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20 May 2018
00:56:58@graylan:matrix.orggraylan joined the room.
25 May 2018
12:32:58@mellogreens:matrix.orgmellogreens joined the room.
28 May 2018
20:35:15@_slack_vcash_U4SC2AYHH:matrix.orgkastang Bittrex gave the death blow to this shitcoin. On Poloniex it’s not working since 2016. It’s sad that xcore and other people couldn’t get over this and kept contributing lol.
20:35:25@_slack_vcash_U4SC2AYHH:matrix.orgkastang You could have made so much money by trading other cryptos during this time…
22:32:46@_slack_vcash_U3M9NURF1:matrix.orgtoottoot id like to subscribe to your newsletter
14 Jun 2018
01:02:17@_slack_vcash_U6CR5QKNW:matrix.orgiowa Is it my impression or has someone deleted a lot of information here without looseness? Was it Xcore
10 Jul 2018
23:18:41@jimdigriz:matrix.org@jimdigriz:matrix.org left the room.
15 Jul 2018
03:16:52@_slack_vcash_U3BS96ZHV:matrix.orggawain The wallet at Poloniex is reopened. Any news?
17:13:18@_slack_vcash_U3BS96ZHV:matrix.orggawain I just tested the withdrawal at Poloniex
26 Jul 2018
20:28:49@_slack_vcash_U3B3Z1YJF:matrix.orghclivess when jconnor
27 Jul 2018
01:23:05@_slack_vcash_U5UN3DTN1:matrix.orgcrypto No working exchanges to this coin? 🤕
3 Aug 2018
14:47:13@_slack_vcash_U3B7ZA17T:matrix.orgdagfar nop, they ded
4 Aug 2018
17:16:35@_slack_vcash_U5QP5RU4U:matrix.orgjohnyk Vcash will be added in the http://digitalprice.io exchange. Probably it will be implemented and working in a week or so. Its an exchange used by $DP coin (digitalprice) you can find more info in the digital price discord.
9 Aug 2018
12:32:21@_slack_vcash_U4SP4JYLQ:matrix.orgrock anyone selling otc ?
17 Aug 2018
07:53:53@_slack_vcash_U3DRUB1HC:matrix.orgalmo2001 I’m holding mine
07:53:57@_slack_vcash_U3DRUB1HC:matrix.orgalmo2001 not quite sure why, but i am
11:41:48@_slack_vcash_U3AFVJ6L9:matrix.orgweedfreddy same here
19 Aug 2018
22:25:22@_slack_vcash_U5UN3DTN1:matrix.orgcrypto Me too 🤕
24 Aug 2018
05:43:12@nanah:matrix.org@nanah:matrix.org joined the room.
27 Aug 2018
13:00:01@_slack_vcash_U5VPWCKQA:matrix.orgpon zapple exchange (https://zapple.com/exchange) has already integraded vcash into their platform
13:02:19@nanah:matrix.org@nanah:matrix.org left the room.
24 Sep 2018
12:58:31@witenagemot:matrix.orgwitenagemot joined the room.
18 Nov 2018
17:38:57@_slack_vcash_U3B3Z1YJF:matrix.orghclivess why did everyone die at once?
28 Nov 2018
06:27:19@reup:matrix.orgreup joined the room.
21 Dec 2018
22:43:29@_slack_vcash_U5NE0P4K0:matrix.orgwinkom joined the room.
22:43:30@_slack_vcash_U5NE0P4K0:matrix.orgwinkom @channel hi
22:43:38@_slack_vcash_U5NE0P4K0:matrix.orgwinkom @here hi
7 Jan 2019
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29 Jan 2019
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