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18 Jun 2018
18:59:53@max:kamax.ioMaximusWould something like ROSDECODE, in terms of level of abstractions, would be map to en quivalent of a git repo, or a github organisation?
19:00:41@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeIt actually is already a Github repo
19:00:55@thematizer:matrix.orgart|code(and thanks to Brian, as of yesterday, a Gitlab repo)
19:01:05@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeso yes...
19:08:38@thematizer:matrix.orgart|code classywhetten: Brian, another potentially interesting open source suite to take a look at is https://cryptpad.fr
19:10:45@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeIt's an encrypted, zero-knowledge suite with Google Documents type functionality. no version control that I'm aware, but it does support tagging and has a good mechanism for simultaneous editing of the same file
19:11:11@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codenot sure sure it will be relevant but maybe something to take a look at
19 Jun 2018
01:43:27@classywhetten:matrix.orgclassywhetten art|code: Cryptpad looks interesting for sure, and I think it would be a good idea to look at integrating or recommending for our community members.
01:55:04@classywhetten:matrix.orgclassywhettenThis is somewhat unrelated to the technical discussion: but have you watched "Everything is a remix" on youtube?
17:09:45@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeNot yet. This? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJPERZDfyWc
17:13:08@classywhetten:matrix.orgclassywhettenYes, that one
17:15:47@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeCool. Will check it out.
22 Jun 2018
18:27:24@classywhetten:matrix.orgclassywhettenHere is our official gitlab group for anyone who hasn't joined yet https://gitlab.com/rosecode-contributors/
18:29:18@classywhetten:matrix.orgclassywhetten art|code: I also just want to make sure whenever you get a chance that you have full access to the client side code on gitlab now. You should.
19:21:32@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeLooks good; have to add an SSH key to know for sure. Also, you should probably add/invite https://github.com/tessgadwa.
23 Jun 2018

art|code: I've been working a lot on the content guide, and I had an interesting thought. Compare two works that contain racial violence: Uncle Tom's Cabin vs. Birth of a Nation (1915)

Uncle Tom's Cabin I think we would be fine putting on the platform, but Birth of a Nation is an incredibly racist piece of film. I think the main distinction between the two is the flow of narrative and viewpoints (which we might be able to moderate based on). In Uncle Tom's Cabin, the protagonist is who receives the racial violence, but in Birth of a Nation: The protagonists dish out the violence. I think this could be a starting point of how we moderate content on the platform.

There comes a problem though, in books like "Mein Kampf" (hitler's autobiography), it's Hitler who posits that he's the one who receives discrimination, and my theory partially falls apart. Do you have any thoughts on moderation based on this?

24 Jun 2018
21:35:07@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeI think it's almost impossible and a very slippery slope to moderate *content* for being racist, sexist, classist, etc. I am not on board with their being pc thought police overseeing every characters' interactions... and if the price is that somebody creates a skinhead fork of ROSECODE, so be it. The same has happened with the Bible, Islam, and many other cultural narratives.
21:37:05@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeOn the other hand, in any communities that we maintain and moderate, it is NOT ok to attack or abuse individuals, with racist, sexist, homophobic slurs, etc. I think it is completely fair and expected that we have the ability to remove individuals who have a disruptive influence from these communities.
21:38:51@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeRedacted or Malformed Event
21:40:01@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeI also think that creating a branch is not the same as getting it merged into the main narrative. Somebody who creates intentionally bigoted or malicious content (or content that is just not very good) is not going to gt it past me and/or other moderators. This is no different than the way a pure code repo works.
21:43:20@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeFinally, there are a few categories of content (child porn, first and foremost) for which there will be zero tolerance on our servers or our forums. I know the Matrix community has had to consider these issues, and to the extent that these processes are documented that may be a good model to emulate.
21:53:02@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeI really like this one: https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
21:53:55@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeLinuxFest Northwest 2018 - Speaker Information.pdf
LinuxFest Northwest 2018 - Speaker Information.pdf
21:54:15@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeHere is another example... (I like the part about "assume good intentions")
22:11:22@thematizer:matrix.orgart|code classywhetten: Just emailed you the docs from Ctrl-H. There is a Release of Liabilit, also, which may be quite useful.
22:16:19@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeOn a totally different note, how awesome is this??? https://towardsdatascience.com/turning-fortnite-into-pubg-with-deep-learning-cyclegan-2f9d339dcdb0
29 Jun 2018
21:41:48@thematizer:matrix.orgart|codeLinuxfest NW talk is now online! Slides plus audio https://youtu.be/QaeNttbikvE
11 Jul 2018
21:51:14@rosecheval:matrix.orgart|code joined the room.

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