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13 Apr 2021
In reply to @drgibbon:matrix.org
As long as someone still cares about it we can leave it there.
still have a box at home and a vps running 14.2 & will upgrade a week or 2 post 15-stable release.
wont need the feed soon
@livestradamus:matrix.orglivestradamusat this point i guess its nostalgia 11:17:37
@livestradamus:matrix.orglivestradamusold school so my first look at the computer screen is the news feeds11:19:01
@livestradamus:matrix.orglivestradamus(and last look)11:19:14
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@rbn:orgizm.netrbnmy nas at home also runs 14.2.. but thats just zfs, samba and nfs :)12:25:19
@by_jumperx4:kde.orgBy_JumperX4 drgibbon: I do care about 14.2 updates 12:38:14
@by_jumperx4:kde.orgBy_JumperX4I have a laptop with 14.212:38:20
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonI ran 14.2 on my laptop aswell.... before I tried to optimize libc for my cpu xd18:51:41
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14 Apr 2021
@livestradamus:matrix.orglivestradamusOMG sLaCkWaRe iS StIiLL aLiVe09:07:03
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbon the interdimensional shambler 09:47:26
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbon hahaha ialexand = I.G.O.R surprise surprise 😂 10:06:20
@rbn:orgizm.netrbnjesus, the new xscreensaver unlock screen is unsettling after using the old one for so long :D11:06:37
@livestradamus:matrix.orglivestradamusseeing jesus on the new xscreensaver would unsettle me a little11:10:18
@rbn:orgizm.netrbnyeah, more likely is seeing bob there :P11:16:51
@livestradamus:matrix.orglivestradamusoh now i got to see11:23:57
In reply to @livestradamus:matrix.org
OMG sLaCkWaRe iS StIiLL aLiVe
of course it is
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@sieronmiterc1973:matrix.org@sieronmiterc1973:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event15:10:48
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@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbonbit of spam around lately 🤔15:45:55
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbon banned @sieronmiterc1973:matrix.org@sieronmiterc1973:matrix.org (spammer).15:46:14
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15 Apr 2021
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbonLater KW.06:32:40
17 Apr 2021
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