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20 Nov 2019
09:14:09@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherI'm depressed now he's already gotten an offer on wall street that's gonna easily exceed what I make we're 7 years apart and he's a sophomore
09:15:11@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherI see myself out the therapy room
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10:54:46@Tristan_78:matrix.orgTristan_78 I have a Problem with systemctl on Ubuntu that drives me crazy. I must reboot my system from a script and I can't run it, it always needs an interactive terminal when I run it with sudo. (sudo systemctl reboot) I changed the command with visudo to NOPASSWD.
10:56:16@Tristan_78:matrix.orgTristan_78 I also tried it with sudo -n but it says "A password is required" which is not.
11:01:09@helix:tilde.funhelix Tristan_78: Try these: https://superuser.com/questions/81005/how-do-i-restart-linux-ubuntu-from-the-command-line
11:02:25@Tristan_78:matrix.orgTristan_78I saw that but none of these worked
11:14:08@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (Elara)
In reply to @chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.org
Yeah literally what I typed 😄. Also the only person who knows lambda calculus besides you is my brother but he's a math major and dwells in the abstract

lambda is simple:

(\x.x) 0 # (\<arg>.<body>) replace the variable <arg> (`x`) in the <body>
=> 0
(\x.\y.x) 1 0 # same but takes two arguments
=> (\y.1) 0
=> 1
11:20:31@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherThis is the curry function, no?
11:20:47@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherLet me see if I've gotten it down
11:30:17@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (Elara) const
12:00:19@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherAll functions in haskell are curried and that looks like pure substitution to me
12:28:17@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (Elara)it is
12:28:21@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (Elara)welcome to lambda calculus
12:35:36@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherI prefer to learn it from the various equations rather than searching up syntax that fits whatever language I'm trying to incorporate
12:36:33@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherAlthough that's kind of a misinterpretation since the basic theory behind lambda is the foundation of comp theory
12:37:18@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherLanguage independent I have a textbook I can read in about 3 hours
12:37:43@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherNow I gotta finish other stuff ugh
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12:50:34@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (Elara) chickenbuttscratcher: http://www.cse.chalmers.se/research/group/logic/TypesSS05/Extra/geuvers.pdf
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21 Nov 2019
03:03:17@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcher It's actually a quick read
03:03:57@chickenbuttscratcher:matrix.orgchickenbuttscratcherAn hour to go through it and another to go over the key concepts
09:19:30@vvoland:matrix.orgWolandAnybody here using Ryzen 3600 or other Zen2 on Linux? Is the system stable for you?
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