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8 Jun 2018
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9 Jun 2018
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10 Jun 2018
11:37:04@tushargoyal02:matrix.orgtushargoyal02 Everytime I am getting the same message

That last 3 line

11:37:16@tushargoyal02:matrix.orgtushargoyal02Kisi ke pass koi solutions hai ?
11 Jun 2018
18:01:20@imparash:matrix.orgimparash changed their profile picture.
12 Jun 2018
03:28:54@shiv:matrix.orgshivtushargoyal02: find libudev.so RPM online and install it manually
05:25:59@tushargoyal02:matrix.orgtushargoyal02 I tried it but I am nothing it done !


13 Jun 2018
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14 Jun 2018
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16 Jun 2018
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18 Jun 2018
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19 Jun 2018
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16:58:50@aishwaryashand:matrix.orgAishwarya Shand E: Unable to locate package sklearn
Or any other package, solution to this?
17:11:13@anandrkskd:matrix.organandrkskdHow you are installing it??
17:11:26@anandrkskd:matrix.organandrkskdCommand you are using
17:13:22@aishwaryashand:matrix.orgAishwarya ShandSudo apt install sklearn
17:16:35@anandrkskd:matrix.organandrkskdInstall it using pip3
17:17:25@anandrkskd:matrix.organandrkskdRedacted or Malformed Event
17:43:44@rish08abh:matrix.orgRishabh JainInstall it using pip3 install scikit-learn
2 Jul 2018
04:12:07@--ayushi:matrix.org--ayushi set a profile picture.

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