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23 Mar 2018
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24 Mar 2018
11:21:15@tcit:matrix.org@tcit:matrix.org changed the room topic to "Eventos - an ActivityPub federated alternative to Meetup - Made with Elixir and VueJS" from "Eventos - an ActivityPub federated alternative to Meetup - channel - Elixir".
11 Jun 2018
12:57:43@tcit:matrix.org@tcit:matrix.org changed their display name from Thomas Citharel (tcit) to tcit.
20 Jun 2018
14:23:41@m4sk1n:matrix.orgm4sk1n joined the room.
29 Jun 2018
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30 Jun 2018
05:59:55@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit set a profile picture.
1 Jul 2018
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9 Aug 2018
13:40:20@mayel:matrix.orgM. joined the room.
28 Sep 2018
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18 Oct 2018
04:10:33@actupper:matrix.orgactupper joined the room.
6 Nov 2018
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13 Nov 2018
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17 Nov 2018
10:55:15@baptistegelez:disroot.orgElza changed their display name from Baptiste to Elza.
22 Nov 2018
12:17:01@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit changed their profile picture.
11 Dec 2018
17:06:30@mayel:matrix.orgM. changed their display name from Mayel to M.
12 Dec 2018
17:54:17@mayel:matrix.orgM. changed their display name from M to M..
4 Jan 2019
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23:10:40@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit changed the join rule to "invite" from "public".
7 Jan 2019
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