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16 Jan 2021
@dreamhash:fairydust.spacevoidcream * I have a recent long post, it floods so long that other posts as listing are unreachable09:18:44
@dreamhash:fairydust.spacevoidcreamShould I ping the bearman?10:20:15
@dreamhash:fairydust.spacevoidcream * What would I set on custom css to main blog page not to expand all posts, just show first one para with "read more"?19:39:54
20 Jan 2021
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_ changed their display name from jlj (he/him) to jlj_.06:35:55
21 Jan 2021
@dreamhash:fairydust.spacevoidcream thebaer: 😶 18:01:30
23 Jan 2021
@melmc:matrix.orgmelmc set a profile picture.02:06:45
30 Jan 2021
@c10:matrix.orgc10 joined the room.22:30:15
31 Jan 2021
@rocoroc:matrix.orgrocoroc joined the room.04:16:19
13 Feb 2021
@hiker:matrix.orgHiker matrix.org joined the room.10:53:54
@hiker:matrix.orgHiker matrix.orgNothing here?10:54:35
14 Feb 2021
@dreamhash:fairydust.spacevoidcreamLets protest16:54:12
@hiker:matrix.orgHiker matrix.orgIs there an other place for writefreely support?21:11:12
@hiker:matrix.orgHiker matrix.orgOn https://discuss.write.as/ there is not a lot of activity there either...21:14:54
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_That'd be your best bet, I would've thought.21:24:09
16 Feb 2021
@pieter:nltrix.net@pieter:nltrix.net 07:42:52
@pieter:nltrix.net@pieter:nltrix.net removed their display name pieter.07:43:29
@pieter:nltrix.net@pieter:nltrix.net left the room.08:19:22
26 Feb 2021
@hiker:matrix.orgHiker matrix.org changed their display name from Hiker to Hiker matrix.orf.14:39:55
@hiker:matrix.orgHiker matrix.org changed their display name from Hiker matrix.orf to Hiker matrix.org.14:58:50
4 Mar 2021
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12 Mar 2021
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@bbchapman:matrix.orgbbchapmanHey! 11:08:56
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Heya! 👋12:31:49
@koulaxizis:matrix.orgkoulaxizis changed their profile picture.19:06:04
13 Mar 2021
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_I paid for three years, up front, then stopped using the platform. 🤦‍♂️ What is wrong with me?09:09:23
17 Apr 2021
@nausiyanmeow:matrix.orgNausiyan Nyan (currently not well) joined the room.06:39:08
20 Apr 2021
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23 Apr 2021
@nausiyanmeow:matrix.orgNausiyan Nyan (currently not well) changed their profile picture.18:39:03
11 May 2021
@nausiyanmeow:matrix.orgNausiyan Nyan (currently not well) changed their display name from Nausiyan Nyan to Nausiyan Nyan (currently not well).00:59:12

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