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29 Mar 2020
17:34:53@kermitdafrog:matrix.orgkermitdafrog Can't install slpkg
17:37:57@arayasouren:matrix.orgarayasourenHow did you do it? What went wrong?
17:46:53@kermitdafrog:matrix.orgkermitdafrogTrying to install on armv7hl
17:46:57@kermitdafrog:matrix.orgkermitdafrogWith current
17:56:56@kermitdafrog:matrix.orgkermitdafrogI have to run setup.py install to install it.
18:10:57@zork:matrix.orgzork kermitdafrog: what board are you running ARM on?
18:24:22@kermitdafrog:matrix.orgkermitdafrogRaspberry Pi3
19:25:09@zork:matrix.orgzork chuck_master_grep: I fixed up the /home mounts, they should be proper overlay mounts now 🙂
19:25:30@zork:matrix.orgzorkshould also mount anything under /usr, /opt and /home
In reply to @kermitdafrog:matrix.org
Raspberry Pi3
nice, I have a couple of RPi's at home that I run Slackware on.
19:28:52@zork:matrix.orgzorkAlso had Void on a BeagleBone Black, was using it as a remote system but it fell over once and I couldn't SSH in, which was pretty annoying.
19:29:50@kermitdafrog:matrix.orgkermitdafrog It's nice being able to use Slackware again
In reply to @zork:matrix.org
should also mount anything under /usr, /opt and /home
do you think that would be enough? it will catch any extra mount at those levels (or below)
In reply to @zork:matrix.org
chuck_master_grep: I fixed up the /home mounts, they should be proper overlay mounts now 🙂
In reply to @zork:matrix.org
do you think that would be enough? it will catch any extra mount at those levels (or below)
That seems reasonable.
19:59:29@zork:matrix.orgzorkCool, well it should be more robust now and fit more system configurations.
20:00:14@zork:matrix.orgzork Also added a check to make sure it can't be called from inside a chroot 😋
30 Mar 2020
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31 Mar 2020
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2 Apr 2020
03:43:32@zork:matrix.orgzork chuck_master_grep: added some new exit codes, should be more useful for automated use.
03:53:22@cad:matrix.orgchuck_master_grep Good idea. Patch looks good to me.
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3 Apr 2020
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18:04:15@nicepics:feneas.orgGRIDS.DLL changed their profile picture.
4 Apr 2020
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