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30 Dec 2018
07:26:14@heidichi:matrix.orgheidichi joined the room.
07:29:57@heidichi:matrix.orgheidichihello, are questions allowed here?
31 Dec 2018
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21 Jan 2019
22:52:58@_slack_writeas_UD9SJ21CJ:matrix.orgb.rakiura changed their profile picture.
22:52:59@_slack_writeas_UD9SJ21CJ:matrix.orgb.rakiura Hi here How do I reset my password, I've forgotten it
22:53:37@_slack_writeas_UD9SJ21CJ:matrix.orgb.rakiura @room How do I reset my password, I've forgotten it
1 Feb 2019
01:40:23@_slack_writeas_UFU0BHBPC:matrix.orgme1 joined the room.
01:40:23@_slack_writeas_UFU0BHBPC:matrix.orgme1 Is there any way to make a draft post? I see that I can set it to some future date to prevent publishing it, but I wondered if there is an actual draft feature that I’m not seeing.
01:42:17@_slack_writeas_UFU0BHBPC:matrix.orgme1 If you set up an email address then you can log in without a password and it will send you a link to click to log in. If you didn’t set it up with an email then I don’t know.
02:08:16@_slack_writeas_UETR6RBGE:matrix.orgiam changed their profile picture.
02:08:16@_slack_writeas_UETR6RBGE:matrix.orgiam 83891VM4 Drafts are default on Write.as. You can write anything at /new (even without login) and it will be saved there for you until you create an account.
02:09:46@_slack_writeas_UETR6RBGE:matrix.orgiam For Writefreely, the upper left hand corner menu will tell you where you are saving to. It will say Drafts and then whatever collection you have created.
09:33:06@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Yep, if you want to save one, you'll publish it as "Anonymous" on Write.as, or "Draft" on WriteFreely
09:34:23@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Then, when you're ready to publish the post to your blog, you can go to your Posts page (https://write.as/me/posts), and on the post you want to publish, click "move to [your blog]"
11:30:51@_slack_writeas_UFU0BHBPC:matrix.orgme1 Ah ok. So, technically, anonymous DOES post it, but it’s just theoretically impossible to find. Is that right? I was also thinking of using one of my blog slots for a private drafts blog. Then moving completed works to whatever blog they’re destined for.
11:34:52@_slack_writeas_UFU0BHBPC:matrix.orgme1 And for my last trick: anyone have webmention.io working with write.as? I can’t seem to get it to see my rel links. But the only place I can think to put it is in the custom JavaScript box. Not sure if that’s supposed to work or not.
11:35:37@_slack_writeas_UFU0BHBPC:matrix.orgme1 I’m in write.as. Didn’t know about write freely. I’ll specify in the future.
22:29:06@_slack_writeas_UFU0BHBPC:matrix.orgme1 #Okgoodtalk
22:58:17@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Theoretically they're impossible to find, yes. And yes, many people create a blog just for private drafts -- that's a great use for one.
23:00:20@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt I'd ask on our forums (https://discuss.write.as) about webmention.io to see if anyone's gotten it working FU0BHBPC. I mentioned this in #general, but technically we're doing all communication over there instead of on this Slack channel. We'll remove the link from the site soon
2 Feb 2019
16:28:00@_slack_writeas_UFU0BHBPC:matrix.orgme1 Ok thanks for the info. I’ll check out the forums.
4 Feb 2019
16:18:14@TheFuzzStone:matrix.orgTheFuzzStone joined the room.
5 Feb 2019
14:50:06@oerstedgucci:matrix.orgoerstedgucci joined the room.
12 Feb 2019
02:01:03@ssweeny:ssweeny.netssweeny joined the room.
06:14:08@solk:matrix.orgsolk joined the room.
06:17:37@solk:matrix.orgsolkHi, I am a visual artist who is starting to write and I am pretty stoked up about write.as! As I begin my writing, I would like to join my texts with the images I produce - for that I am considering utilizing write.as as platform for all the writting and then integrate the texts with my images on my website. I thought my website could consume write.as API to be able to display text - images together. Is this something that anyone has done?
06:18:08@solk:matrix.orgsolkIs there any documentation you could recommend? Thank you in advance! Best regards.
13:28:40@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaer Hi solk, glad you like it! I don't know of anyone personally doing this exact thing, but I do know people are using Write.as to publish their writing, and then using the API to bring that in to various places.
13:29:04@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaerThe best place to start would be on our Developers site: https://developers.write.as/ -- it has a few examples as well as the actual API documentation
13:30:36@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaerOtherwise I'd suggest heading over to the forum for any specific questions -- the community and I are happy to help there https://discuss.write.as/c/development/platform

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