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26 Apr 2019
21:01:21@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych oh, hm that's interesting, how do I see my write.as presence via mastodon?
21:01:45@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt you can search for it: yourusername@write.as
21:01:57@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt e.g. matt@write.as
21:02:07@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt search from within Mastodon, I mean
21:02:33@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych excellent. Thanks so much for your help
21:02:42@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt no problem at all
21:03:20@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Just wanted to mention, we are trying to phase out this Slack channel, since it's not publicly searchable on the web
21:03:33@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt So if you have other questions in the future, please feel free to ask on our forum: discuss.write.as
21:04:08@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych roger that, I was over there already - one thing for you
21:04:19@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych I follow my acct, but I don't see any posts:
21:04:39@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych even though it says 14 toots
21:05:10@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt Yeah, Mastodon doesn't pull in previous posts -- unfortunately there's nothing we can do about that on our end. But once you're following the account you'll start seeing your posts
21:05:28@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt You can also manually populate your profile for your instance by searching for the URL of each blog post
21:05:39@_slack_writeas_UJ7U2J2SU:matrix.orgtriptych cool. thanks for everything. I plan to tweet about all this to share with others. I appreciate your help.
21:06:06@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt 👍 awesome, I appreciate that! And no problem. I'll see you over there 🙂
28 Apr 2019
14:08:32@_slack_writeas_UJ8LXN6JC:matrix.orgerniepac joined the room.
14:08:34@_slack_writeas_UJ8LXN6JC:matrix.orgerniepac How to enable SSL? Thanks!
19:41:51@togart:togart.detogart erniepac: https://writefreely.org/start#production
14 Jun 2019
02:10:11@_slack_writeas_UDV4UDH28:matrix.orgx joined the room.
02:10:11@_slack_writeas_UDV4UDH28:matrix.orgx how to handle with naked domain and www redirect
02:10:23@_slack_writeas_UDV4UDH28:matrix.orgx ?
5 Jul 2019
15:53:16@_slack_writeas_U0BQDD90U:matrix.orgmatt DV4UDH28 This Slack channel is no longer used. Please feel free to post any questions on the forum: https://discuss.write.as/c/help
17:35:23@dpc:matrix.org@dpc:matrix.org left the room.
25 Aug 2019
02:17:55@vaibradabsur4:matrix.org@vaibradabsur4:matrix.org joined the room.
02:18:05@vaibradabsur4:matrix.org@vaibradabsur4:matrix.org left the room.
1 Sep 2019
02:36:12@_slack_writeas_UMZ5KQ5QE:matrix.orgmylastrodeo joined the room.
02:36:12@_slack_writeas_UMZ5KQ5QE:matrix.orgmylastrodeo Hi there, I'm new to write.as
02:37:11@_slack_writeas_UMZ5KQ5QE:matrix.orgmylastrodeo Just created a blog: Write.as/mylastrodeo
02:37:53@_slack_writeas_UMZ5KQ5QE:matrix.orgmylastrodeo I have pinned two posts and cannot unpin them

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