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23 Mar 2018
12:47:55@T0MuX:matrix.orgŦӨПυӾsorry for using this font... but I deal with this issue since 1H ago and unfortunately I cant solve this.
13:07:02@malevolent:matrix.orgmalevolent[share_name] path = /path/to/share public = yes browseable = yes
13:07:46@malevolent:matrix.orgmalevolentobviously, you shouldn't do this never, but this way yo should see the share
16:24:14@xodbox:matrix.orgλx.y →  joined the room.
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16:25:56@xodbox:matrix.orgλx.y →  changed their display name from xodbox to λ a =>.
16:27:20@xodbox:matrix.orgλx.y →  changed their display name from λ a => to (λx.y).
16:27:48@xodbox:matrix.orgλx.y →  changed their display name from (λx.y) to (λx.y) → .
16:32:03@xodbox:matrix.orgλx.y →  changed their display name from (λx.y) →  to λx.y → .
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19:17:48@thisisausername:matrix.orgthisisausernamewould someone be so kind and start pidgin(2.13.0-1), i need verification that the package is broken and its not my system
19:18:43@thisisausername:matrix.orgthisisausernameexec: Exec format error The file '/usr/local/bin/pidgin' is marked as an executable but could not be run by the operating system.
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20:23:51@rcman:matrix.orgmahjoob(rc) changed their display name from rcman to mahjoob(rc).
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24 Mar 2018
00:30:56@BrainBlasted:matrix.orgBrainBlastedAnyone know what's keeping GNOME 3.28 in testing?
00:45:28@kakashka:matrix.orgkakashka joined the room.
00:51:33@tcarrio:matrix.orgtom Maybe the memory leak got worse and it's even more prominent since 3.28. I don't have an official word myself
03:45:44@meetmyloaf:matrix.orgmeetmyloaf joined the room.
06:50:06@T0MuX:matrix.orgŦӨПυӾmalevolent: you only have this lines in your smb.conf ??
07:12:53@quesada:matrix.orgquesadaKDE is surprisingly stable and 'small' for at least a year on my box
07:40:15@quesada:matrix.orgquesadaare large rooms kinda laggy in riot?
07:49:53@serialised:matrix.orgserialisedLagging how?
07:52:01@paulmesser:matrix.orgpaulmesser In encrypted rooms I've heard it can take a while for the initial key exchange, but this is merely what I've heard
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