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21 Oct 2021
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.space森 海斗Kazakh folk song, pretty fucking catchy12:35:42
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.space森 海斗got me emotional for some reason12:35:47
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.space森 海斗maybe bc he's singing w/ his sister and that's cute12:36:06
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layer joined the room.15:36:34
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layeri wanna know how much money i can earn by putting doom metal riffs on bandcamp15:37:51
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layeranyone please give any suggestions15:38:03
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layerdoes those actually sell15:39:30
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layerim not talking about the above album15:43:02
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layeri mean how difficult it is to be a good seller in bandcamp?15:43:43
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layerare there other good alternatives ? 15:44:02
@frankpanduh:matrix.orgfrankpanduhAre your selling riffs like loops?15:45:03
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layeridk what loops is15:46:02
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layeryou mean repetition?15:46:19
@frankpanduh:matrix.orgfrankpanduh Like the riffs you are selling are they isolated guitar parts that someone can re-arrange or like complete songs with a guitar riff. 15:47:06
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layeroriginal by me complete with vocals sometimes15:47:34
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layeris there a market for these kinds of things for real15:48:04
@frankpanduh:matrix.orgfrankpanduh Yeah, loops do better so like your riff as a single wav file would make you more money. Then selling them with vocals. 15:48:40
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layeroh so people can use , ah i get it now15:49:29
@frankpanduh:matrix.orgfrankpanduh You can sell your loops / guitar phrases as little loops someone can re-arrange or sample for other kinds of music. Yeah guitar riffs of different genres sell pretty easy as packs. 15:49:52
@frankpanduh:matrix.orgfrankpanduh I’d say checkout something gumroad + bandcamp to sell packs of stuff. 15:50:30

Something like gumroad.com is good because you can collect emails for when you make newer packs and content.

There is places like splice and other loop stores but they take a wider cut.

@frankpanduh:matrix.orgfrankpanduh So your customers can get a newsletter if they wanna sign up and stuff and get updates about new packs. 15:53:05
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layergood to know man , i just needed a headstart , been having this idea though i live isolated these days15:55:14
@frankpanduh:matrix.orgfrankpanduh Yeah these days have been pretty rough with all the isolation! But it’s always good to have good tunes to keep you company! 15:57:29
@razor:monero.socialrazor_the_juice_layertotally i cant live without music16:40:07
@human_susy:matrix.org🐺Person on FluffyChat🐺 [they/them]E neither16:57:18
@human_susy:matrix.org🐺Person on FluffyChat🐺 [they/them]Me** smh autocorrect16:57:24
22 Oct 2021

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