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6 Dec 2018
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19:44:34@danshick:matrix.org@danshick:matrix.orgJavascript, C, Python
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23:51:47@abcrjxyz:matrix.orgabcxyzHave you guys heard of q?
23:52:04@abcrjxyz:matrix.orgabcxyz It's a thin wrapper around k, which is an ASCII variant of APL
23:52:20@abcrjxyz:matrix.orgabcxyzServes well for array logic.
7 Dec 2018
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14:09:21@gxtony:matrix.orggxtonyHow do I install powerline fonts in arch,since I need that to make my prezto theme work
14:09:52@gxtony:matrix.orggxtonyShould I install it via pip or aur?
14:10:05@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoThere are AUR packages.
14:10:35@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoYou can also download and extract them to $HOME/.fonts
14:11:22@gxtony:matrix.orggxtonyBut I need to config it in .zshrc and I don't know how
14:11:49@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoFor it to find the fonts? No.
14:12:57@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoThe font is set in the config for whichever terminal you are using. Not the shell config.
14:14:01@gxtony:matrix.orggxtonyThen what about special symbols?I tried it,but prezto didn't show them
14:14:43@gxtony:matrix.orggxtonyAnd I read from wiki that I need to config it in the .zshrc
14:14:54@salcedo:matrix.orgsalcedoHow did they appear? Did they look like boxes with hex characters or just boxes?

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