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20 Sep 2020
In reply to @dnisbetjones:librem.one
Like some kind of ticker or something for sports?
Yeah, some kind of of live ticker to get updates on the score
@ryanjyoder:matrix.orgryanjyoderI finally joined the u Ubuntu discord. It seems super popular. Are people here moving there? Or also there?20:21:17
@ravage:xentonix.netNilsI think I'm ok here for now20:44:55
@ravage:xentonix.netNilsBig chat rooms tend to be very redundant and I don't think i have the time to keep up20:47:20
@dnisbetjones:librem.oneDustinI don’t really know anything about Discord but I like Matrix/Element20:54:10
@ryanjyoder:matrix.orgryanjyoder Yeah Nils they almost have the opposite problem there's just so many threads happening at once. 21:13:09
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@kernellinux:linuxdelta.comkernellinuxTo be honest, the fact that we're all asking "what platform is everyone on today" is precisely why I like Matrix. 21:29:50
@kernellinux:linuxdelta.comkernellinuxSlack - you're a Matrix room to me Telegram - You're a Matrix room to me IRC - You're a Matrix room to me Discord - You're a Matrix room to me21:30:28
@biep:nltrix.netM BipYes - we could turn the Discord room into a Matrix room - that would help the many people who don't like Discord.22:06:49
@computerhavoc:matrix.orgComputer Havoc set a profile picture.23:30:05
21 Sep 2020
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@telum:matrix.orgtelum Alright, hoping someone can walk me through this. I've got an external Logitech C270 USB webcam that I'm trying to mount. 03:24:33
@telum:matrix.orgtelum I can open it in cheese, but I want to me able to make it accessible to virtual machines, so I need it recognized each time. 03:25:27
@telum:matrix.orgtelum I ran sudo lsusb, and got a few options. The relevant output is "Bus 001 Device 040: ID 046d:0825 Logitech, Inc. Webcam C270" 03:28:03
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22 Sep 2020
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@nikhilanand:matrix.orgnikhilanand 07:56:29
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@janisozaur:matrix.orgjanisozaurHey! For launchpad recipe, how can I do `git describe` so it provides meaningful output? Right now it's empty - don't know whether because in different directory, not using a git clone or other reason10:34:36

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