:25:31
@veronika_dd:matrix.orgAngel Lofeyhttps://instagram.com/lofey_kb?igshid=NzZlODBkYWE4Ng==16:03:20
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