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7 May 2023
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8 May 2023
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@swurzinger-59e9dbd5d73408ce4f7ae7a7:gitter.imswurzinger (Stefan Wurzinger)sure, why not?09:29:38
9 May 2023
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10 May 2023
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11 May 2023
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14 May 2023
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15 May 2023
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@alfajr23:matrix.org@alfajr23:matrix.org OKI 05:19:10
@alfajr23:matrix.org@alfajr23:matrix.org OPN 05:19:49
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16 May 2023
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17 May 2023
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19 May 2023
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21 May 2023
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24 May 2023
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@ooovi:matrix.orgVincent Kadar

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25 May 2023
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26 May 2023
@brankoiliccc-5697dad0e610378809bc57f7:gitter.imbrankoiliccc (Branko Ilic) sjohnr (Steve Riesenberg): Can you update the https://github.com/sjohnr/spring-authorization-server/tree/bff-demo to the latest spring authorization server version? This repo is gold mine for souls trying to support SPA`s :) 10:20:19

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