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1 Dec 2020
@willguy90:matrix.orgLADARISMCPRIMEhello i am new to ubuntu 09:55:44
@willguy90:matrix.orgLADARISMCPRIMEis ubuntu good for performance or is more security based09:56:10
@willguy90:matrix.orgLADARISMCPRIMEheard its bad with nvidia which is what i have10:01:45
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@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquin It is a general purpose beginner friendly distro with multiple support channels. You can configure it to be more secure like any other but it is not a specialised security focused distro like tails etc. 10:28:42
@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquinI don't have nvidia so I don't know about it.10:29:22
@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquinviperperidot: Do you save the password? 10:29:57
@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquin* viperperidot: Do you save the password? 10:32:11
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@biep:nltrix.netM Bip I suddenly have folders named GNUstep and snap in my home folder. I don't want those there. They aren't even hidden. Does anyone know which programs put them there, and will uninstalling those programs remove them, or allow me to delete them without damage? 11:32:42
@shinobix9x:matrix.orgshinobix9xI think snapd puts the snappy programs in snap folder. If you are using snaps you shouldnt delete the snap folder11:34:44
@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquinI suggest +1 this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/157505311:35:53
In reply to @blue_penquin:fairydust.space
viperperidot: Do you save the password?
Yes the password is in the field saved
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@0xdigip:matrix.org0xdigipDang, found my dream tablet and now running into problems more and more. I have a Lenovo Tablet 10 20L3 8GB RMA/128GB EMMc. After some time i got some trouble with my Wifi connections. Preinstalled was a Realtek card (RTL8822BE) which worked fine for a while. After some month and of curse updates (not used it much), the connection broke from time to time. Then again it run for some hours. That happend on 18.04. After fresh installation of 20.04 it did not worked better and at some point Wifi card "died" (no more Wifi in Gnome Networkmanager Gui). So i ordered a new one and on top an Intel AX200 after some research. So i tryed the Intel and BAAAM worked! But again after some time the card "went down". Now the card does not "come back" anymore in the Gui at least. Before a complete shutdown/restart helped but not anymore. I have actually no idea how to debug it. Maybe it's an incompatibility with Intel firmware blob and the Kernel again but no idea. Any suggestions welcome, Help!21:05:23
@0xdigip:matrix.org0xdigiplspci list nothing about the card. dmesg | grep intel neither.21:24:28
@0xdigip:matrix.org0xdigipPlugged out the card, started, shutdown. Plugged the card in again, started -> lcpci list the card again. Well, it's a step forward but def. not the answer at the end. -.-21:59:47
@ravage:xentonix.netNilsSounds like a problem with the board or connector . You already exchanged the adapter and you get the same result22:10:48
@ravage:xentonix.netNilsIf you don't see the pci device at all its not a software problem22:11:41
@0xdigip:matrix.org0xdigipIt's like a bus problem would say. :/22:12:33
@0xdigip:matrix.org0xdigipAbout otherwise there seems to be a problem with the 5.4 Kernel and Intel AX20022:13:03
@ravage:xentonix.netNilsYou can check for firmware or bios updates. Or maybe even install evil windows for a while to make sure it's not a driver problem22:13:14
@0xdigip:matrix.org0xdigipomg he sayed the "W" word ...22:14:20
@0xdigip:matrix.org0xdigipJust tried to boot from Win PE and flash the latest BIOS. This time it didn't work. Stop writing the BIOS for some reason.22:15:23
@0xdigip:matrix.org0xdigipI'm doomed.22:15:40
@biep:nltrix.netM Bip
In reply to @shinobix9x:matrix.org
I think snapd puts the snappy programs in snap folder. If you are using snaps you shouldnt delete the snap folder
I'm not, nor have, to my knowledge. Thanks anyway.
@biep:nltrix.netM Bip Well, the snap folder contains subfolders for gnome-calculator, gnome-characters, and gnome-system-monitor. Aren't those just the preinstalled apps?
I renamed the folder, and everything still seems to work well. I changed some preferences in the calculator, and it remembers those. No new folder snap is being created. I guess if it stays like that, I'll delete the folder in a few days.
@biep:nltrix.netM Bip I renamed snap to snip. I see that ~/snip/gnome-calculator/current/.config/dconf/user, a link, was updated when I changed the preferences, but it points to ~/.config/dconf/user, so I suppose only its target was changed. 23:15:07
2 Dec 2020
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