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3 Mar 2024
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿 * 'why pollute'. I don't reply to people who purposefully speak in a negative tone. You're "polluting" the channel right now with your drama.12:29:10
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿 * AI is not a pollution. You view it as such. I don't. Many others don't. You can feel free to ignore the bot so you won't see what it says. If you have a problem, fix it like an adult instead of forcing your likes/dislikes on everyone else.12:29:25
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿 * 'why pollute...'. I don't like to reply to people who purposefully speak in a negative tone. What if I say, "You're "polluting" the channel right now with your drama."12:46:33
@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.orgenjoy your lonely channel then14:08:08
@ha:matrix.org@ha:matrix.org left the room.14:08:17
@nananicole:matrix.orgnananicoleThe fuck he mean lonely? 14:13:50
@nananicole:matrix.orgnananicoleLow IQ idiot. 14:14:00
@slimeshiesty762:matrix.orgJ H joined the room.16:22:05
@Creak:matrix.orgCreakPlease keep this chat welcoming. No need to insult anyone.17:10:49
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿
In reply to @ha:matrix.org
if you want to learn something about a topic, use whatever means you deem useful and do it for yourself
If everyone can do everything by themselves, there isn't a point in being social. Why share music? We can use websites and search engines to discover music.
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@juju2401:matrix.orgJΓΊ Ju!sd create a black midi cover album19:27:34
@juju2401:matrix.orgJΓΊ JuOh19:27:40
@hcbot:matrix.orgπŸ„ HB|Funguy Botoutput.png
Download output.png
@juju2401:matrix.orgJΓΊ JuNot what I was expecting but still cool19:29:10
@juju2401:matrix.orgJΓΊ Ju
In reply to @hashborgir:mozilla.org
Seems like AI is quite useful. If you don't like AI stuff, too bad.
Did you make this bot?
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿Yes20:30:29
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿 You can play with the bot in #self-hosting-bots:matrix.org 20:30:40
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿I just figured some social plugins I can code might make people chat more, socialize more, etc. etc. share more. I'm not trying to annoy anyone.20:31:27
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿I can make it unload some stuff. I'll have to program more. 20:46:29
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOf1JyctRwg20:49:02
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿I turned off the Youtube Preview for this room.20:49:15
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿Redacted or Malformed Event21:59:09
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿Redacted or Malformed Event22:14:30
@hcbot:matrix.orgπŸ„ HB|Funguy BotRedacted or Malformed Event22:14:31
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿Redacted or Malformed Event22:14:59
@hcbot:matrix.orgπŸ„ HB|Funguy BotRedacted or Malformed Event22:15:00
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿Redacted or Malformed Event22:15:31
@hcbot:matrix.orgπŸ„ HB|Funguy BotRedacted or Malformed Event22:15:36
@hashborgir:mozilla.orgπŸ„ HB|B.CS,BSCSIA,A+,Net+,Sec+,CySA+,Pentest+,Project+,ECES,ITILv4,SSCP,MCP,MCSE|🌿 * I turned off the Youtube Preview for this room. No more preview. AI plugins are also off. 22:16:40

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