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26 Apr 2019
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych Sorry if I'm a newbie, is there an example you could point me to? 20:01:20
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt No worries -- if Glitch provides an embed code, you can just paste it into you post like normal text 20:05:53
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Or does it not provide example code for that? 20:06:24
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych oh it does , I'll try it out 20:34:12
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych OMG it works great! this is game changinge 20:36:13
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych Embedding 20:36:39
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Nice!! Glad it worked 😊 20:37:24
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych You have no idea how amazing this could be 20:43:09
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych Looks like repl.it embeds work as well 20:43:18
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Very cool, what kinds of things are you thinking of doing so far? 20:43:46
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych I was thinking about doing an interactive tutorial series where each step I show a live preview 20:45:32
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych or create small games in Godot for the web then publishing them via Glitch 20:45:54
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Oh awesome 20:46:15
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych Looks like runkit embeds don't work, but they aren't using iframes 20:48:07
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych Thank you for making this work 20:50:04
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych codesandbox works as well https://write.as/triptych/will-codesandbox-work 20:51:00
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych I'm like a kid in a candy store 20:51:13
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Yeah, we have to prevent javascript for security. But absolutely! I'm glad it's enabling you to do much more with your blog 20:51:15
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Hah that's great 20:51:19
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych does it work the other way? 20:53:17
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych can I embed a write.as post in an iframe 20:53:27
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych perhaps that'll be more of a use of the comment site 20:53:44
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt I believe it'll work, but it'll include the entire page -- we don't have a specific version available that's meant for embedding 20:54:54
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych the respond.as thing 20:54:58
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Ah yep 20:55:08
@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych another dumb question: I want to post to my mastodon acct just like I do to my twitter. is there a way in write.as to do that? 20:58:59
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Not at the moment -- we were working on it but switched to working on native ActivityPub / fediverse support instead 20:59:55
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt We might still support it in the future, but for now people will do one of two things: 21:00:06
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt 1. manually share the post URL on their Mastodon account 21:00:22
@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt 2. follow their write.as blog from their Mastodon account, then boost a new post when it comes in 21:00:39

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