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22 Jan 2020
16:16:30@cad:matrix.orgchuck_master_grepI also use this version of xidle: https://github.com/steinex/xidle-linux (in my experience, xautolock is very flakey)
16:52:39@zork:matrix.orgzorkWhat are CSDs? ( I don't actually use Xfce btw, not configurable enough for my tastes...)
16:55:04@drkriegrr:matrix.orgdrkriegerClient side decorations, I believe it means the application controls how it's themed instead of gtk/qt?
16:57:30@zork:matrix.orgzorksounds odd, when would that happen? I thought most applications would follow qt/gtk settings, or whatever other toolkit they use?
16:59:11@cad:matrix.orgchuck_master_grepCSDs specifically mean that the titlebar is drawn by the application
16:59:19@cad:matrix.orgchuck_master_grepincluding the close/maximize/minimize/etc buttons
16:59:31@cad:matrix.orgchuck_master_grepevince is an example of an application that does this
17:00:49@drkriegrr:matrix.orgdrkriegerAh, just the title bar not the actual full look of the app
17:01:22@drkriegrr:matrix.orgdrkriegerThat does seem silly, why would anybody want 500 different title bars?
17:03:05@cad:matrix.orgchuck_master_grepthis is the official GNOME party line on the subject https://wiki.gnome.org/Initiatives/CSD
17:04:04@cad:matrix.orgchuck_master_grepw.r.t themes, they don't like those either (https://blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2018/10/15/restyling-apps-at-scale/ )
21:51:01@cad:matrix.orgchuck_master_grep zork: did you ever get Spectral running? Quaternion definitely leave a bit to be desired (not good at handling lost connections mostly)
In reply to @cad:matrix.org
zork: did you ever get Spectral running? Quaternion definitely leave a bit to be desired (not good at handling lost connections mostly)
I didn't, needs a newer qt5 release than what's currently on SBo unfortunately.
23 Jan 2020
02:02:31@zork:matrix.orgzorkneeds Qt 5.12, SBo has 5.9.9 at present. 5.12 is the latest LTS so I'm not sure why we're not on that yet
02:04:27@zork:matrix.orgzorksent an email about that anyway, perhaps 5.12 will be coming
02:04:46@zork:matrix.orgzorkolm is on SBo already, so perhaps cmark is the only other thing
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02:53:40@kermitdafrog:matrix.orgkermitdafrog Anyone know what's new inkernel 5.4.8 for the ARM
11:36:06@1up0:matrix.org1up0Seems the very last kernel version is paniking or?
13:12:52@denydias:matrix.orgDeny Dias
Em resposta a @1up0:matrix.org
Seems the very last kernel version is paniking or?
Not here... 5.4.13 works like a charm for me.
13:29:10@1up0:matrix.org1up0Deny Dias: Roger!
24 Jan 2020
02:06:19@denydias:matrix.orgDeny Dias

NFSv4 is comming to Slackware. Yay!

slackware64 current changes for Fri, 24 Jan 2020 00:51:23 GMT
n/nfs-utils-2.4.2-x86_64-2.txz: Rebuilt.
Recompiled against krb5-1.17.1 (--enable-gss=yes --enable-svcgss=yes
--enable-nfsv4=yes). NFSv4 support in rc.nfsd still pending.

This is the one and only 'enterprise feature' I missed all those years.

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08:30:16@BarrOff:matrix.orgBarrOff joined the room.
18:26:39@cad:matrix.orgchuck_master_grepklaatu: are you the maintainer for sqlitebrowser?
23:37:40@taneja:diasp.intaneja joined the room.
25 Jan 2020
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1 update. Including a (* Security fix *)!

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