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28 Sep 2022
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombI tried using NTFS3 instead of ntfs-3g to mount my Windows disk. It had strange results.04:32:00
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombThe "root" of the disk was fine, but I had no write permissions in any directories.04:32:29
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbonOh yeah? I used it once, was smooth sailing from memory.04:33:19
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbonMounted with the correct options yeah? You have to specify it somehow, I can't remember exactly.04:34:22
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange Bomb -t ntfs3, right? 04:34:37
In reply to @drgibbon:matrix.org
Seems to run quite well, I was using ntfs3 in /etc/fstab which forces it, also mount -t ntfs3 makes it use the new driver instead of the fuse one. Turns out in the end I don't need it (I'm glad not to have to deal with NTFS), but cool to know that it's there.
OK, good search on Matrix :) mount -t ntfs3
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange Bomb I had it written as /dev/sda1 /ntfs ntfs3 fmask=111,dmask=000 1 0 in my fstab file. 04:35:31
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbonany luck with commenting it out of fstab and just trying different mount options?04:36:05
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombWhich, aside from a 3, is identical to how I used the FUSE driver, and I'm pretty sure how Slackware auto-configured it last year.04:36:08
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombMy only guess is that the new driver is doing a better job at following NTFS permissions, and thus is locking me out of "my" files.04:36:54
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombTrying to search for details about this have proven difficult, because it's picking up keywords from unrelated issues.04:38:14
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombStupid search engines.04:38:18
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombThis partition already has problems with the "dirty bit" and isn't permanently clearing it.04:39:02
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombThis was a non-issue until involving Steam, wherein it's the source of all kinds of silent failures.04:42:54
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbon Does using noacsrules work? https://docs.kernel.org/filesystems/ntfs3.html 04:44:00
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbonAlso something here, not much though https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/678880/how-can-i-mass-set-the-permissions-of-existing-files-in-the-new-ntfs3-driver04:45:35
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange Bomb I think it's got to do with the umasks being set. 04:51:43
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange Bomb It looks like noacsrules works. 04:56:20
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombNo clue if it's going to gore the permissions as time goes on, but I'm pretty sure I'm not returning to Windows.04:56:40
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange Bomb I could maybe also assign the disk to my user instead of root. 04:57:58
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange Bomb Does fsck work on NTFS volumes? 05:01:23
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombI haven't given this partition a proper look-over for over a year.05:01:45
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombI look forward to the day that I blast this fucker out and write in Btrfs or something in its place.05:03:50
@drgibbon:matrix.orgdrgibbonSorry, no idea about using NTFS on Linux, I tried it for a little bit when I was working to get a USB drive mounted on a router, but the router turned out to be so flaky that I gave up and just used a RPi instead.05:30:16
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombI got more problems in Steam with writing permissions, so I gave up and reverted back to ntfs-3g.05:53:20
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombI think I've spotted filesystem damage.08:06:35
@orangebomb:poa.stOrange BombThe damage can only be repaired by Windows.08:26:50
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