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14 May 2022
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@_discord_449842841037045760:t2bot.iobotwet Phala needs to work on a notification system where if a miner increases it’s commission after you stake, you get a notification of some sort 21:44:00
@_discord_449842841037045760:t2bot.iobotwet Miners offer high initial APRs and then increase the commission to 100% shortly thereafter is an issue and needs to be addressed head on 21:44:53
15 May 2022
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@_discord_549224284325675018:t2bot.ioCa₱₱ex I think this tool is very interesting and useful https://khala.100k.dev/stakepools 08:20:12
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@_discord_449842841037045760:t2bot.iobotwet Phala was finally released from the miner. I guess he was milking every last reward he can. 15:44:29
@_discord_449842841037045760:t2bot.iobotwet Following up here with the KSM that was locked for the crowdloan. It was not automatically unlocked and released. Any info out there on how to retrieve it? 15:45:26
@_discord_449842841037045760:t2bot.iobotwet Any assistance here from devs would be greatly appreciated 16:43:17
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@_discord_549224284325675018:t2bot.ioCa₱₱ex what are you referring to? 19:45:21
@_discord_449842841037045760:t2bot.iobotwet Kusama crowdloan unlock. 19:47:59
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@_discord_549224284325675018:t2bot.ioCa₱₱ex it seems that the deadline is close, let's wait and see what it will be possible to do 20:14:39
@_discord_449842841037045760:t2bot.iobotwet Got it. Thanks 🙏🏼 20:30:16
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16 May 2022
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@_discord_449842841037045760:t2bot.iobotwet KSM released. Thanks all! 02:37:51
@_discord_449842841037045760:t2bot.iobotwet Just traded for more phala on the karura parachain 02:38:19
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