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30 Sep 2020
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsaranggood bot =p18:45:37
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarangCan another chanop remove my op privileges from this channel?18:46:05
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarang It doesn't seem appropriate to retain them 18:46:09
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarangmoneromooo etc.18:46:14
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarangAlso from #monero-research-lounge plz18:46:31
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarang I don't know if I can remove my own op privileges 18:47:22
@freenode_moneromooo:matrix.orgmoneromoooI am op just in -lounge from yesterday. I can remove it if you really want but I see no harm in leaving it as is for now.18:47:39
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarang It's ultimately up to the channel 18:47:53
@freenode_binaryFate:matrix.orgbinaryFate IRC op have nothing to do with funding or working status, it's just about trust. 18:48:01
@freenode_binaryFate:matrix.orgbinaryFate Don't see a reason to remove you unless you want it 18:48:13
@freenode_dEBRUYNE:matrix.orgdEBRUYNE Don't see a reason either to remove it 18:50:14
@freenode_needmoney90:matrix.orgneedmoney90 I don't think sarang will abuse it lol 18:50:48
@freenode_needmoney90:matrix.orgneedmoney90 And I'd consider it a nod to hoping he comes back :) 18:51:09
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarang Pretty sure I've banned maybe one user, and it was clearly a spambot 18:52:25
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarang I think it's very fortunate that there hasn't really been a need to kick/ban anyone besides spambots in the channel 18:53:21
@freenode_needmoney90:matrix.orgneedmoney90 Moderation isn't just about taking action, it's about setting a cultute 18:54:24
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarang moneromooo: I do recommend having at least one other op in -lounge, but it's up to the group 18:54:29
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarangWell said needmoney9018:54:43
@freenode_Inge-:matrix.orgInge-In general there is very little disruption in any of the monero channels, so moderation is pretty light.18:55:42
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarang Sure, but I think it's useful and good for accountability not to have a single op 18:56:46
@freenode_moneromooo:matrix.orgmoneromoooAFAIK the core team can give ops to whoever they see fit on any monero channel.18:57:12
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarangTrue, they have some kind of special status with freenode18:57:37
@freenode_binaryFate:matrix.orgbinaryFatenot meddling with each channel policies (unless OPs go bonkers and infrindge freenode rules and paint a bad picture on Monero) but easy to get back a channel without OP or other practical issues19:02:47
@freenode_knaccc:matrix.orgknaccc sarang today is a sad day, you've been so core to monero's progress that i'm struggling to comprehend you won't be full-time any more. thanks for all of your awesomeness! 19:09:13
@freenode_john_alan:matrix.orgjohn_alanCompletely agree with Knaccc19:16:26
@freenode_john_alan:matrix.orgjohn_alanLots of smart guys around here, but you are towards the top of the pile19:16:57
@freenode_sarang:matrix.orgsarangThanks everyone; these kind words are really appreciated19:19:01

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