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19 Nov 2018
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21:57:18@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyi3 is launching urxvt twice when I open it using shortcuts, I's driving me crazy
21:59:11@gnomelover:matrix.orgFullMetalArchertry by terminal to see if there is STH unusual
22:04:39@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyyou mean just run, urxvt/urxvtc? it works fine
22:05:30@gnomelover:matrix.orgFullMetalArcheryeah but checking for logs always give you a start point
22:06:10@gnomelover:matrix.orgFullMetalArcherat least it would strip out some factors
22:08:24@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdythere's no log, afaik. nothing if I launch it from terminal, nothing in tty after I quit i3
22:09:12@gnomelover:matrix.orgFullMetalArchernot even system log?
22:11:05@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdynothing in journalctl
22:11:59@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdybtw, it doesn't launch it twice all the time, just sometimes
22:12:23@gnomelover:matrix.orgFullMetalArchermaybe HW problem?
22:12:51@gnomelover:matrix.orgFullMetalArcherlike a faulty key?
22:14:28@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyyeah, I guess I just have to observe more
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20 Nov 2018
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