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16 Feb 2019
23:40:19@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantAlso, is there documentation somewhere that explains exactly how to package software for Slackware?
17 Feb 2019
05:34:12@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrightsman pakepkg?
07:19:42@zork:matrix.orgzork poetgrant: you've installed rust from extra yeah?
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Have your guys seen Fractal? The GTK app? It is written in Rust so I'm having a really hard time getting it running on my Slackware machine. Anyone have experience with any of that?
I heard Rust in official repos now
10:55:02@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrant Oh I didn't even try to install rust that way.... I just automatically assumed it wouldn't be in the repos.
13:06:10@eviljuche:matrix.orgeviljuchePat added it not a long time ago
18:41:17@zork:matrix.orgzork poetgrant: sure thing, -> https://packages.slackware.com/ and search out rust :)
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poetgrant: you've installed rust from extra yeah?
I actually installed rust via their website... and can't figure out how to get it to stay permanently in my PATH
18:41:52@zork:matrix.orgzorkonly needed for compiling, but it's there if necessary
18:42:40@zork:matrix.orgzorkwhat shell do you run?
18:42:54@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantI will use that package instead. I am just using Bash.
18:44:04@zork:matrix.orgzorkI think ~/.bash_profile is the proper place to update $PATH
18:44:05@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrant People keep recommending ZSH, but I don't know if it's worth it. I am used to bash
18:44:16@zork:matrix.orgzorkI like zsh myself, but depends what you want
18:44:26@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantWhat makes it better for you?
18:44:37@zork:matrix.orgzorkhere's my setup -> https://gitlab.com/oshd/zsh-easy
18:45:09@zork:matrix.orgzorkmy reasons are listed there on the page
18:45:30@zork:matrix.orgzorkbut you can also get some nice customizations with bash-it
18:46:50@zork:matrix.orgzorkfish is also apparently quite nice for interactive use, but I couldn't fully get into it
18:48:05@zork:matrix.orgzorkI'm used to certain things now, like alt-q to temporarily suspend current command and write a new one (suspended command line then comes back after), or edit long lines with alt-e
18:48:50@zork:matrix.orgzorkbash, fish, zsh, all pretty good, probably just a matter of getting used to it. But I think some of the autocomplete/history search functions can't be fully available in bash
18:52:29@zork:matrix.orgzork anyway, all my scripts start with
#!/usr/bin/env bash
so I only use zsh for interactive use
18:53:37@zork:matrix.orgzorkbut yeah, either ~/.bash_profile or possibly ~/.profile are the places to set the PATH
18:57:50@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantOh dang, that is really neat! Okay. I think I will be trying some of this out. Thank you! No one has ever actually explained it to me.
19:26:23@zork:matrix.orgzork np 🙂
22:39:06@zork:matrix.orgzork Deny Dias: any tips for KDE4 on HiDPI screen?
18 Feb 2019
00:53:19@denydias:matrix.orgDeny Dias @zork:matrix.org: unfortunately not, sorry. The last i've been to kde4 was in my retired notebook, which didn't have hidpi screen. Where are you in this quest now?
03:04:54@zork:matrix.orgzorkjust got a new computer with HiDPI, very annoying since my AwesomeWM setup is not working well at all
03:05:01@zork:matrix.orgzorktried KDE4 but kind of sketchy

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