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15 Dec 2018
19:48:11@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantOh, in DWM, alt + tab will switch between the last two used windows as well
19:48:34@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantRegardless of which workspace/tag they are in
19:48:59@zork:matrix.orgzorkok cool. yeah I have cyclefocus set up to do that on specific tags, and then across tags too
19:50:03@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantI apparently need to learn C because I would love to modify the switching, but everything is written in pure C... all I know is Python and a little Vala
19:50:23@zork:matrix.orgzorkahh, turns out awesome is an extension of dwm
19:50:32@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantIs it?
19:50:37@zork:matrix.orgzorkand xmonad is a dwm rewrite
19:50:53@zork:matrix.orgzorkyeah, apparently awesome began as a dwm fork
19:56:33@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrant Oh that's cool.
19:58:47@zork:matrix.orgzorkI might take a look at at xmonad
21:57:57@zork:matrix.orgzorkI see riot-web runs in the browser now, although is there much value in maintaining a local web browser version of it given that it's basically duplicating https://riot.im/app ?
22:04:54@zork:matrix.orgzorkup to you of course mdrights, just wondering
16 Dec 2018
04:45:23@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrightszork: :)
04:47:22@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrights They are basically the same but I think it’s necessary to run it locally under the poor network connection situation? Things will be cached AFAIK
04:49:06@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrightsand another feature is that it is a hub in the intranet, where many users can use one instance to access Matrix. Sounds cool?
06:04:54@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrightsOh, does SBo has repo on Gitlab?
06:05:14@zork:matrix.orgzorkyeah they list it on slackbuilds.org entry page now
07:11:53@kazus_v:matrix.org@kazus_v:matrix.org joined the room.
07:43:51@kazus_v:matrix.org@kazus_v:matrix.org left the room.

Okay. I have a newbie question.

I run Slackware on my laptop. But I can't get it on my desktop because I can't figure out how to get ELILO configured right on my desktop.

I have an HDD and an M.2 ssd on my desktop and ELILO on sees my HDD. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to get it to boot from the m.2 drive?

12:51:48@mappack:disroot.orgMappackpoetgrant: I don't know the specifics of your situation and I don't have a lot of experience setting up LILO, but you could try GRUB2 and see if it boots then
13:49:07@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrightszork: oh Do you mean gitlab.com?
23:06:21@zork:matrix.orgzork mdrights: on the SBo homepage they have links to the git repos, there's one on git.slackbuilds.org and one on gitlab.com. I believe the Gitlab repo is run by Willy, so he could help you get set up to push updates via git instead of using the SBo submission form
23:06:40@zork:matrix.orgzorkactually I think there's a thread about it on the SBo mailing list, you could probably search for that and find the instructions
17 Dec 2018
00:49:04@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrights zork: okay I see
01:09:04@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantI hate it when I do that... sorry guys. Thought I was on the terminal
04:49:13@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrights aha , I didn’t notice that SBo has put their Gitlab link on their website

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