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27 May 2023
@wjvcyxnsbj:mozilla.orgmeiwhat i linked seems to fit this09:11:58
@zahidiiu:matrix.orgZahidmy web application rapidly change version and my current running web application uses old database which is not compitable with new version so i have make backup of it09:14:41
In reply to @wjvcyxnsbj:mozilla.org
maybe this can help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization
i shall study this link
@iam_tj:matrix.orgiam_tj Zahid: how about using block-device, or file-system, snapshots as appropriate? 09:17:02
@zahidiiu:matrix.orgZahidi just used cubic in ubuntu for create live dvd but that was unsuccessful and did not do as what i expected 09:19:14
@iam_tj:matrix.orgiam_tj Zahid: You could set up automatic snapshots before each update gets installed, so you could roll-back to previous versions. File-system snapshot might be most appropriate 09:23:22
@zahidiiu:matrix.orgZahidis it a build in tool in ubuntu ? i will definitely try if it works to my scenario09:25:01
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In reply to @wjvcyxnsbj:mozilla.org
check Pinta although it might be too simple

Hi, I used krita, based on this list:

But apparently, pinta should also be able to do this.
Thanks! 👍️

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@mark1n0:matrix.orgmark1n0I'm installing Ubuntu 23 on my 2017 macbook pro, if I have problems with WiFi drivers can anyone help me?16:07:22
@mark1n0:matrix.orgmark1n0WiFi its ok, but dont find any network 17:01:22

Zahid: for the use case you desire, perhaps you should think about using Clonezilla instead.

It isn't an ISO as you specified, but it can do a full system clone, boot env and all.

This isn't how I would do it, but it would work

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28 May 2023
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