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22 Mar 2019
03:01:40@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract While there's one more hour in the day, today's google doodle is delightful
23 Mar 2019
15:08:35@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03DA48RF:matrix.orgsteve_pettit turning my ps4 on, looking at the sekiro store page, turning my ps4 off, turning my ps4 on....
17:34:09@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract I kinda assumed that was an inevitability for you
17:35:43@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract It looks great, a kind of “I’m pretty terrible at soulslike/From stuff but I want to buy a PS4 and complete that” kind of thing
17:36:45@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UBNGJ89DK:matrix.orgLamont it looks like they took standard fighting game mechanics and applied that to hack n slash games, it looks so cool
17:36:59@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UBNGJ89DK:matrix.orgLamont also all the character designs are like. amazing
17:38:11@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract Yeah, definitely
25 Mar 2019
20:13:34@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CXPEK8:matrix.orgkotarofujita https://www.polygon.com/2019/3/25/18280860/apple-arcade-gaming-price-release-date-availability not much details on how this works from a subscription point of view nor how Apple chooses its partners.
22:01:11@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UDJ55SCSE:matrix.orgMichael Hudak https://www.philly.com/business/comcast-overwatch-fusion-philadelphia-wells-fargo-linc-2019
22:01:20@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UDJ55SCSE:matrix.orgMichael Hudak Thoughts?
22:02:01@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UDJ55SCSE:matrix.orgMichael Hudak https://www.philly.com/business/comcast-overwatch-fusion-philadelphia-wells-fargo-linc-20190325.html
22:02:08@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UDJ55SCSE:matrix.orgMichael Hudak Thoughts??
23:43:46@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason My husband and I will be there to cheer on the Fusion
26 Mar 2019
01:02:32@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UDWC6N4S2:matrix.orgSutton Go Fusion!
03:43:08@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U8F59TSP6:matrix.orgkylemagocs anyone got any recs for windows video editing software that's free or cheap? Blender is really not doing it for me
04:04:54@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract I got my copy of Vegas for $30 on a Humble sale which appears to have come up once or twice. If you need it now, no joke, Reaper's a possibility. I'm certain there's someone with a better option though
04:04:55@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract changed their profile picture.
07:19:06@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason Davinci Resolve
07:27:04@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason Blackmagic makes all of their money from cameras and input devices so they give a practically fully featured program away for free.
07:29:40@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason Other options: Hitfilm Express which is more Premiere/AE-like, and GDquest made a video editing plug-in for Blender to make it more usable. But Resolve is the most complete option.
13:27:37@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U8F59TSP6:matrix.orgkylemagocs thanks!
14:26:19@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract Resolve is definitely what I was blanking on
14:26:38@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract So I’ll second that
15:40:29@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UCU0U2K63:matrix.orgAlex Higgins Ooh, I'll have to give Resolve a shot, thanks! I've been using Openshot for making trailers and it's been godawful.
15:48:49@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5V33PANR:matrix.orgrachelsima joined the room.
15:48:51@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5V33PANR:matrix.orgrachelsima Seconding Resolve
15:48:58@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5V33PANR:matrix.orgrachelsima It's sorta a weird interface, but once you get it, its easy
16:10:47@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason There's also a growing number of YouTube videos like "Are you sick of paying a bunch of money for Premiere? Here's how to edit in Resolve"
16:22:06@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UELP94BUM:matrix.orgDan Halma joined the room.
16:22:09@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UELP94BUM:matrix.orgDan Halma I’d also recommend Resolve. I started using it a bit ago to cut new reels. The nodes take a second to get used to (and the UI in general), but after that it’s pretty nice

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