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3 Jun 2023
@_discord_786480152255266817:t2bot.iovieu 💀 23:59:15
@_discord_786480152255266817:t2bot.iovieu it appeared in my bp out of nowhere 23:59:24
@_discord_786480152255266817:t2bot.iovieu i think i accidentally picked it up somewhere 23:59:32
@_discord_786480152255266817:t2bot.iovieu 23:59:34
4 Jun 2023
@_discord_118819415302209537:t2bot.ioDreamy the sport pack said it got updated 2018 but didnt say 2022 00:01:29
@_discord_118819415302209537:t2bot.ioDreamy 😠 00:01:30
@_discord_887828973508243566:t2bot.ioLantern of Legend iirc cuz the WC is only every 4 years and they’ve just updated it 00:04:03
@_discord_887828973508243566:t2bot.ioLantern of Legend Prob pharaohboi’s doing 00:04:41
@_discord_662857068964741141:t2bot.ioRidwan Sidiq No more bwarz thropy 00:29:12
@_discord_323632139126046720:t2bot.ioPerfect Hook CR-DiagRedacted or Malformed Event00:31:59
@_discord_323632139126046720:t2bot.ioPerfect Hook CR-DiagRedacted or Malformed Event00:31:59
@_discord_350648413794205696:t2bot.ioVierZig#7833 is there something wrong with skill spice? 00:33:09
@_discord_350648413794205696:t2bot.ioVierZig#7833 i been using this thing for 2 days, and i feel the skill fail and heart stopped happen almost every goddamn second 00:34:09
@_discord_344131565862780940:t2bot.ioFrom Uhm for me, there wasn't a big change while voyaging on startopia. But not sure about surgery 00:40:22
@_discord_667833305965789195:t2bot.iojakefarming surgery skill fail is eeeee 00:41:29
@_discord_350648413794205696:t2bot.ioVierZig#7833 its just like they wont let me do surg 00:44:15
@_discord_350648413794205696:t2bot.ioVierZig#7833 do 3-4 surg then skill fail, which is the goddamn rng 00:45:07
@_discord_887828973508243566:t2bot.ioLantern of Legend That’s not unheard of 00:47:43
@_discord_887828973508243566:t2bot.ioLantern of Legend you’d get much more without it trust me lmao 00:48:03
@_discord_665927979674632202:t2bot.ioAirSupply skill issue maybe 00:57:30
@_discord_665927979674632202:t2bot.ioAirSupply skill spice is the best 00:57:32
@_discord_350648413794205696:t2bot.ioVierZig#7833 is it. i been using for like 5 spice with only average 5 minutes duration per each spice 00:59:21
@_discord_350648413794205696:t2bot.ioVierZig#7833 so sad 00:59:26
@_discord_350648413794205696:t2bot.ioVierZig#7833 i just want to do surg man 😭 01:00:22
@_discord_370157854239227905:t2bot.iobontra of Legend this tetra shirt 01:27:13
@_discord_853888570443694100:t2bot.ioPickle10 wtf!? 01:57:50
@_discord_786480152255266817:t2bot.iovieu sorry idk what a tetra shirt is 02:03:28
@_discord_786480152255266817:t2bot.iovieu or i forgot what it is 02:03:33
@_discord_786480152255266817:t2bot.iovieu 02:03:37
@_discord_507298216488992788:t2bot.ioJonnyBoi joined the room.03:29:05

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