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3 Dec 2018
08:05:53@testelect:matrix.org@testelect:matrix.orgguitars, violin and a bass in a very agreeable a bit spanish a bit gipsy composition
4 Dec 2018
09:28:26@testelect:matrix.org@testelect:matrix.orggreat sound hannes, love it, just like the fairlight logicoma one.
13:17:21@max:kamax.ioMaximus Tsundere Alley - Give It To You
14:38:17@max:kamax.ioMaximus DAN TERMINUS - Digital Onslaught - Real music for real people
17:52:34@zeratax:dmnd.shZeratax?utf8=✓ changed their profile picture.
18:43:54@max:kamax.ioMaximus Agrume - Ah! Ah!Ah! Ah! - Awesome bass sound
21:55:38@ha:matrix.orghannes @testelect:matrix.org: :DD
5 Dec 2018
09:23:40@testelect:matrix.org@testelect:matrix.orgCulture Shock - Get Physical https://youtu.be/c297KGrVZoI
09:25:17@testelect:matrix.org@testelect:matrix.orghere is a nice break beat sound, minimal, dry with some droooooops
09:28:24@testelect:matrix.org@testelect:matrix.orgIf any of you are in Berlin this weekend, we have a party going on in our very own Apartment A. It's coverd with streetart and totaly underground ;) https ://www.facebook.com/events/345007282992895/?ti=cl
15:23:54@ha:matrix.orghannesbeautiful lounge stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0LZ20ppkNo
15:24:32@ha:matrix.orghannes only for @testelect:matrix.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFZqDcFU4Ow
6 Dec 2018
01:12:49@max:kamax.ioMaximus FIBRE - Totality - Future Punk will live forever
08:20:02@ha:matrix.orghannescant get enough of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7Ol-YDS4Jc
7 Dec 2018
00:30:46@Creak:matrix.orgCreakThe latest video from The Prodigy (from their album No Tourists): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5tHiZACxbI
15:41:41@Creak:matrix.orgCreakTenacious D released another movie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HlcJdW4Vgc
20:20:31@max:kamax.ioMaximuswhat in the world did I just watch
21:12:10@Creak:matrix.orgCreak hahaha 😃
I still haven't watched it, but I loved their previous movie: The Pick Of Destiny (teaser)
8 Dec 2018
02:53:19@blakec:matrix.orgblakec set a profile picture.
9 Dec 2018
09:32:02@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygaps https://youtube.com/watch?v=6XtG5SGL0Xw going to see them play this eve
14:42:53@max:kamax.ioMaximus The full album - That band is amazing
15:11:24@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapsyeah im super excited tickets are now hitting 20euros ;)
15:11:41@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapsim gonna grab one in a few
10 Dec 2018
20:11:27@romanticusgondolaticus:tedomum.netromanticusgondolaticus joined the room.
11 Dec 2018
15:08:37@Creak:matrix.orgCreak I need to rehear them. First time I tried I didn't like it much, but a lot of people (with taste apparently) seems to like it.
12 Dec 2018
05:05:51@nme:matrix.orgNME joined the room.
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