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7 Feb 2024
@zavocc306:matrix.orgmarcusz changed their profile picture.11:30:06
8 Feb 2024
@muntashir:matrix.orgMuntashir Akon
In reply to @shuvashish76:matrix.org
Is it possible to install both version as they've different Package names?
Or reporting to Obtanium for using same provider is the best option?
The latter. Like the package name, provider must be unique across Android.
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11 Feb 2024
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13 Feb 2024
@temporaryacccount:matrix.org@temporaryacccount:matrix.org joined the room.14:48:07
@temporaryacccount:matrix.org@temporaryacccount:matrix.orgWhy do you need to unlock App Manager to use the package installer?14:48:43
@temporaryacccount:matrix.org@temporaryacccount:matrix.orgI think there should be an option to change that.14:48:54
@temporaryacccount:matrix.org@temporaryacccount:matrix.orgThat's why I don't use the package installer.14:49:08
@temporaryacccount:matrix.org@temporaryacccount:matrix.orgBecause it's a hassle to unlock for that when the preinstalled package installer doesn't need unlocking.14:50:00
@temporaryacccount:matrix.org@temporaryacccount:matrix.orgIt would also be nice to still be able to chat in Telegram but that's probably not going to happen.14:51:38
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@shuvashish76:matrix.org§ Settings > Privacy > Screen Lock
Turnoff this option.
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@anothertemporary:matrix.org@anothertemporary:matrix.orgI want to have screen lock enabled but specifically not for the package installer.15:46:20
@anothertemporary:matrix.org@anothertemporary:matrix.orgAlso, it would be cool if the app was "modular".15:46:39
@anothertemporary:matrix.org@anothertemporary:matrix.orgIf you have a code editor already on your phone you could just choose not to install the code editor at all.15:47:13
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14 Feb 2024
@cyb3rko:matrix.orgcyb3rko changed their profile picture.09:26:09
15 Feb 2024
@muntashir:matrix.orgMuntashir AkonThat'll just void the need for unlock anyway.11:02:49
@muntashir:matrix.orgMuntashir AkonYou can disable it if you want. Code editor is an integral part of AM. So, making a separate extension is simply a waste of time.11:06:59
16 Feb 2024
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17 Feb 2024
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18 Feb 2024
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19 Feb 2024
@sushi:comm.cxwontonanyone else having trouble scanning with virustotal using the alpha lately?00:58:13

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