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6 Jan 2024
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 this one was address and data pins 21:28:36
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold aaaah that's where my mind went in the wrong direction 21:28:57
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 same as the ram in PCs 21:29:04
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold I have some experience with designing dense boards (read, for my job I'm currently working on a 14-layer board 🤭 ) so yeah, SRAM can get quite complicated 21:30:11
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 Ouch 🤣 21:30:51
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold Well it's not SRAM, it's DDR4 but still 21:32:12
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold Parallel busses are annoying 🥴 21:32:37
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 Well close enough 😄 21:32:43
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 What software would you guys recomend other than kicad or easyeda pro? 21:33:57
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 But being able to just grab anything off of LCSC and plop it in is great 21:35:47
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold Hmm, there are not many options around for the hobbyist 21:41:43
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold I'm a big fan of Altium but it's expensive as hell 21:42:10
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 Paid would also be ok 21:42:11
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 yup 21:42:20
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold Eagle is going for EOL so I wouldn't recommend that either 21:42:37
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 they have the cheaper one 21:42:38
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold But still quite expensive if I remember correctly 21:43:26
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold I have used it a ton so it's a real shame 21:43:47
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 I tried the fusion 360 integration, but it was not great, eagle looked good 21:45:20
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 although it is windows on, but it should run in a VM on a mac 21:48:36
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 and you get the parts library 21:49:06
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold Did you try Altium Circuitmaker already? 21:51:57
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold Hey I did not know CircuitStudio was a thing! 21:55:01
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold Perpetual means you buy it once and then you keep it forever right? 21:55:23
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 I have it installed, but did not have time to play with it yet 21:58:15
@_discord_290565298866880512:t2bot.iojtomes123 yup, you get to keep it forever 21:58:35
@_discord_389139743381782530:t2bot.iopositionhigh hey guys, i am very happy some chats are going on but i think you can take it to off-topic-chat ? btw. i only have kicad 🐈 so this is a bit above my experience 22:01:12
@_discord_314447193039962113:t2bot.io.thunderbold You are absolutely right mister positionhigh 🫡 22:02:40
11 Jan 2024
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22 Feb 2024
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