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15 Jul 2018
15:12:58@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeNo de for me, only i3wm
15:13:07@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeYeah guys !
15:13:33@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeI got /var and /var/lib/docker/volumes
15:13:58@templis:matrix.orgtemplisand I installed deepin on my wifes PC, cause I thought i3wm is to complicated - than she tested i3wm and loved it and now she also goes with i3wm XD

do you have a extra /var partition?

Just in servers in my personal machine only / /boot /home

15:14:58@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade Lucky man <3 don't loose her
15:14:58@templis:matrix.orgtemplis(she came from mac)
15:15:19@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeReconverted devil
15:16:00@enriquegf:matrix.orgecool, using any composite manager?
15:18:48@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade Didn't know much about
15:19:39@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade I don't know got the point:)
15:19:43@templis:matrix.orgtemplisdon't need compositing managers. I3wm is a tiling wm and don't need graphical frills
15:20:47@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade I'm hyped about sway that will be the wayland i3 clone
15:21:52@enriquegf:matrix.orge I'm running dwm, use compton for video tearing although xorg has a configuration for fixing this.
15:23:44@templis:matrix.orgtemplisdwm I've used around 2000 but it would become greater and greater and loses imho the KISS principe

I'm hyped about sway that will be the wayland i3 clone

You already tried sway? It sounds really cool

15:25:28@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeI totally agree with you templis. I accept that screen terring is terrible on xorg. Drivers can fix it, sometime :)
15:26:04@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade Floating windows are bugged as fuck x) but when this will be releases <3
15:26:24@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeThey are refactoring a huge part
15:26:59@templis:matrix.orgtemplisplease have an eye on this and notice me - if it's done XD
15:28:16@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade "where is wayland?" Linux sucks, 2014-18 :D
15:32:03@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeCan we add friends on matrix ? (Riot android client)
15:32:10@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwade I'm pretty new sorry
15:35:29@templis:matrix.orgtemplisI don't know but think starting chat is similar to add a friend - cause it goes to People tab :)
15:36:51@reedwade:matrix.orgreedwadeTrue !
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