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13 Nov 2018
16:18:07@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaerThe Posts only shows anonymous posts right now -- are you looking for your blog posts?
In reply to @thebaer:matrix.org
The Posts only shows anonymous posts right now -- are you looking for your blog posts?
@thebaer:matrix.org: yeah. I don't plan to use the anonymous part at all. Would be nice to have a list of post titles so it's easier to edit the one I'm looking for.
17:30:50@dpc:matrix.orgdpcCongrats on good HN story
17:35:14@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaer Thanks! Yeah, I don't know if we'll change how the Posts page works for now (many people use anonymous posts for saving drafts), but there will be an Archives page that should make that easier for you
14 Nov 2018
01:26:10@dpc:matrix.orgdpcThe interaction of "accounts vs anonymous" and other functionality is a bit weird. I guess I'm used to hierarchical navigation, where somewhere in the top-level navigation I pick a "account/persona", and then until I switch it, all lower-level navigation corresponds to the selected account. Right now on write.as it's all combined together, and might be confusing.
09:48:58@_slack_writeas_U88TW5Q1H:matrix.orgnaveenroyv joined the room.
09:48:58@_slack_writeas_U88TW5Q1H:matrix.orgnaveenroyv 0BQDD90U, when is the snap.as android app expected to launch?
20:46:56@dpc:matrix.orgdpcAny way that I could re-publish my post to linked Medium & Twitter after I've already published it?
18 Nov 2018
09:31:38@enum:tchncs.de@enum:tchncs.de joined the room.
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19 Nov 2018
16:35:41@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt 88TW5Q1H I don't have a good estimate on that just yet -- still need to finish up standalone accounts, get the API stable, and then we can start on it. But I'll keep you in the loop!
16:37:10@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaer dpc: Unfortunately there's no way to re-publish a post after it's initially published, besides by publishing an entirely new post. Would like to change that in the future
17:05:33@_slack_writeas_UDVMX68VB:matrix.orgslack1 Amazing! Thanks so much! Glad I wasn't imagining things in either case 😅
17:08:18@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Haha nope, good eye. Especially the font issue -- it always bugged me, but was never big enough of a priority to look for a fix. So I'm glad you brought it up!
22 Nov 2018
00:55:06@dpc:matrix.orgdpcWhen writting my post the checkboxes to pubblish to twitter and medium don't do anything. I click them and they stay unchecked. :/
23 Nov 2018
15:30:23@_slack_writeas_UB45ZMD5H:matrix.orgtim joined the room.
15:30:25@_slack_writeas_UB45ZMD5H:matrix.orgtim Posted this on the forums..seeing where I get fastest response.... Is there a way to do categories with a menu on writeas? Maybe using tags or somthing?
26 Nov 2018
04:20:24@dpc:matrix.orgdpcAny chance the font loading could be optimized? I'm not a webdev, so I'm not sure. I see that Google webfonts are used. Basically - everything on write.as is snappy, but there is this "blinking in font rendering" on entering every page.
04:20:38@dpc:matrix.orgdpcI'm using Firefox on Linux if it makes any difference.
04:20:56@dpc:matrix.orgdpcI see that all the resources except for the page are cached (why can't the page be cached too, btw.?)
14:41:50@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Responded on the forums, but yep, the way to group posts is via tags. There's just no built-in way to add a menu of categories right now
14:44:08@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaer dpc: For cross-posting, you'll want to click the twitter/medium items, not the checkboxes. This is a known bug right now (https://discuss.write.as/t/bug-report-twitter-posting-only-works-if-you-click-the-username-not-the-checkbox/83)
14:45:05@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaerOtherwise fonts are about as optimized as we can make them past that initial load -- I think the right solution would be to let you disable web fonts for your blog, so readers see system defaults, and you no longer see that flash
18:00:57@dpc:matrix.orgdpcI see. If I did change fonts in custom css, could that help?
27 Nov 2018
15:26:24@semantic.design:matrix.orgsemanticdesign joined the room.
29 Nov 2018
16:14:55@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaer dpc: that would just swap out which font is blinking/flashing. Our fonts are loaded via javascript, so when you arrive on a page you get unstyled text, then the flash to the styled text with the font we want. If you did it in custom CSS, there would instead be no text on your page until the font downloads.
16:19:31@thebaer:matrix.orgthebaerAlso, I missed your other question. To answer it, pages aren't cached for two reasons: 1) it causes problems when you update a post (you see the old version) and 2) we increment a view count on the server-side whenever someone visits a post. Also the page itself is generally the smallest of all requests made.
30 Nov 2018
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12 Dec 2018
23:45:32@_slack_writeas_UETR6RBGE:matrix.orgiam joined the room.
23:45:32@_slack_writeas_UETR6RBGE:matrix.orgiam Hi! Is the Writefreely API be supposed to be able to POST to /api/posts without authentication? I can’t seem to even post without being logged in from the UI. See screenshot. Is there something I’m missing with in the config? It seems like write.as has this ability.

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